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Unveiling the Mysteries: How Do Tarot Readings Actually Work?

As a Psychic, most people just assume that I know what I am doing. And they would be right, I guess. No, I don't actually guess, I ask for help from Above. Your intuition is an untapped resource to many. But to a psychic, or a medium, it is a way of life. I have had that gift for as long as I can remember, and it has been an interesting journey. But as I read for other people, it is pretty straightforward, and works each time because I am giving the messages to clients as the guides and others in Heaven are leaning in and whispering it to me. You guessed it, I just listen to what they tell me to say!

beach themed tarot reading
Meaningful tarot readings are available to you - without the mystery!

So let's unveil this mystery. How do tarot readings really work? Well, let's start with the cards. There are several types of decks and most are based on the traditional Ryder Waite deck. There are two parts to a deck, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana have heavy hitter cards that each tell their own story. The Minor Arcana are made of suits; wands, pentacles, swords and cups. Each suit reflects a type of energy and the numbers within the suit reflect a station within that energy. Out of 78 cards - there are literally thousands and thousands of combinations in how they are laid out, to how they are combined for an answer. It is nearly impossible to have a reading of exactly the same cards - the odds are astronomical.

holding three tarot cards
The relationship matters

I personally use a three card reading or I go to a full Celtic Cross reading or spread. This way, the cards are laid on the table in a manner that shows a relationship to the other cards. And that equals answers to the client's questions. Anyone can take a deck of Tarot Cards, and lay them on a table. But once you read them in a manner that makes sense to the relationshiips in the spread, you are halfway there. Yes, only halfway there.

The next half is understanding that the World in Spirit - which is that heavenly place that all your dead relatives go to and the real place where babies come from - is a beautiful, magical, and powerfull place that can connect with ours, bring us inspiration and intelligence, and even guide us to wash the car on a Sunday afternoon. Simple things, that are in the power of Spirit, are available to have, if you ask. So, there is the key. You have to ask. Prayers are answered, and so are some basic questions when a guide or a loved one is there to help you find the answers. And I have it on good authority that even a Catholic, like myself, can be guided to help others through the use of Tarot and Oracle cards.

You have to have faith in Heaven. That comes from Spirit. You have to have faith in the reader, that comes from me. If you choose to do your own reading, choose to look at it from the perspective of someone that is indifferent, or neutral. Your own personal filter can be too predictably in favor of what you desire to be an outcome, if you are not heavily invested in the truth, good or bad. And that brings me to the next part of Tarot readings, it will turn out to be in your favor eventually.

How you get there, is a variety of different stories, but the truth is, all readings that are done correctly and are Spirit infused, are leading you to see the most favorable outcome in the best way possible. For example, you may not like the news in your reading that your new romance may not work out, but in all honesty, here is where Spirit is attempting to save you the time, trouble and heartache from someone that has no intention of becoming a spouse, or even treating you fairly. I have seen that happen many times, even with my own life. They have a higher perspective. They can see the road ahead far more clearer and further than you or I do. And they can guide you out of that path or allow you to continue to move forward as you choose, and gain the learning experience, just as you needed to be a part of as you came to this Earth to discover.

Finally, a word of advice, I would be grateful for all readings. You have to realize that you have help from above. Be thankful from those souls in Heaven that are helping you. Thank them for taking the time out of their lives in that Heavenly place to be with you, love you, and guide you. All things that work together in harmony take place for the good of all. Be mindful of your understanding and how you treat others in Spirit and in life. When we choose to love, that is our highest good.

Anne St. John, a famous type of person in Heaven is available to you for your own reading at Come and explore what we know, and be kind to others. ❤️ Peace.


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