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Tarot and Tea Readings

Welcome to a curious new place, a once upon a time, a through the looking glass and a down the rabbit hole kinda place. Where tea parties, antique pocket watches, tarot and playing cards come alive. Yes, we are all mad here - we are the virtual White Rabbit Tea House! Here you will find a beautiful world of discovery. Tarot, tea and more types of readings are available to you, Special finds will find their way to your possession. We are developing a shop that will be ever changing. Bracelets, charms, smudging kits, antiques and special tea cups with notes from Alice herself!

Alice and the white rabbit
One of my favorites from Artist Jasmine Beckett-Griffith

Here is a special invitation to you, dear traveler... come into this new Wonderland and explore. It is just being developed. And as it may seem Mad as a Hatter, we want your opinion in the comments. In fact comment just to comment! Tell us what should be sold, or what services you are looking to explore. All of it is virtual, so we can do each reading by Zoom, FaceTime or phone. And eventually, you may see actual locations to meet - we could pop up anywhere!

Have you fallen down your own rabbit hole? Find out how we can help you. Psychic Life Coaching, Tarot, Tea Leaves or just some fanstastic finds here in Wonderland. And please share this post with a friend or two. Someone with a love for old books, kind words, and fellow travelers down this great wide rabbit hole...

We are looking for your input too! So tell us what your thoughts are in the comments and one of you may be the winner of a free 15 minute online/phone Tarot reading!

Anne St. John is an author and avid reader - she will be happy to schedule your Tarot, Tea or Life Coaching Session here at


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