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Dreamy Alice

 Anne St. John

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colorful tarot cards in a psychic reading

Being "Down the Rabbit Hole" is nothing new to me.  I have been working on my intuitive abilities since I was too small to remember!

Now, as an adult, I have developed abilities to read Tarot and Tea Leaves.  I have trained under the guidance of Scotland's Richard Knight developing the knowlege and secrets of the Tarot.  I see the guidance that this medium can bring with messages of wellness and healthy direction.  

No, I am not mad, I assure you, just a bit psychic.

My affinity to Alice and Wonderland began as a young adult.  I loved reading the books by Lewis Carrol, and the cleverness of the stories.  My Grandfather once answered me at the dinner table when I said that I could not take any more, since I hadn't any to begin with, and corrected me with... you guessed it, that I could not take any less, as it is easy to take more than nothing.  

I simply knew that I was not alone in my affinity for books. 

Antiques, like the various things that Alice saw as she fell down through the rabbit hole is another one of my favorites.  I have grown up around them, as my family has a love for dated things with character, and all that it conveys in its energy.

Tea is new to me, but I love the charm of a tea party.  

I can relax with a cuppa tea and my friends with me.

Perhaps someday I will meet a man halfway down that rabbit hole 

who has a love for me as well.

Tea is really charming, and someday my prince charming will be too.

And truly if you are "mad" enough, I invite you to virtually meet with me for a

Tarot or Tea reading which can also be done through zoom, FaceTime or phone.  

I assure you that the element of intuitiveness is very much in everything that I do.  

Many lovely decks of Tarot are waiting to assist you and provide the answers, the guidance, and the closure you need from the madness of your life. 

 Often, we are all left grinning ear to ear, just like the Cheshire Cat!

Visit White Rabbit Appointments for a session.

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