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"Recognizing the Signs: When is it Time to Seek Guidance from the Spirit Realm?"

I don't know about you, but I feel very connected to my family in Heaven. I know that they are out there. And I know that they see me each day taking time to pray or meditate. Some are family and others are friends. But I also know that I can always count on them. My family started to grow in Spirit when my brother, Miles died. He was nineteen, and he had taken his life. I was not a fan of his way of leaving. I was really upset with the funeral of just me and my parents. And I had no right to even try to explain why I was recieving his thoughts from time to time... Thoughts that were based in - I am afraid I messed up. Or, that I am so sorry I made you cry.

Meanwhile, I was in my own life, trying to place myself in his shoes. I wished I had been stronger to help him more. But how was I to know that I needed to be helped, too. And I had not reached the ability to be a Medium yet. It took time, and practice, and most of alll, patience. And it took the ability to learn from people in Spirit. That is something that a lot of us do not understand. But it does make a great deal of difference.

So, how do you know if you need that guidance from Spirit? What are the signs that it is time so seek out their help and advice? Here are the top signs that clients come to me with - and you may recognize them, too.

1. "I had this dream the other night" Most of us have dreams and barely remember them. But if you wake up and start to remember, then that is significant. I have had so many clients wake up and remember dreams that I had to start a separate service for dream interpretation. Sometimes, the dreams are foretelling. They have people that have past away in your life, and it is more like a visit than just a dream. But each time is meant to make you aware of the seriousness of the time in your life. Even a subtle change in your life can have lasting effects, so each deam is geared to help you navigate the road ahead. This is a good time to ask for a reading. Spirit can see down the road further than we do in our lives, and you may be on thee verge of a great change ahead.

2. " I keep seeing this number" Lots of ways to get our attention are from Spirit, and numbers play a large role in noticing that someone in Spirit is trying to get your attention. It could be a birthdate, or an anniversary, or even a significant sign that only you would know. But it is meant to set off a chain reaction to get you to see that someone in Spirit is looking out for you, or trying to reach you. Not to cause you alarm, but to comfort you or to let you know that they are still available to talk to you. Not all visits are the same. Some are to let you know that you need to speak up and allow Spirit to know it is okay to lead you out of the situation. Some are to send you to the right person that can help you.

3. "I can't stop thinking about this person that passed away." Being of the Light, people in Spirit can and willl talk to you. Your subconscious mind hears them, and your conscious mind does not. However, you are in for a surprise, that part of you that wants to hear them, can also make a decision to say yes to the Spirit of someone that you need to hear from. Someone is waiting to talk to you. Are you listening with one ear open? Try closing your eyes and figuring out who comes to mind. Is your Aunt still mad at you for ruining her garden? Or is it that she wants to apologize for over-reacting? You may need a legal mind in one situation, and a creative mind in another, so which perosn in Spirit is assisting you to get it all done? Be ready, it may be someone that you least expected, and willing to help you as well.

4. "I feel anxious or worried that I am missing something." That feeling that you need a bit of help to get the answers that you need comes up with some clients. If you are working at a problem, and you need to go to the people that you trust to help you solve it, then how can you do that if those people have moved on to Heaven? Yes, prayers are answered, and some people can tell when they get help from a parent, sibling or child, but do you know how? Spirit can give you the opportunity, and the ability to see down the road as far as you need for right now, and further as time goes on. You just need to adjust your open-mindedness, so that you can recieve the messages. And remember that not all people in Spirit think alike. Some have very different opinions and they are not going to tell you to take theirs alone. You can get a second opinion by another friend or family member because each person in Heaven still maintains their personality and their advice may be different as well.

5. "I keep finding pennies, seeing butterflies, cardinals, or something that reminds me of them". There are all kinds of signs that sybolize our friends annd family in Heaven. If you feel that you are seeing the sign as a reminder that someone from Heaven is near, then trust your instincts. So many people forget that they are intuitive. They see the signs but they forget to trust themselves. Or they ignore the feeling entirely. This is when to pay attention. This is when you should ask yourself if someone in Heaven is trying to get you to see that it is them attempting to assist you.

6. "I keep hearing that song... the one that makes me think of them." Any song that makes you feel that you are being drawn to call for a reading is a real shout out from Spirit. You know, that bitter sweet love song, or that one really bad tune that you wish you had not heard? Or the one that drew you closer to that person that made you feel them present in your life. It can be anything significant, and meaningful. Spirit is drawing you in to be in that life with them for just a moment. To help you, to guide you, and to sweetly say that love is all that matters, especially when it comes to being yourself. Allow them to help you. Allow them to do the reading to make a difference in your life.

Becoming a better person is in the works. But listening to a guide or a Spirit that you knew is a better way to start becoming the person that you are meant to be. Listen and love. Spirit is here.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium who invites you to listen to her readiings on YouTube @ The Sheepdog and the Medium. And also to book your appointment online to have your own reading done over the phone, Facetime, and via Zoom online conference call from anywhere in the United States, and beyond. Just see her appointment book for the schedule at

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