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Having faith

As a Medium, I feel that I always need to put God first.  I believe in the gift that He allows me to have and that it should be used for guidance, comfort, healing and knowledge.  Personally, I am a Catholic, and I believe that everyone does not need to have the same religion, and that we are all on our own personal journeys. 

No matter how you choose to experience God, you have the choice to improve your life, and heal though His guidance.  Coming to me for a personal reading is about gaining the understanding from loved ones and the guidance from Heaven to help you move forward.


Since 2011, I have offered Mediumship services that will help you reach out to loved ones in Heaven and psychic guidance services that will allow you to see what Heaven advises when you need direction.

Have faith, hope and love.  Help is on the way.


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Yes!  Readings are still available by Phone and FaceTime!

 Saying Goodbye to St. Augustine, Florida

We are sorry to leave beautiful

St. Augustine but a new chapter in our lives awaits us! 

Don't stress out!  You are always welcome to book phone appointments. 

We hope that our clients in St. Augustine feel the same that we are grateful for the opportunity to have served this wonderful community!

Get Ready for a New Location!

We are moving! 

Soon in 2021, a new home will be found for

the St. John family.

Can you guess where we are going?

It is soon to be announced...

And its the happiest place on earth for us!

Join us on Facebook for updates as we 

begin a new journey in a new home!

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Psychic   Guidance


"I need help with my questions

to figure out what direction

to take in my life"

Do you need some help from Heaven?

Anne can use Good Tarot, and Angel Cards to find out what your Spiritual Guides recommend for you. 

Get help from your Guides and Guardian Angels here!

Anne St John the Medium with card backgr


"I want to connect to

my family and friends

in Heaven."

This session connects you to your loved ones that have passed away.   Anne speaks to Spirit through her thoughts, and often channels the messages directly to you.  In person or over the phone, each session is a unique discernment of Spirit, and helps you discover who is watching over you and what they have to say to you from Heaven.  

If you do not hear sound in the video above, uncheck the mute button in the video to listen.

Do you  feel lost in a sea of disenchantment?

Is there obstacles  that need to be overcome to have the life  of your dreams?

Do you have decisions that  need  to be guided  by  Spirit and  the Light?

Try our
Spirit infused
Tarot Reading 
& Intuitive Life Coaching


What is it like to have a reading with Anne?

Watch this 20 minute video from

The Sheepdog and the Medium on YouTube  to get a glimpse of what it is like to have a personal Medium Reading. 

(Just click the mute button for sound "on")

Our Clients


Several days later I realized that my family on the Otherside was foretelling what was to come. Your last reading with me was spot on almost like they were trying to warn me of what was coming and comfort me with the knowledge that I wouldn't have to deal with it alone. Thank you for relaying their words and feelings to me.

Salina Parks

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" I am absolutely speechless...My time with Anne was priceless with being able to connect with Angels and guides, and most importantly, my mother, and getting the answers that I needed was more than I could have ever imagined.  The conversation with Anne, connecting with my mother-these were words and even mannerisms that were only that of my Mom shining through.  I can't even begin to explain how blessed I feel to have received this opportunity to connect with my Mom again and I plan on meeting Anne on a regular basis for sure!"

Carolyn Hickman,

of the fantastic Podcast Series: 

Fiercely Feminine Podcast! and Author of 

Forgiving when you Can't Forget 

Bob Loder Psychic Medium Reviews.JPG

Her reading for me was astounding to say the least.  My dad visited through her, and our interaction was spot on.  Yes, she hit on the obvious and routine, but additionally mentioned things that no one knows about – except for me . . . and apparently my dad.  Since that first reading, I have had several formal and impromptu readings from Anne.  One that particularly comes to mind is when she described a traumatic incident that happened to me in Vietnam including the name of a fallen brother.  No one, not even my wife has ever heard that story.  Anne is definitely for real."

Bob Loder

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Interview with Business Talk Radio Oct 20, 2020


Psychic Services


Are you soul searching? Do you have a question or two needing guidance from Heaven, Guides and Spirit?  Questions about your life path, love or future can be addressed through Intuitive Life Coaching or by the use of Tarot, Angel and Oracle Cards to get help from Spirit.  Here is where you can ask your Guides and Guardian Angels to weigh in on what is happening in your life.  Asking Heaven can help you solve choices that you have, and show the path that will help you make the best decisions. 

picture of happy teenage angel girl over

Angel and

tarot Card

personal Reading


30 Minutes


The Good Tarot, by Collette Baron-Reid, is often used to show your life's personal challenges, is shown through Water, Air, Earth and Fire in a Classic Celtic Cross Reading done with care and Spirit.  See into the future and know the outcome. Spirit guides the reading

with every card drawn. 

Angel Cards and our Wild Oracle Cards can also be used to help find answers to your questions about life and love.

Available by phone, Facetime or Zoom Conferencing and in person at

local coffee shops in

St. Augustine, Florida.


Medium Readings

Mediumship Services Connect you to the Family and Friends that you have in Heaven.


Medium Reading by Phone

$135 - 30 minutes or

$200 Special Price for 1 Hour

Phone Readings begin at 30 minutes, and are available for clients that prefer the convenience of a personal phone call if they are not local to the St. Augustine, Florida area.  It is no different to the Medium's ability whether you are in person or over the phone since Heaven communicates the same way.  Speaking to Spirit by channeling through their thoughts, feelings and emotions, as Anne passes each message on to you, it is a discernment of your loved ones, family and friends that have passed away.  This is your long distance connection to bringing the divine world within reach. 

Just specify that you need connect through Skype, Zoom Facetime or Phone.

Woman on the Phone

Medium Reading

Returning SOON!

Presently available by phone
1 Hour

This in person session connects you to your loved ones that have passed away.  

Anne will meet with you at your home (area upon approval) or local coffee shop for your reading in person.

Speaking to Spirit by channeling through their thoughts, feelings and emotions, as Anne passes each message on to you, it is a discernment of your loved ones, family and friends that have passed. 

 Readings are booking in our new location to be announced soon!

Meeting locations can be arranged at the time of booking

with our office.


Group Reading

2 Hours

This is a Gallery Setting Reading, and is best for more than seven people.  Heaven has messages that will be conveyed to each individual even when there are only certain guests chosen out of the group to hear from their loved ones.  Messages are often conveyed in a "me too" way from the Aunt that knows you were there for her and the brother that died too young.  Be prepared for a fantastic night with Spirit as Heaven reveals each message with love and light.

Wedding Table Set

Event Medium Reading

3&1/2 Hours

Uniquely designed and tailored to your Special Private Event.  Anniversaries, Reunions, Corporate Parties, and other Occasions can be booked for a 3+ hour time to have semi-private readings, group readings or a combination.  Time with family and friends is always priceless. 
Time with Spirit is beyond extraordinary.

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*Can't wait for the schedule to open?  Just contact Anne through the form below and ask for the next available time.  Occasionally there is hidden availability and there may be time to do a Reading today!

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Thanks for reaching out!

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