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Embark on Psychic Adventures


I'm Anne St. John, a psychic medium.  I use my intuitive abilities to help my clients find clarity and purpose. With years of experience, I have helped countless individuals achieve success in areas such as career, love, and personal growth. I provide private readings, group sessions, and workshops designed to help you gain deeper insight into your life's path.  Contact me today to schedule a session, and let's begin your journey towards success!

As a psychic medium, I find joy in helping clients connect with their deceased loved ones and other spiritual beings. My abilities go beyond simply receiving messages from the other side; I consider myself a spiritual counselor who is here to help you on your journey towards growth and greater self-awareness. If you’re looking for guidance from a compassionate professional, choose me as your psychic medium.

Discover your perfect Reading 

of Souls

Looking to connect with a loved one who has passed?  This is your unique opportunity to speak with Heaven

& Oracle

Intuitive guidance provides you with the best possible reading to help you find clarity and direction in your life 

Life Coaching

Through your sessions, Spirit will help you make empowering choices in your life decisions 


As you sleep, Spirit is communicating with you, and guiding you with your dreams.   Intuiitvely understand them here


Several days later I realized that my family on the Otherside was foretelling what was to come. Your last reading with me was spot on almost like they were trying to warn me of what was coming and comfort me with the knowledge that I wouldn't have to deal with it alone. Thank you for relaying their words and feelings to me.

Salina Parks, FL

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Anne for the insightful readings she has given me over the past year or so.  She has connected me with so many loved ones and with such specific messages that no one should have been able to deliver.  Her descriptions of the messengers were so easy to understand that I immediately knew who everyone was and who they were with.  Since my first reading with Anne, I have been able to process and address many challenges in my life, release a lot of guilt, and work on regaining my personal power.  Thank you, Anne, for your messages, your intuition, compassion and life lessons.  You are a very special person who I hope to be able to call “friend” as well.  I can’t wait for my next reading!"

Brenda, VA

"It has been my privilege to have known Anne professionally for about a year.  We first met when she was providing readings at a coffeehouse in St Augustine, Florida. Her reading for me was astounding to say the least.  My dad visited through her, and our interaction was spot on.  Yes, she hit on the obvious and routine, but additionally mentioned things that no one knows about – except for me . . . and apparently my dad.  Since that first reading, I have had several formal and impromptu readings from Anne.  One that particularly comes to mind is when she described a traumatic incident that happened to me in Vietnam including the name of a fallen brother.  No one, not even my wife has ever heard that story.  Anne is definitely for real."

Bob Loder, VA

We Virtually Go Anywhere!

Anne (and sometimes Willoughby) are available to you through Phone, FaceTime, and Zoom Online Conferencing.

They will meet you - where you are most comfortable - right at your home where you feel the most private and ready to discuss your life, and loved ones in Heaven.  Anne's abilities are just as strong over the phone as they are in person!

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