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Hi, I 'm  Anne St. John

I am a Psychic Medium, YouTuber, and an Old English Sheepdog mom living in St. Augustine, Florida.  Typically, I work from home, with my mobile office that takes me to local coffee houses and client's homes.  If I am not in a reading, I am often either found creating new YouTube videos or channeling a book about my life and my brother's suicide.  It was his life that ended in the late 1980's, when mine was just beginning to get started. 


It was then that I learned that I was a Medium.


Finding out that you have a gift for talking to people that have passed away is not what I expected, but after years of struggling to understand it, I finally embraced this way of communication.  So far, it has led me to helping other's like yourself to reach out to loved ones in Heaven.  And soon I hope to help Heaven reach out to those of us here on the physical world.  For those that grieve for  someone who passed on by their own hand and those  that would want to end their life early, we hope to change their desperation to discovery of a new life's journey here on Earth.

My personal journey has led me here, to help others, and possibly even you and your family and friends that have passed away too.  Feel free to reach out with questions, watch our free videos on YouTube, and book appointments right from this website.  I am always here to help you.  



We are Open!

And booking in person appointments

at  your home or nearby coffee shops!
Video Conferencing and Phone is also always available

Psychic   Life Coaching & Tarot Readings

"I need help from my guides and Guardian Angels to figure out what direction to take in my life"

Do you need some help from Above?

Anne is available as your personal Intuitive Guide to contact the help you need in clarifying your choices. 

Get help from your Guides and Guardian Angels here!

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"I want my family and friends

that have passed into Heaven

tell me what they now know."

This session connects you to your loved ones that have passed away.   Anne speaks to Spirit through her thoughts, and often channels the messages directly to you.  In person or over the phone, each session is a unique discernment of Spirit, and helps you discover who is watching over you and what they have to say to you from Heaven.  

If you do not hear sound in the video above, uncheck the mute button in the video to listen.




Our Old English Sheepdog puppy 

Attending every session with Anne after June 1st

What is it like to have a reading with Anne?

Watch this 20 minute video from

The Sheepdog and the Medium on YouTube  to get a glimpse of what it is like to have a personal Medium Reading. 

(Just click the video off of the mute button)

Our Clients

Is it really true?

Can Souls Still Communicate with Us?

Located in St. Augustine, Florida, Anne can personally meet with you from South Jacksonville to the Palm Coast surrounding area in your home or local cafes. 
From East to West, you can also choose phone and virtual meetings through Zoom or Skype.

Book your appointment with confidence that Spirit has no boundaries and with a fully mobile and virtual office, you can reach Ms. St. John for a reading from anywhere in the world.

Virtual and Mobile Services


Spirit guides me in many ways.  One is to assist the bereaved who are financially  unable to afford a session.  There is no greater loss than the loss of a child.  So with each donation I will match the time 10 fold to assist grieving parents in need.  A simple donation of $25 will allow me to give a grieving parent a reading to connect with the loss of a child for the hour.  Our goal is to help one family per week, or 52 readings per year. 

Together we can help parents who are struggling to connect with the soul of their child that has passed into God's Heavenly Kingdom.


Psychic Services

Are you soul searching? Do you have a question or two needing guidance from Heaven, Guides and Spirit?  Questions about your life path, love or future can be addressed through Intuitive Life Coaching or by the use of Tarot, Angel and Oracle Cards to get help from Spirit.  Here is where you can ask your Guides and Guardian Angels to weigh in on what is happening in your life.  Asking Heaven can help you solve choices that you have, and show the path that will help you make the best decisions. 

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Medium Readings

Mediumship Services Connect you to the Family and Friends that you have in Heaven.

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where will Heaven LeaD you next

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