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Blue dark night sky with many stars above field of trees. Yellowstone park. Milkyway cosmo
Blue dark night sky with many stars above field of trees. Yellowstone park. Milkyway cosmo

My name is Anne St. John, and I am a Psychic Medium.

But, sorry, I don't talk to the dead, I speak to the Living!  

My Mediumship service connects you to your loved ones who are still alive and well in Heaven.  My gift allows me to bridge the gap between this world and the next, providing you with messages from those who have passed on. Through Mediumship, I offer comfort and healing to those who seek a connection with those they have lost.

With my Tarot Readings, you’ll receive accurate and insightful guidance from Spirit. Whether you have specific questions or just need a general direction, I can help you access the answers you need.  With my assistance, Spirit will help you gain a new perspective and be empowered to move forward on your path.


Find peace and clarity by connecting with your loved ones on the other side. All psychic medium services are offered using phone, FaceTime, and Zoom conferences to connect with people from anywhere in the world. I am here to bring comfort, closure and guidance when you need them the most.



Angel Heavenly communication, Psychic Medium


As a Psychic Medium, my ability to connect with Spirits and Loved Ones in Heaven allows me to deliver messages from beyond. I pride myself on providing accurate and detailed information, often word-for-word transcripts of the messages I receive. I take each session seriously and ensure that every client leaves feeling a sense of closure and comfort knowing that their loved ones are still with them every step of the way.

Psychic Tarot Reading


I specialize in Tarot readings that allow you to connect with your spiritual guides.  My experience in this field have given me the tools to help you receive the information you need to make informed decisions. I take pride in delivering accurate and insightful readings that shed light on what’s best for you. Whether you’re seeking clarity in your career or personal life, I am here to help you find the answers you seek.

St. Patricks Catherdral, NY

Spirit Coaching

With over 10 years of experience, I bring a deep sense of empathy, trust, and meaningful guidance to each session. As an intuitive reader, I feel blessed to be able to help you find answers to life’s most profound questions. Spirit will help you seek a deeper sense of self-awareness, gain insight on your life path, and direct you to the next chapter in your life.  

I am here to support you with any goal from becoming more intuitive to designing your personal journey.


A Quick Message from Anne

Check the schedule.  I always have time for a quick tarot or oracle reading.  If you don't see a convenient time for you for an hour or more, just place yourself on the waitlist and I will contact you for the best time available for both of us.  

Blue dark night sky with many stars above field of trees. Yellowstone park. Milkyway cosmo
No upcoming events at the moment

About Anne

Love is spoken here.

Anne St. John grew up in Springfield, New Jersey

She attended St. Leo University where she began to realize that she was communicating clair-audiently with Heaven.  Soon after graduating with a BA in Criminology, she began her career in Florida as a Felony Probation Officer.  Then a reading with a popular South Florida Psychic, confirmed her abilities.

She took the research in her mediumship seriously.  

And finally, in 2011, she began to read professionally.

And as of April 5th,

Anne has a new friend/guide in Spirit.


David Cassidy

(See our blog for more details)

Miles Away clover.png
Miles Away by Anne St.John, Psychic Medium,

Suicide. I never thought it to happen to my family - especially to my brother, Miles. I was a typical college student, close with my brother, and always thought of myself as highly intuitive... but not a Medium - not yet. But the night before Miles died, I knew that there was something very wrong. Someone in Spirit had told me. Someone was trying to help me reach him, but I was too late. And somehow, after he died, Miles was able to speak to me too. After the grief, the pain, and the years of loss from his death that nearly led to my own, Miles along with my family in Heaven have given me these messages of how he finally found his way into the LIGHT.


This is a book of channeled messages. The souls that contributed are quoted word for word as they came through to Anne St. John, a psychic medium, to write out via automatic writing, what was said regarding Miles suicide and his time spent gaining perspective to find way to the Light of Heaven. If suicide has touched your family's lives, or if you are curious to know what it takes to regain Living in the Light after someone takes the most important gift they have on earth away, then Miles story is intended for you.


Learning to live with the mistakes made, in this life or the next is part of the journey. But the way that you find yourself in God's Light, may not be what you expected. Miles learned this after years apart from the higher level of the Light of God that he always strived to have from the beginning. Miles story of suicide and rebirth into the Light is told by himself and family in Heaven through his sister, Anne, now a professional Psychic Medium. She contributes to the story throughout, revealing how she felt his presence, and his pain, and his persuasion, until he finally regained the full life in Heaven that he deserved and had died attempting to find.

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Heavenly blue sky with bright sunshine and light beams.jpg
Anne St. John, Psychic Medium

The reviews are in...


"There’s no magic candle or potion that can be purchased…, there is only the love you give that lasts a lifetime in the Hereafter"
- Anne St. John

Read the whole interview here:
Interview With Psychic Anne St John

"Truly gifted"

"An Uplifting Experience"

Psychics Guru magazine, article with Psychic Medium Anne St. John

"Without a shadow of a doubt...genuine!"

"Absolutely Amazing"

"A Mind Blowing Experience"

"Always trust the guidance that you have within. God is listening. Angels and guides are opening doors for you.

Don't give up."

-Anne St. John

Interview with a Medium, Mystic Mag

MysticMag, Article with Anne St. John, Psychic Medium

"The Real Deal"

IMG_9798 (1).jpg


Whatever your reason for coming here, Mediumship, Tarot Readings or Mentorship to learn about your own intuitive gifts, you can book them below, now, and start again with new knowledge guided by Spirit.

Blue dark night sky with many stars above field of trees. Yellowstone park. Milkyway cosmo
Blue dark night sky with many stars above field of trees. Yellowstone park. Milkyway cosmo
Salina Parks, review for Anne St. John, Psychic Medium


Several days later I realized that my family on the Otherside was foretelling what was to come. Your last reading with me was spot on almost like they were trying to warn me of what was coming and comfort me with the knowledge that I wouldn't have to deal with it alone. Thank you for relaying their words and feelings to me.

Our Reviews

Brenda Loder, review for Anne St. John, Psychic Medium


"I wanted to take a moment to thank Anne for the insightful readings she has given me over the past year or so.  She has connected me with so many loved ones and with such specific messages that no one should have been able to deliver.  Her descriptions of the messengers were so easy to understand that I immediately knew who everyone was and who they were with.  Since my first reading with Anne, I have been able to process and address many challenges in my life, release a lot of guilt, and work on regaining my personal power.  Thank you, Anne, for your messages, your intuition, compassion and life lessons.  You are a very special person who I hope to be able to call “friend” as well.  I can’t wait for my next reading!"

Bob Loder Review for Anne St. John, Psychic Medium


"It has been my privilege to have known Anne professionally for about a year.  We first met when she was providing readings at a coffeehouse in St Augustine, Florida. Her reading for me was astounding to say the least.  My dad visited through her, and our interaction was spot on.  Yes, she hit on the obvious and routine, but additionally mentioned things that no one knows about – except for me . . . and apparently my dad.  Since that first reading, I have had several formal and impromptu readings from Anne.  One that particularly comes to mind is when she described a traumatic incident that happened to me in Vietnam including the name of a fallen brother.  No one, not even my wife has ever heard that story.  Anne is definitely for real."


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