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Intuitive Workshops

There is an overwhelming ability of knowing.

Each individual has their own way of understanding and fine tuning their ability.

Opening your own psychic, intuitive and communication gifts simply takes practice and guidance.

Cozy Winter

Intuitive Studies

Are you seeking a new understanding of Intuition?  


Based on how Anne opened her own gift of Intuition:

8 Self Guided Lessons that you can do at your own pace!

Meaningful Meditation

Connecting to your Higher Self

Dreams that are Directional 

Overcoming Fear and Blocks

Taking Your First Steps

EWorkbook Access - $45

Romantic alley

The Journey

This is a program that I recommend to my clients that are looking for something more than traditional healing.  

Losing a loved one, can often knock you off your path in life.  It can throw you out of harmony and place you in a state of stagnation.

Allowing yourself to find the path that your soul needs, and seeking a way into a Light from the inside of your soul is the goal.  It is different for each person, because it is your own unique journey.

Using Anne's Certification as a Spiritual Coach, you will be giving several modules of self discovery.  Your soul will choose the path you embark on, and your journey will begin into the new life that your Higher Self will manifest.  

The life lessons are there to guide you.  And Anne is here to assist you to become the best new centered version of you. 


Are you ready to begin again. 

Get Started with Spirit and guidance with Anne here.

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One on One with
Anne St. John

Interested in becoming more intuitive?

Are you connecting with Spirit and need guidance?

Are you stuck in your journey and have questions that will help you move forward?

Book a 1on1 phone session with Anne and discuss how you can get to the next chapter of your Intuitive Journey

30 minutes 1on1 with Anne - $75.00

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