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(over 1 year later...)

My most recent phone reading with Anne was amazing, as usual. I highly recommend having a phone reading with her. It's like having a direct phone line to heaven. Anne channeled my son so I was able to hear EXACTLY what he wanted to say to me in his own words! What an amazing gift this was! Anne is the real deal and there is no better time to hear from your loved ones than when we are going thru a difficult time. Anne is so gifted, caring and compassionate, which shines thru during a reading. I hope everyone books a phone reading...it will bring you a beautiful sense of peace to know your loved one is ok. Thank you AnneGod Bless

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Omg! Wow! Just wow! I just had my 2nd reading with Anne and it was so wonderful. She

was so perfectly spot on with everything and it brings me so much peace and closure. Anne I am so grateful for your amazing gift!  Thank you. I needed this today!

Chelsea Robinson, Florida - from her Facebook Review

Anne is amazing! She is legitimately connected to the other side and has real and meaningful messages to share. I had an excellent and amazing reading with her and will definitely return for more guidance in the future.

Allison Turley Madden, NJ - from her Google Review

Listening to you connect with people that have passed away that came through that were close to me, was amazing.  My grandmother on my mom's side, my grandparents on my father's side, my aunt and friends that came through, was overwhelming but in a good way.  They were all trying to give me advice and open my eyes to certain things in my life moving forward.  thank you Anne, for relaying all of this.   Knowing that they are looking down and watching over me is a blessing.   You have a true gift.

Michele Gibbons, Bridgewater, NJ 

I was skeptical about this but I went ahead with the reading. My deceased mom and dad had been in my dreams a lot and was wondering if it was them. I never told Ms St. John anything about my question. When the reading began Ann blew me away. The first thing she told me was my mom wanted to say it was her visiting me. I never mentioned anything of my dreams. Then my dad came through and his pet name for my mom was she is my angel. Ann told me that.
There was so much more and gave me so many answers.

Things she told me was only I knew. I highly recommend her.

Randall Kelly, McAdoo, PA

I had a reading from Anne three weeks ago and it was amazing! I reached out to her because I wanted to talk to my mom who recently passed. Not only did I hear from my mom but my grandparents came through, too! Anne made the experience feel as though we were all hanging out together again.  She delivers what she hears and sees very clearly and honestly. She cares about her clients and it really shows. 

I’ve already recommended her to my close friend, but would also highly recommend to literally everyone.

Thank you, Anne!

Victoria Breedlove, St. Augustine, FL 

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