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Wow! I am so grateful for that experience with Anne. We did a reading over the phone and it was perfect because I was able to write down notes as she spoke. I highly recommend as it will feel like you are absorbing a lot and all of it is beautiful! If you are looking for a medium that is the real deal and of high integrity and extremely talented, please take my word for it. It will leave you feeling lighter and at peace with your grief. I wish everyone that has lost a loved one could experience something as profound as this. Love and light to you all, and to Anne who has all of my gratitude.

Tori Greenwell


I want to start by saying this, I was the type of person that would not believe in many things. I am not sure why I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I guess it was the hope to feel my mom close again. As we started speaking, I immediately started having goosebumps as I started to hear certain things that it was impossible for Anne to guess if that was the case. Specific words, specific moments! Specific thoughts that only my mom and I have been through. In my brain I was like, well it could be easy for someone to say a few key words and then to know how to guess the rest!!! It was not the case. My mom was there!!!! That's all I have to say.
Only my mom could of told me certain things. Anne passed the message with out knowing any background and that was pretty impressive. I cant wait to meet Anne again! Beautiful!!!!

Alexandria J. Klein


Several days later I realized that my family on the Otherside was foretelling what was to come. Your last reading with me was spot on almost like they were trying to warn me of what was coming and comfort me with the knowledge that I wouldn't have to deal with it alone. Thank you for relaying their words and feelings to me.

Salina Parks from her Facebook Review

Working on a Pottery Wheel

Anne came to my home and provided the best experience ever....One of my best friends from college, almost like a brother to me, had recently committed suicide just a couple months before I met with Anne. I wasn't really expecting him to show up and he did! He was actually the first person to come through because he was so urgent to let me know he was okay. He reassured me that he was doing fine and wanted me to relay the message on to his parents, ex-wife and daughter. It was simply the most amazing experience of my life. At the very end of our session, my father's sister made an appearance as well. She passed away when I was about three or so, but she was very close to me. It completely caught me off guard when she came through! I loved getting to hear from my loved ones, and would definitely recommend Anne to anyone. Absolutely one of my most favorite things experiences ever!

Carlie D., Jacksonville FL

Wedding Dress

Anne, Thank you so much!  I don't know how you do what you do but I am truly amazed and thankful for the messages you were able to share!  Many regards!

Tracey Young, Florida


She's truly gifted. My reading exceeded any hope I had. I laughed, cried and remembered things from many years ago. I'm thankful for her Gift, Spirit and my loved ones. I wished I had done it sooner. Just an amazing experience!

Diana H., Jacksonville FL

Katherine M_edited.jpg

This was an amazing experience, and thanks to Anne’s gift , she helped me connect with my best friend from childhood who passed when both she and I were 18. She also connected me with my grandma ❤️ I had my reading done over the phone and it went absolutely fantastic, Anne was very generous with her time as well! Highly recommend

Katherine H., Fernandina Beach, FL

Married Dancing Couple

The best! Thank you Anne for making such a difference in people's lives ...especially those lost in grief. ❤️

Amy, Jacksonville, FL

Woman with White Shirt

I met with Anne last night after dealing with this for over a month and she told me things and connected with people she could not have know about...even sounding and bringing out the personality of one of my friends that passed away suddenly.  
We also talked about what was going on with my daughter who has been lost mentally for over a month.  My daughter arrived home shortly after I did.  I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears...she was back to her sweet self.
Anne is a kind and gentle soul who is....without a shadow of a doubt...genuine!
Thank you Anne.  I will never forget what you have done for my Family and look forward to meeting with you again in a few weeks!

Elizabeth C., Florida

Jackie Donahue, Pennsylvania.JPG

"Anne is a truly gifted soul.  She picks up on your Spirit guides immediately & provides truth!  I was blown away.  I laughed, cried (happy tears), and thoroughly enjoyed my reading.  Anne makes you feel comfortable & she felt like a long lost friend.
Thank you Anne!"

Jackie Donahue, Pennsylvania

Happy Woman

"I had an amazing session with Anne St. John.  She has a beautiful gift to share.  I was able to get relief knowing that the man who crossed over while I was performing CPR on him was grateful to me and reassured me that there was nothing more that I could do... it was his time.  The Beyond is explained as such a beautiful magical place of love.  I was able to give my Mom peace of mind knowing that my Dad is with her always. There is not a monetary price worth the gifts that I received for my soul!
Thank goodness, which is what she has,
for Anne St. John."

Kathryn R.

Heidi Messerly.JPG

"Anne and I met at my apartment (community), and I always felt she could see my soul, and one day we finally got to talk.  She knew my mom had passed away and my mom had contacted her  (in Spirit).  The messages she gave me were so incredible and on point.  She was able to speak directly to my mom and father, and relay messages that gave me so much peace and healing.
I do not feel guilty for my mom's death anymore, and I know that she is with me each and every day.  Anne has a true God Given gift and I highly recommend her to anyone who is grieving  and needs peace.  I will definitely keep in contact with her.

Thank you so much Anne St. John. 

Heidi Messerly, Florida

Unconventionally Carolyn Hickman.jpg

"I am absolutely speechless.  Anne's gifts are truly incredible.  I reached out to her after my mother's recent passing where there were so many unexplained, challenging and emotional events that surrounded her passing that I never got answers to.  There unfortunately was a lot of family turmoil before this which hadn't helped either.  My mother was my best friend and I had been struggling each day since her passing feeling lost and without hope and answers. One day, I don't know what came over me, but I started researching mediums locally and her name popped right up. Since the very beginning with my first email to Anne, she had been so responsive, so caring and understanding and accommodated meeting with me in a couple of days since reaching out to her (talk about amazing!)  My time with Anne was priceless with being able to connect with Angels and guides, and most importantly, my mother, and getting the answers that I needed was more than I could have ever imagined.  The conversation with Anne, connecting with my mother-these were words and even mannerisms that were only that of my Mom shining through.  I can't even begin to explain how blessed I feel to have received this opportunity to connect with my Mom again and I plan on meeting Anne on a regular basis for sure!  It is so fulfilling and beautiful knowing that our loved ones who have passed are so very close and with us each and every day.  Thank you for giving me this gift Anne, there are no words to thank you enough!"

Carolyn Hickman, Author of the  fantastic Podcast Series:Gratitude, Greens and Growing Families and business coach at the Do it Anyway Tribe on Facebook!

Matt and Lisa.JPG

Anne, thank you for connecting me with my beloved son.  My reading with you left me feeling joyful knowing that he is so happy and at peace in his new home.  You have an amazing gift and I hope everyone reading this will make an appointment with you and experience it for themselves...they won't be disappointed! Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Lisa Kaufhnerr, Springfield, NJ

(over 1 year later...)

My most recent phone reading with Anne was amazing, as usual. I highly recommend having a phone reading with her. It's like having a direct phone line to heaven. Anne channeled my son so I was able to hear EXACTLY what he wanted to say to me in his own words! What an amazing gift this was! Anne is the real deal and there is no better time to hear from your loved ones than when we are going thru a difficult time. Anne is so gifted, caring and compassionate, which shines thru during a reading. I hope everyone books a phone will bring you a beautiful sense of peace to know your loved one is ok. Thank you AnneGod Bless

Lisa Kaufhnerr, Springfield, NJ


What spoke out to me the most in my experience with Anne was how calm and tranquil she was during my session. I have always been interested in speaking with the family that I have on the other side, which was my brother. But something I never thought I would experience is being able to speak to my future son! At that moment, I felt a pure connection spark up in my soul. I had no clue I had so many people who needed to get a word in, let alone a son that I would bring into the world. He told Anne that he would visit me in my dreams that very night. I woke up that next morning replaying the scene over and over in my head of me looking into my sons eyes, smiling at each other and purely in love with one another. I could not feel anymore thankful and blessed to have experienced a dream that I knew would once become reality.

Francesca Martinez


"My reading with Anne was such a mind blowing experience. Anne connects very well with the spirits on the other side. I was very lucky to receive two readings from Anne. The first reading was very unexpected. I was definitely speechless, the whole time Anne brought up my mom who passed away from heart attack when I was fifteen. It's has been about ten years since her passing. Anne brought up what I said at the funeral to my dad. Which was I want to go home to my mom. I want her home with me. Anne brought up my inheritance which was hard on all of my siblings and I. It has torn our family apart.  My mom spoke through Anne and said it was long time ago. The money issue is now over. Anne brought up a couple other people from my past. During the session, I was confused on a couple of the people. When I listened to my reading. Now I know, who she was referring too. She discribed the detail of my wedding dress and veil that no one knows about. I felt like my mom, godmother, aunt, child, and the boy I cared about as a teenager were sitting in the same room with us. I felt each one of them talking through her.
This reading has given me a piece of mind. It has also brought up  a million and one questions and I know if it was up to me, we would still be at that table with our Beer and Chardonnay listening to Bruce Springsteen. Anne gave me such a beautiful memory and amazing gift that I will take with me forever."

Krystal B., Jacksonville FL


"Anne was Amazing!  I got to speak with My Mother, who I miss so much.  Anne told me something about My Mother that only My Family really knew about!  My Mother loved Baby's Breath and had it all her Flower Arrangements at her Home.  Anne told me My Mother has been at my house and hasn't seen any baby's breath there!  I knew then that My Mother was with us!  I haven't thought about this for many years.  I got to hear from My Father and Grandmother too!  It was so Nice to think they were there right with me!  I would recommend Anne to anyone wanting to reach out and speak once again with their Loved Ones!"

Zane Holly Cleveland, Realtor Jacksonville FL

Cindy Morales.JPG

"My session with Anne was truly wonderful, enlightening and special. She was able to relate messages from my dad as well as others that I did not expect. She validated for me something I already knew - that our loved ones are always around and trying to communicate with us if only we will listen. After the session, I was struck by the number of "coincidences" that were happening. Having spoken with Anne, I had a new appreciation and understanding for what appear to be random events. For example, Anne communicated a message from my father that he was asking about my washing machine. The day before it had just stopped working in the middle of the cycle. I tried everything but was unable to start/fix it. However a few minutes later my son tried it and it worked fine.  There were too many other things like that to list. But rest assured, a session with Anne will give you hope, faith and guidance/advice from those who have already lived this life and had a chance to step back and see the big picture."

Cindy Morales, New York

Hatha Class

"I woke up one morning and immediately remembered my Aunt, who passed away not too long ago.  She had been very nice to me and I kept thinking about her all morning.  Then I remembered that my sister knows Anne St. John, the medium. I had her ask Anne to call me and this is what happened over the phone.  Anne found out that my Aunt had passed, but she did not say that right away.  She asked if I knew of an older female and then described my Aunt and the way she was.  She asked if my Aunt had a loss of faith before she died.  And I explained that she had a terrible time, angry with God and she had even stopped going to church for the year before her passing.  Anne explained that my Aunt was saying that she had found her faith restored and was in a good place with God after she had died.  Anne was able to provide me with peace and comfort by allowing my Aunt to show me that with losing faith, it can be renewed, and restored. and reborn even after we leave the earth.  Not only that, when she explained that my Aunt was close to me all day that morning, I understood why I had the urge to call.  No one could have known the ability to reach out to someone to confirm what I felt in my heart, that my Aunt was still there with me and relentlessly wanted me to get the message.  Thank you."

Carlos Williams, Palm Coast, FL

Post Script:  I spoke with Carlos' sister recently.  She told me that he passed away just a few years after his reading.  While speaking, his soul immediately came through to her along side his father, and they gave gratitude and love to the family.  - Anne St. John

Salina parks.JPG

Thank you so very much for the reading. It is amazing how you are able to convey exactly the right messages at exactly the right time. Being able to hear the amount support I have on the other side was truly uplifting. Receiving advice without ever having to ask the questions validates that our loved ones never leave us, they are always nearby in spirit.

Salina, St. Augustine, FL

Bride and Groom

I never really gave much thought to a medium but since meeting Anne & encountering an untimely reading made me realize the other side really exists. I have a routine where every morning I do a check & balance on our check book. But this morning, I grabbed my husband by the necktie and said you better stop spending so much money. Then I left for work. When I went to get my cup of coffee before we start our day and Anne says to me, "Your grandfather passed on right?", I respond yes, and she asks if she can give me a message.  I agreed and she said, "He's telling me you're holding your husband like you have a noose around  his neck and you need to allow him to be the husband that he was meant to be." Basically, to stop being so controlling. I knew at that moment my grandfather had to be there because he stepped in to point out my controlling ways.  This has given me a lot to think about and I realize that family doesn't die they only pass away and we'll meet again.  Love you Granddaddy!!

Lucinda Contee, Palm Coast, FL

Mother and Son

I was in tears almost from the beginning of my session. Anne was very comforting and caring and so on target. She described my family members and situations I would only have known and by the end I felt so much love and happiness.  She answered a lot of my questions I have been needing to know the answers too. I would recommend her and will most definitely have a on going relationship with her. She was just amazing.

Tina Miller


From the Facebook Psi Theta Epsilon at St. Leo History page: "SISTERS! We have the AWESOMEST MEDIUM in our sisterhood, who gives a DEAD-ON READING from the spirit world, Anne St John! Recommend her to ALL your family and friends. I am still in shock of how incredible and accurate she was!"

"I am a big brother to Anne's sorority in college and we are several years apart and met as part of a history assignment, NOT initially to do a reading. Well, in the conversation, naturally, my mother, father, grandmother, aunt, and several friends came through from the other side. Anne is truly gifted. She explains that its one life, here or there, and our loved ones carry on and we will carry on. I can't stop raving to my family and friends about Anne's reading."

Peter James Smith, Seaside Hts., NJ

woman 4

"Thank you so much for the reading.  It was a very emotional and comforting experience.  I appreciated the details that came through.  I felt like my grandma was with me and talking to me.  That feeling has lasted since the reading.  You have a true gift!"

Sonya R., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Beach Shot

Anne is wonderful, has a wonderful gift. I'm truly blessed to of had the chance to speak with her, and although I never could of imagined being so comfortable she made me feel calm, and nothing but positive love. Answered so many questions that I had I will keep in touch with her, she truly was amazing thank you so much 💗

Ashley Venuto

Family Time

"Thank you again for your insights during our recent session.  I was particularly moved by the information relating to my right side, my daughter with the heart issue, and the Rose of Tralee comment which is a dead ringer for my dad.  I would recommend your services to those who embrace mediums and well as newcomers.  Your compassion as well as the power of your “gift” is readily apparent."

Donna, St. Augustine, Florida

Jen's family

"Anne is absolutely amazing at what she does. I have enjoyed several readings from her.  Each individual reading brought light and love into my life offering me the healing and understanding that I needed at those specific times.  Before my readings with Anne I already believed that my loved ones were in heaven and watching over me, but I had no solid confirmation of this.  Anne has given me this confirmation several times in regards to my loved ones that have crossed over in to heaven.   Anne's ability to communicate with my father and family has brought me a lot of peace and love.

Additionally, she has confirmed things about my father and myself that no one could have ever known, like the song I was singing in the car the other day for example, that made me think of him.  I am sincerely grateful for Anne's gift and for sharing her beautiful gift with me and many others.  Anne is a compassionate human being and she strives to help others and soothe their soul on many spiritual levels.  I would recommend her to anyone, no matter your spiritual beliefs or religious backgrounds, open your heart and allow the universe to fill in the missing pieces. 

I believe in my heart that this is Anne's true gift in this life, and it is a "true gift" because it allows her to help others, and helping others is the most important thing you can do. She has changed my life for the better, and it is hard to put in to words the level of gratitude I have for her and the time she has taken and devoted to healing me and other people.  The Holy Spirit works through all of us and with that said, Thank you Anne from my heart and my soul.

Light and Love!!!"

Jennifer Ashley McGuiness

Girl on the Rocks

"Anne and her ability to put people’s mind at ease only assist her in delivering the messages from your ethereal guardians. Her unique gift comes from a place of light and love and provides a sense of peace that we are being watched over and guided through our often tumultuous lives. While a clear path is never obvious, having had several readings with Anne, I know that regardless of the mistakes I make, that my guardians still love and want the best for me. Anne and her unique gift provide a guiding light that provides me peace of mind– it can for you, too, by agreeing to a reading and embracing the messages that wait for you through Anne."

Jen E., Orange Park, Florida

Girl with Dogs

"I contacted Anne for a reading after suddenly losing a close family friend--a mother-like figure to me.  Anne validated many of my thoughts and curiosities about spirit life on the other side.  Her reading was a comforting and empowering experience. I felt at peace and was able to release the grief that I had been holding on to. Anne has a kind, easy-going, and spiritual way about her that, coupled with her wonderful talent, helped me immensely in my time of need. I highly recommend Anne as a psychic medium."


Michele G from grade school.JPG

"My experience during the phone session was inspiring and uplifting. I got validation for so much of my life, not just my past but my present and future. It was comforting to know my family members who have passed on still love me and support me, and that they always did. I felt much better about myself and my circumstances, and have confidence now, knowing I'm not only on the right path, but have people above looking out for me, and guiding me. Anne was incredibly supportive during the process, and showed me ways to connect with Spirit at any time. She is a kind, loving person herself, and her faith is inspiring."

Michele G., New Jersey

Sandy Hermany.JPG

"She has this amazing ability to talk to loved ones that have crossed over. She provided me with a reading that left me speechless and amazed! People in my life that I didn't really ever think about or even had met. Like my Grandfather and Great Grandfather! I have an estranged relationship with my dad, that very few people know about and I don't talk about, but it was brought up by him.  If you have the opportunity to have a reading from Anne, you will be amazed!..."

Sandy, Alabama

Brenda Loder.JPG

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Anne for the insightful readings she has given me over the past year or so.  She has connected me with so many loved ones and with such specific messages that no one should have been able to deliver.  Her descriptions of the messengers were so easy to understand that I immediately knew who everyone was and who they were with.  Since my first reading with Anne, I have been able to process and address many challenges in my life, release a lot of guilt, and work on regaining my personal power.  Thank you, Anne, for your messages, your intuition, compassion and life lessons.  You are a very special person who I hope to be able to call “friend” as well.  I can’t wait for my next reading!"

Brenda Browning Loder, Culpeper VA

Bob Loder Psychic Medium Reviews.JPG

"It has been my privilege to have known Anne professionally for about a year.  We first met when she was providing readings at a coffeehouse in St Augustine, Florida. Her reading for me was astounding to say the least.  My dad visited through her, and our interaction was spot on.  Yes, she hit on the obvious and routine, but additionally mentioned things that no one knows about – except for me . . . and apparently my dad.  Since that first reading, I have had several formal and impromptu readings from Anne.  One that particularly comes to mind is when she described a traumatic incident that happened to me in Vietnam including the name of a fallen brother.  No one, not even my wife has ever heard that story.  Anne is definitely for real."

Bob Loder, Virginia

Frank and Jean, Audrey Gober.JPG

"Hi Anne, Thank you so much for your reading. I have had an interest in hearing from my grandfather since he died in 1988. You are the only person in all these years he has come through. The message and information you have share have been God sent! You are the real deal sweetie! I feel blessed to have you in my life as a friend and guidance from family members. Their messages are spot on with what is happening in my current life."

Audrey Gober Becker, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Donna Marie D..JPG

"Hi Anne. Thank you so much for taking so much time with me, during my reading. Wow, my family members are like me and don't stop talking!!!! You, as always, are so patient and kind. I can't wait to have another reading with you soon. Everything that my loved ones from the other side said, that came through you, came to be, sadly. You really do have an amazing gift. Thank you, again, for your patience and the great amount of time you gave to me in order to let everyone communicate with me!!!!!!!"

Donna Marie D., New York, NY

Christina Schultz Carlson.JPG

"My reading with Anne was eye opening!  Thank you Anne for your divine guidance.  You were so clear, accurate and detailed.  So non judgmental from the moment we began; making me feel relaxed and comfortable.  I heard words that I needed to heart comfort me ... words no one else would know.  You were right on target with your insight.  I will laugh through the confusion ... because someday... everything will make sense!"

Christina Schultz Carlson, New Jersey

Omg! Wow! Just wow! I just had my 2nd reading with Anne and it was so wonderful. She

was so perfectly spot on with everything and it brings me so much peace and closure. Anne I am so grateful for your amazing gift!  Thank you. I needed this today!

Chelsea Robinson, Florida - from her Facebook Review


Anne is amazing! She is legitimately connected to the other side and has real and meaningful messages to share. I had an excellent and amazing reading with her and will definitely return for more guidance in the future.

Allison Turley Madden, NJ - from her Google Review


Listening to you connect with people that have passed away that came through that were close to me, was amazing.  My grandmother on my mom's side, my grandparents on my father's side, my aunt and friends that came through, was overwhelming but in a good way.  They were all trying to give me advice and open my eyes to certain things in my life moving forward.  thank you Anne, for relaying all of this.   Knowing that they are looking down and watching over me is a blessing.   You have a true gift.

Michele Gibbons, Bridgewater, NJ 

Working from Home

I had a reading from Anne three weeks ago and it was amazing! I reached out to her because I wanted to talk to my mom who recently passed. Not only did I hear from my mom but my grandparents came through, too! Anne made the experience feel as though we were all hanging out together again.  She delivers what she hears and sees very clearly and honestly. She cares about her clients and it really shows. 

I’ve already recommended her to my close friend, but would also highly recommend to literally everyone.

Thank you, Anne!

Victoria Breedlove, St. Augustine, FL 

Woman Reading

I am so glad I met Anne! I was able to connect with my recently passed Mom, Aunt and my grandparents. It was an amazing experience and I was given needed answers! Anne truly has a gift! She is very personable, respectful and honest with her readings. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Anne exceeded all my hopes of connecting with my Mom.

Brenda Gualdarrama, Tampa, FL 

(from her Google Review)

Smiling Blonde Woman

Anne was very professional but also very personal. I’ve never been to a medium and she said things only I would know.  It was very illuminating.  Thank you Anne!

Audrey M., Georgia
(from her Google Review)

Smiling Blonde Woman

Anne was very professional but also very personal. I’ve never been to a medium and she said things only I would know.  It was very illuminating.  Thank you Anne!

Audrey M., Georgia
(from her Google Review)

Literally, just got done with my In Person Reading with the VERY GIFTED Anne St. John and it was such an indescribable experience. I cannot even contextualize my deepest sentiments within this review because there seems to be no word, phrase, gesture, etc... adequate enough to express such a feeling. THANK YOU ANNE, YOU ARE SUCH A RADIANT LIGHT WITH A WONDERFUL GIFT. I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR OUR TIME.

TO ANYONE WITH INHIBITIONS OR HESITATION...ANNE ST. JOHN IS THE "REAL" DEAL. As a believer of the supernatural and/or a higher power/order, I had a bit a skepticism, yet when the reading began I was reassured that I made the right decision.

When I tell you I did not tell Anne anything about anyone within my booking, I didn't tell her ANYTHING. Like I didn't give her a name, a gender, I didn't inform her of a recent passing...she just knew through spirit and was able to provide me and my loved one with a needed closure and connection.


Lamia, St. Augustine, Florida
(from her Google Review)

The connection is real. Anne has the ability to provide accurate, heart warming, and sincere messages from our loved ones who have passed. She has an amazing talent and gift that allows her to relay messages that bring great comfort and happiness knowing that they are at peace. I highly recommend Anne and I am looking forward to another session with her.

Rose C., West Palm Beach, Florida
(from her Google Review)