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Witchcraft On Trial

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Sorcery. Spiritualism. Witchcraft. The legends of witches have been intertwined in our history and lore from the very early ages. The history of witches reaches far back for centuries and throughout the pagan years. Witches were thought of as evil and distasteful. The kind of person that casts spells and follows the devil. In any case, isn't it all just a lot of hocus pocus? Or is it not?

three beautiful witches
Do these bewitching beauties look dangerous?

In fact many women were in the worst of this in the late 1600s of Salem, Massachusetts, when the reason for a laundry theft, turned into a huge incantation of accusations and finally the murder of nearly 26 townspeople all because someone that was accused had to be vindicated. Like the evil sirens to the sea, many placed witches in camps and others simply burned them at the stake. But who knows what was really happening? Is it that the women were vile and evil? Or were they being punished for seeing through another's story. A true believer in Spiritual Assistance, I called upon Spirit to assist me with these questions.

Spirit began to automatically write: "Not only are witches throughout history given a bad rap, they are accused of the worst and never given a chance to logically present themselves as victims or as innocents. Many may disagree, however, the women, and some men, that have been accused, were either burned or punished by their own words for reasons that we cannot always understand. But many would say that it is fear. Fear of the unknown, and fear of the death of themselves, many accuse someone who is helpless and alone, than someone of power and wealth. " And so, the accused would lose the argument over who was right and who was really wrong just based on the larger the lie that was sold to the courtroom.

Shifting gears to the Modern World, we tend to lack respect for people if they are accused. They are lesser in our eyes, or given the worst case scenario. Even if we see them as human, and not as a witness to some greater evil that has happened, it is the one that has the most money, the biggest well told lie that wins over a judge, and the more people that will stand against the accused to make it all fall into place. People are accused of wrongdoing all the time, and some are punished for the wickedness of the accuser, and not for something that they particularly did. All you need is one seriously mistaken or outright lier of an accuser, and a courtroom of people that are not accepting of someone's lifestyle, principles, or willing to give them the time of day, because their mind is made up before you ever step foot in the courtroom that they are the wrongdoer. Convicted in the mind before it was even played out in court, your own family, and well being can be torn up in an instant. It wreaks of the 1690s mentality.

Just like in Old Salem, there are people that lack the backbone to think anything other than to call someone a witch, or anyone that uses Spirit to help them, is evil or a liar. With all the promise of intuition and the understanding of energy, and how it can be used, many "upstanding citizens" still see people that think that anyone that uses energy healing, Spirit communication, and psychic readings as inherently bad. Calling upon Spirit to assist is not the same as conjuring. It is not waking evil or even those that are in the Light to make them help you. It is a relationship with the ones in Heaven that will assist when you are ready. Just because these pillars of society do not understand it, does not make it false.

So, my friends, are you one of the ones that feel misunderstood, and are you not just trying to be yourself, and being at peace with others? Have you been abused by the system, or your family and friends because you are just a little different? Or have you been hurt, violated, and accused of lying about it. There is a place of recognition of all that you do as good, and never evil. You know that God, the Light and Love Eternal sees everything that has happened to you. So, be yourself, and know that God loves you whether you choose to buy the Tarot cards or not. He sees you as perfect. He sees you whole and complete. He gave you the reasons to be yourself. Do that, and find yourself, even if you are snubbed for who you are, and what you love, you know that you were made this way for a reason. And Spirit will guide you the rest of the way. It is truly time to be yourself and embrace your differences as your authentic self. Giving energy to the witch or warlock inside each of us, you can love the parts of you that you felt were once unlovable, because you are in good company. We are all made this way.

Each person holds there own dark secrets, and as soon as you embrace yours, forgive yourself, and love the differences that make you who you are, you will see the Light, even if you choose to wear black. And your accusers? They don't stand a chance to fight you, because standing in your personal truth will set you free.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium, a Catholic, and an author. She can be found at for readings, tarot, and Mediumship. Book your appointment from anywhere in the world, as zoom and FaceTime are also available.

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