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Why So Many Places are Haunted

Once when I was in college, I was visiting one of my best friends at her college in Staten Island, New York. And she drove by this old abandoned house, that had a huge front porch and lot of windows. It was a little creepy. And she told me that some of the students would try to spend the night there because it was known to have noises that would come from the staircase as if someone was walking down it, but no one was there. It's haunted, so they want to see what happens. I would not ever take part in that because I was afraid of ghosts. But eventually, slowly I felt that I could overcome the scary movies and lore, and find out what is really going on.

I started watching Ghost Hunters when TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) was in its first season. And I saw what was amazing, a progression of men and women that under Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson become very good at debunking false readings and capturing real evidence of Spirits that were in the light and those that were not. Early on, watching the team of Steven Gonzales and Dave Tango, with Jason and Grant and I was hooked. I realized with the techniques and the way they treated any kind of spirit, or dark threat, that I was just as safe as I was sleeping in my own bed at night.

Overcoming my fear of the unknown, and of Spirits, was the way that I could draw back the curtain and see Mediumship as a good thing to help people. Not everyone that ghost hunts understands or believes in what Mediums can do. But just like Ghost Hunters and other shows like Ghost Adventures, we are sometimes given the stink eye by skeptics that are not willing to do the full research to get to the truth. Mediums are real as I am proof, but it took a lot of understanding, research, and reading to get my mind to wrap around the foolishness that people want to produce when they cannot see the same as myself or legitimate ghost investigation teams. So, I say this with all due respect to doubters, (as I was once one myself) do your homework before you dismiss it as impossible.

Because I became unafraid, I opened a new chapter in my life that was called Mediumship. I needed to know the answers, and always intuitive, I knew many things but it was all just beneath the surface of my consciousness and I needed to see more to help others. I know that ghosts do exist, but why are they so sure that they cannot cross into the Light? I asked my guides for help.

My brother's soul answered: "Many of the souls that are waiting to be in the Light as you tell it, are awaiting the signal that they are forgiven. Some are from the past in your time, and some are from the here and now. Many do not realize that the Light has called them home. They begin to wonder, some do anyway, why they are not happy. And in the afterlife, many are willing to do anything to get a little attention, and some do a great deal more. Throwing a candle across the room, moving objects in front of you. Pulling hair or taking on a form that is familiar to you, that is what some would call ecstatic reactions to the living. You have a choice when you pass on. You can either become a soul of Light automatically, or you can wonder why you are in the dark. Once you see that you are not willing to move forward with your life in Heaven, maybe you felt distant from your loved ones, or you did not have a real reason to say that you belong, then you will not get a second chance until you are willing to say that it does not matter if you are 'good enough', it matters that you feel exonerated from the life that you had. Even a small child could become lost just because they freak out, or feel intimidated as many people do in a group of people that don't know you. Imagine wanting to go though to see God but then is told that you need to stay and wait. And not in the way that you think, just wait, and see. This can be frustrating and as I was in the Light of Heaven, but had no light shine around me, I knew that I had messed up. I knew that God wanted me to be more humble, or perhaps more angry that I did not do all the right things. And I was wrong. In my life, I had died by my own hand. I was not in a good mood when I found out that I could have just smiled and said, 'Ok, Dad, you win, and I'll go to school after I get a job.' And I found out that I wanted to help my sister and my mother but I had not forgiven my dad to be honest. And I should have. But when I was in a happy place, I forgave him and myself to the last. And then I wondered how to be better at being a brother of a Medium. She can be cautious, and she can be hard on herself. I love that she thinks that I was a good brother but I know that I was just ok. And when you have a friend of hers cross and tell you that you were the reason she was so upset, then I just wanted to fall apart all over again. But now is the time to tell you that I help her in the readings and so does he. Seriously, I want to tell you that if you have a good mind to see your life through, then do it. Do not tell me that you can't. And if you are in a good place when you die, you will sooo want to help everyone too, but remember just because you did not help every soul that you can in your life does not mean that you did not do enough. Be kind to yourself, and see the Light."

- Miles St. John (deceased)

Why are so many places haunted? Because they have been mislead to think that they do not belong in Heaven. Everyone (yes even that guy or that girl) belongs. Everyone is capable of being forgiven and everyone can be recast to love as God loves us. How can you help from where you are? First believe that you make a difference, because you do. Second, pray for the souls who are lost, and ask God to bring them back to the Heavens. And third, just be happy that you and yours are safe. Trust God's perfect timing and love unconditionally. Do that much and be safe in your soul.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium, and an author of Miles Away, the channeled messages of my brother's suicide and his journey into Heaven. You can reach her for an appointment from anywhere in the world, at

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