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Why Psychic Readings on Romance .......Work!

When you love someone, it is forever. That is what Spirit has said to me. And that is predictably in the readings as well. You know the real reason that we need help and guidance? It is because we don't always trust our own selves in the real world. We think we know that we are safe and happy, but in reality, the world is a scary place. And some are in a place of needing more help. That is when Heaven is ready to get involved and help you with your story.

I read for many people that are guiding their love life with the help of Heaven. Spirit is using the deck of cards that is chosen to get the messages across to you, the sitter, the one that needs the knowledge. Trusting them - is to me - like trusting God - because they are here to help with the people in your life. Good bad or forgettable, regarding the men or women in your life, you are listening to a Higher point of view on those that you choose to love, or where you should look to find it. And sometimes - most of the time - they know exactly what you need to do.

Let's say that you met someone. He (or She) is special, attractive, and well behaved - but are you interested in that person, and cannot make heads or tails of why they act this way... Or are you thinking this can be The ONE? Is it you? Is it that new guy or gal? Is it a soul thing? Is it your learning experience that needs adjusting? You have the opinions of guides and loved ones that are weighing in on the subject when you get a reading for love and romance. Using Tarot for love and romance, is a way to communicate the Here After's thoughts and ideas.. And in my experience, they have a lot to say!

You may wonder if you are n the right relationship. You may see it as a gift - is it? Maybe that person is meant to be a learning experience for you. Anyone can give you advice, but do you feel that it is good if you are foreshadowing the future with only the patterns of the past? Spirit sees boths sides - they see the ups and downs, and they see the plans for you that God wants you to experience. Maybe you are fooling yourself into thinking that you have a good relationship or maybe you are trying to get out of one that is good from a viewpoint of fear or emotional patterns that are not useful to you. People in Spirit are well informed and ready to assist you.

Psychic readings are a pathway to new discoveries about yourself and others. You may find a friend that you never thought you had just through a reading. In all readings, you deserve to know that you are loved, cared for and given direction in all things, not just romance. In all parts of your emotional make up, you can become the person of your... from Heaven's perspective - dreams. Spirit sees the road up ahead from way up Above, not just from behind the headlights, as you do. It allows Them to see farther and further down the road than you can, and can assist you in avoiding the detours and speed-traps of life. Just allow them to guide you out of the clutter of the world and see your new life unfold!

Anne St. John is a psychic medium and author that is available by appointment only at

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