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why is my life so full of stupid drama?

Did you ever think to yourself, that if you could just have the career you want, the right spouse, or have a sweet, harmonious child, you can have the perfect life? Your neighbor has the white picket fence, the money and those kids that are superstars at school, but you still feel like you are trying to get the right combination of good vibes and happily ever afters. In fact, you may say that your family is super dysfunctional, always fighting and more problems seem to find you as soon as one is solved. Just think what it would be like to have it all! And one day you could be perfectly blissfuly happy... if only your life was ....(fill in your personal dream here).

Hold on. Rewind. Did you marry the wrong guy or gal? Maybe you had abuse in your life, or your parent was an alcoholic, you may battle illness, infertility, or a permanent disability. Why? Why you? And why did it have to change your life so drastically? Could you have avoided that pitfall, or was it meant to be? Just by our human nature, I can tell you that it was planned, bound to happen, or was given as a part of your own personal life plan. No matter how good it looks, or how green the grass is in your neighbor's yard, I can tell you that life will happen to them too. It is called a learning experience, and that is why you are on the planet.

Think for a moment. What would it be like to be in Heaven and planning your life with your guides. What if they said, "Well, you have to have a physical body, and you will love your looks, have all the friends, and money and smarts - and guess what?? Nothing interesting will happen. Your life will be predictable and then you will die at 99 years old. And you will not learn much or see much, and you won't gain much out of the experience." Sounds like fun right! (Yawn... ok maybe not so much.) But what if you want to achieve something like, understanding real empathy. Or you overcome obstacles to gain more self esteem. Or needed to know that someone loved you and made a soul pact to marry and have kids? Now, it is starting to get interesting. But to do this, there is going to have to be something to overcome. And that is the reason that you have drama. And some of us have LOTS of drama!

Einstein said that 'God does not play dice with the Universe.' He is correct. The reasons are there. And they are there to serve us. The reason to come to the Earth at all is to learn to overcome obstacles, help others, or to receive life lessons. If you did not have conflict, how would you learn boundaries? If you did not have hurt, how would you learn empathy? If you did not have battles, how would you learn courage? If you did not have ignorance, how would you learn curiosity? If you did not have discourtesy towards yourself or others, how would you learn respect?

Now, getting back to that "Perfect Life" ... is it really worth going through all of this if you do not learn anything? Unless you were born to live for a few moments and lost your life as an infant, (which has it's own learning experience, and helps so many in its own way) then you are bound to find the keys that are correct for you. Whatever it is you are missing as a soul, will come into your life to find you and unlock the learning that you need. Ever notice how some people attract the same sort of person into his or her life? Or the same type of scenario? People attract the same lesson over and over until they learn to master it. Once learned, you would never fall for the same problem, because you will have solved it in the past. Just think of all the things that you have done or accepted in the past, that you would never do again, or never allow your best friend to do either. Once you know better, you do better.

Want to make your life really perfect - watch out - you have it already. Remember that saying, "What does not kill us, will make us stronger"? All the mess, the unfortunate situations, the hardships, the turmoil and the learn from it all. And that is perfect in its own way. You, the lifetime overachiever, the one with all the failures and problems that stack higher and higher than pancakes at the local IHoP, you are that soul that has overloaded your plate to get all of it solved in this lifetime. You are that superhuman, and life will change when you learn to change and accept your life with gratitude, and complete satisfaction that it is what it is for a reason.

Life is a journey. It is meant to be full of challenges, opportunities and major upsets. If you are waiting for the day that it will be a perfect undefeated season, then you are not seeing the beauty in the learning experience your Guides and Angels have given you. Strive for the best you can do and sprinkle in some optimism, understanding and a lot of forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others for the many mistakes of the past, because after all, you would not be here on the planet unless you were supposed to make them and fill in your own personal potholes on your road of life. And when you finally complete your life, you will find that it was the perfectly planned, amazing road that diverted each time you needed it to move you forward to become better soul. Be grateful for the hiccups and the hardships because each will add to the amazing perfect authentic you that no one ever saw coming, and no one ever knew you were until you are done and finally thankful for it all.

Anne St. John is an author, Psychic Medium, and Life Coach. You can book appointments for Mediumship, Tarot and Angel Card Readings and Life Coaching at .

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