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when you are confused... it is time to ask your guides!


What would it be like to have an angel on your shoulder? Or a special guide that is always finding ways to make your life easier and more fun? Well, you have one! Whether you are aware of it or not you have several special souls, guides and at least one guardian angel looking after you and keeping you on the way to the best possible outcome. When life throws you a curveball, they help you hit it out of the park!

Let's just say that you are walking through the streets of Rome on a summer's day. You are looking for a cafe that has wine and good sandwiches. The guide book may not have a clue, but the guide that is with you for that afternoon may know the exact location for you to wander to off the beaten path. Just think of how fortunate you are to know that the slight miscalculation in walking the city map led you to the street with the best local hidden away cafe that you have found! It was all done pre-planned in Spirit, and you did not even know it. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Destiny and Heaven sent guidance -yes!

Once inside the cafe, they seat you at a long table without a menu at your seat. You are also next to two women and a couple of men and one lonely looking guy to the side of you. Without a lot of family and friends in your life, you have traveled this far alone, but to be sure that you are involved, your guide had been instructed to care for you and to help you make new friends. He shoulders the newest idea of starting a side table conversation about the lunch fare, and you are only moments away from meeting your newest best friend, and her brother who may just be the man you are intended to marry! Sounds magical? It is! It is the world of Spirit and how they are assisting us in all ways - even when you think it is a lost cause, they are in the running to get you the best of your life has to offer.

Would it be easier if you know that they are trying to help you - even when you are thinking that the current situation is a bad deal? Of Course!! They are always involved in helping you see the long term solution and the best course of action. But when you are in the middle of indecision, or fell short of expectations, all you have to do is ask for help. And with that, they will help you. They can only do so much without your free will interfering and if you are not seeing the long term solution then it can be a mental uphill battle. Just ask for the signs, the assistance and the best of luck, just give them the gratitude for the time that they took you to the movies when you thought that you needed to go to the opera.

Just become open to the possibilities. And if you need help connecting the dots, you can always ask for an intuitive guidance reading. Tarot, Angel Cards, or Intuitive Life Coaching is available to you at every corner of the universe! And if you found me, thank your guides! Guardian Angels and guides can direct you to the right place, the right book, and the right reading, at the right time. All you have to do is ask!

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and spirit guided Life Coach. You can access her readings online, by phone and in person at    

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