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When is it the Best Time to Seek Out a Psychic Reading?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Did you ever feel drawn to ask for a reading? A psychic reading is much more than a gypsy fortune teller with big hoop earrings! In the old days, boardwalk psychics would pretend that they had all the answers. But in reality, there are those of us who can communicate with Spirit. And seeking guidance from Heaven and those that are their to assist you can be a very good holistic way to heal or ask for the highest level of advice. It is Heaven sent.

You have a Guardian Angel. And you have guides, friends that are knowledgeable about the challenges that you face here on the earth. You also have loved ones that have passed on that are routing for you to complete your journey with all honors attached. So when it comes to a point in your life that you are unable to see clearly, and you need to have the ear of someone to help you, then seeing a Psychic or Medium is a very viable option.

We all face times with our loves and our lives that we need to solve a problem. Some are simple and some are very complex. those of us on earth typically seek the guidance of someone we trust. We go to our friends, and our family members for advice. We talk out our feelings. We turn inward to our own intuition. And we seek Spiritual advice in prayer and meditation. It is when we get stuck, or we are lost in all the confusion of the situation that we seek out Spirit in psychic readings or mediumship.

Seeking out a psychic reading is connecting to the Spiritual side of yourself. It allows the Psychic to give the floor over to Spirit, and those that are willing to assist you in your personal journey on the Earth. Your brother, or your father, they may be someone that you know and love that would step in on the reading. And if they are gone, and you sought out their advice in your lifetime, then it would be a honor for them to step in and help you stop the heartache or the hurtfulness in your life at that time. Solving a problem that you are facing, one that is significant, like where to move, or should you take the new job offered, or where to find that lost love of yours, that would be a great time to seek out a psychic reading.

Understand that I have been told by Spirit, that they see the road ahead for each individual from a much higher place. You may only see as far as your headlights, but they see the road all the way to your destination. You have to run your life, and no one expects you to ask for Spirit to make your decisions. But when they weigh in, it is a God send of a message, and you can always take their advice or leave it at the table.

Mediumship is getting the people that have passed on that love you to take a break from the Heaven that they now are accustomed to and to let you know that they are well. They are the ones that are doing the reading. I, as a Medium, do not interfere with the words or the conversation. When they want you to understand something, they make it clear and they do say a lot of detail. No longer are the days of wondering if the one that passed on is okay. Or for any reason of your own if you need to be more mindful of then in Spirit. You may have seen signs that they are around, or you may feel their presence in the room. You may even remember them in your dreams. Those moments are special. And they are always with you, somehow, they are still there with you. By the way...pray for them, whenever you need them by your side - because they do hear your prayers.

Medium and Psychic Readings are there at your fingertips if you have a phone or internet connection and from anywhere in the world. It is a true way of reaching out for Spiritual and holistic healing. Some need closure, some need to say their goodbyes or know that they are still loved. Others are in need of problem solving and want to know what direction to take in life.

It is a matter of where you are in your life that will make the difference of what reading to choose. When you are ready to listen to that still small voice within, and you feel that you still need someone to assist you that has the highest clearance and calm clarity is the best time to come in for your reading. And you can always return and be added to the many that give Spirit the chance to weigh in on the important subjects whenever they come into to view in your lifetime. Guided by Spirit, and the world of Heaven is a beautiful place to be, and can be soul centering and tremendously healing. Prayer. Meditation. And through your readings... Heaven is always available to you.

Anne St. John is an Author, Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Coach. She can be reached at .

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