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What is the difference in Readings with a Real Psychic?

I sat down in front of her. She was older and had a deeply French accent. I wondered if it was all legit, but I paid my money, and now I had her time. Madam was friendly and through the reading I felt that she was gaining knowledge. She looked and explained the cards as they displayed in the tarot. But there was something more. "You go to school. You study the law." I was shocked. Cards cannot tell you that. And I immediately looked at what I was wearing and carrying. No, not a thing that said Nova Southeastern Law, which I was attending at the time.

She continued. "You had a miscarriage." That I shook off - at first, and she told me in fact she insisted, that I had a miscarriage. I just wasn't ready to hear it. I had to admit, that somehow I knew that I was pregnant when I was in college. But after some morning sickness, I guess I did miscarry and it was not my imagination, but back then, I was too naive to know it for sure. So, again, she was right on target. And then she tells me many things about my life, and to be careful who to trust, as my friends were not always my friends. I was not thinking of the right person at the time, but I saw it all eventually.

Lastly, she tells me that I have the same gift as she does. She told me that I would not finish law school, and that also turned out to be true later on, as much as I wanted to finish school, it fell apart. But what she did tell me was to take business classes. Because I have the same gift that she has. I am an intuitive, and it would not take much more to get me to see that as a psychic, I could own my own business. And I sat there thinking that my parents may hate that, but it does intrigue me.

I backburnered this "terrible" idea for awhile. I needed to finish school like I told her I would, but them she disagreed. I tried very hard to make it all work, but in my mind, I finished the year just under par, and lost my financial aid. So, I needed to look for work again, and leave the legal field alone. Pardon the expression, but I was lucky. I did not really love the law. I loved the idea of following in my grandfather's footsteps. And I did not have as many friends as I felt I did. But I did decide to move to Orlando, and try something new. But it took literally years for me to really take psychic readings seriously, for my own career, since I had some serious trust issues that I needed to work through. Then one day I found out that Madam was absolutely correct again, that I did have the same gift and that I was able to read tarot and become a Medium, passing messages from Heaven to loved ones that were still here on earth.

God's plan was for me to be more connected with Spirit, and to see that He has a greater plan than I ever did. Now, I give guidance. But it is not coming from my own ability to think - it is coming from Spirit, and their knowledge of the person sitting in front of me, either virtually, on the phone or in person.

The difference from when I was younger is amazing. I can tell you from personal experience, that before, I felt as if I was not tuned into Spirit more than a directional. Now I feel that I have certain people around me that have passed away, guides, and angels that give me direction, and allow me to pass on the messages that are important to others.

It feels different. When I start a reading, I begin to get ready, clearing my mind, and by prayer. Then it begins. I feel that I am no longer in control of the thoughts coming into my mind. I feel that someone in Spirit is taking over the conversation. I feel that I am in no way understanding what will be said next, and the person saying it is me. So, they are using me, my body, my understanding, and my lessons to help others as they come to me to look for advice. I have some control over what is being said. I can choose not to say what I am being told, however, I trust that each person's reading is meant for them to understand, so I allow Spirit to use my voice to convey the message.

I am not really doing the reading - They are doing the reading in my place. Either by placing the words in my mind to say, or saying it to me in my thoughts and me repeating what is being told. How do I know that it is accurate? I simply have to trust what I am getting from them. They are the ones that are seeing the future and what is happening with the soul I am communicating with by way of the reading. And to bring information to light that was not understood or that needed to be said is a blessing. I trust Spirit. I know that they have good intentions and good memories. I know that the ones that come in for a Medium reading are there to communicate on their own behalf, and for those seeking guidance, a tarot or oracle reading is a great tool for Spirit to explain visually what is to be expected. It is truly amazing to watch them work through me, while I am just there to be the messenger. I believe that Heaven has some pretty powerful advice. And I am thankful that I am able to be there for them, and to listen to them each day.

I recently wrote a workshop on how to gain your intuitive ground, as I did when I was ready to listen and hear from Spirit. It took me years to figure out what was in this simple workshop. But overall, I feel that it helped me understand that I was not alone, and that Spirit was helping me, and guiding me, even to make simple decisions that greatly impact my future. I will leave the link at the end of this blog, and you can see for yourself, how to get started. We all have intuitive abilities, but placing this gift in the forefront of your mind, will help you improve your guidance, and your own way to make your life better. Just by listening to Heaven.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium and author. You can book appointments to speak with her in person, by zoom, facetime and by phone at You can also purchase access to the intuitive workshop for an introductory rate of only $45 at

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