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what is it like to have a team in the hereafter waiting to help you?

As an Intuitive, Psychic and Medium, I see things from a different perspective. I rely on the HereAfter.

What is it like to have a team in Heaven waiting to help you? It is more than your Grandmother's cooking, more than the best laid plans redirected, and more than the experiences that you have had in your past to guide you into your future. It is the Higher Perspective, the people that have passed on and learned why their own life was a mystery that now makes perfect sense, and perhaps even a whisper from Above of why you are being challenged at this very moment right now.

And those Guides and Family in Spirit are here and willing to help you. Yes, I said YOU!

You have Spiritual Guides, and some have family and friends in Heaven that are willing to weigh in on certain subjects and give you the answers that you need. But mostly, you have to know, whether or not you are coming to someone like me - someone that can consciously connect with Spirit for assistance, that they are trying to help you even when you are not aware of the help. But maybe you are not aware of the willingness the HereAfter to help you each day.

How specific can they get to tell you what is really going on in your life? I had a reading with one of my regular clients recently whose parents have passed on, and for validation, they told me that the man she just spoke to the night before does not like small animals. I saw a picture in my mind, of a hamster, and then a snake. I told her what I was seeing intuitively, and what they told me. She then confirmed that during the conversation the night before, her friend told her of a time when he had a hamster but it died from being caught by another pet in the house. Not a snake but you can figure out the rest and how it ended. Now I know that you may think that is not very significant, but to get the validation that mom and dad were standing over the table at that time and listening in for a moment, you can see why the moment is important. And that the advice that she wanted to get was there for her at that moment.

When Spirit, (those in the Light), want to give advice they often want to show that they know what is happening. They use Tarot, Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystal Pendulum readings, etc. to communicate the information and give out the helpful advice that you may not be fully aware of. And the more information you have, the more you are able to make better and more qualified decisions in your life.

Different than a Medium reading because we do not always know who is coming in to give the advice. We just know that it is well guided and coming from a Higher Source. And, you can guarantee that whoever is in the Light that knows a lot on the subject is willing to partake for a moment to give you the advice. As a Psychic and a Medium, I am simply here to pass along those messages and help you understand the meaning by giving you the interpretation that they want you to have. Just a moment, does that mean that I do not wire you the information perfect? No, once I remove my human brain out of the way of thinking from my perspective, I give you what they give me. They are the ones that are giving you the reading. I have to more of less move my own thoughts out of the conversation to give you the full and perfect reading. Just remember that if Spirit wants you to know, then you can bet that someone will show up and make sure that you have that information for your own safety and psychological understanding.

What can you do knowing what Heaven wanted to help you to know? Can you avoid a pitfall, or stand up for yourself? Can you feel comforted by the ones in Spirit that have leaned on you when you needed a friend and now can assist you when you need one (even if they are on the Heaven side now)? Just think of the possibilities that you can be a better .... anything.... with the help from your own personal team that knows and enjoys seeing you succeed!

Now is the time to get yourself inspired! To wake up your senses and fill up your life with POSITIVE emotional feedback! Create beauty, wealth, awareness, and understanding. Love what you do. And make all the moves necessary to achieve your dreams. That is the Power of good Advice. That in my world is always called powerful intuitive guidance.

If you are reading this it may be a sign that you area ready for your own personal reading. Visit to schedule your tarot, angel card, oracle card reading or package to get the most out of the Advice that Spirit is ready to give you now.

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