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What did David Cassidy mean by 'So Much Wasted Time'?

Updated: Jul 9

First, let's start with the fact that you may not know. I am channeling a message:

This life on Earth, is a good one. It is made to be tough. And sleeping in a hallway, or being on a train in the middle of summer is part of the fun. Right? It may not feel like it when you go through it, but It is, when you look back on it.

So much wasted time. Those were my last words.

I was one of the lucky ones. I got to be on Broadway, I was in a large group of people that were in a popular television show. I also got to wed three times in my life, And no, this is not Anne St. John writing. This is her friend, David.

David Cassidy and the Fender Guitar
Fender Guitars were David's favorite variety.

First of all, I did not mean that I was wasted. I was not drunk my whole life. However, in my opinion, I had a fraction of a fun time. I worked throughout my life, and I was running myself into the ground. I burned out early in my mid 20's.

When I started as a teen idol, I was not prepared for the popularity. I was a newcomer to the television set. And I was a real guitarist. But now, I see it from a different point of view. And I was meant to be a rockstar, and a player, and a really cool guy. I just never knew what I was missing.

In the 70's I had a group of women that followed me, and some still do. It was a great run. But sometimes I fell short of expectations. I knew that my dad wanted me to take up acting seriously. He always knew a lot of people in Broadway. And I had a good time taking lessons. But in my opinion, music was the hottest thing I could do. So, I took on that roller coaster ride, and just like the song. it kept going faster. It was a trip. When I was in the studios, and on the stage, I was honored by so many, but so few really knew me. I knew that I had a few close friends. But the reality is that back then, I really hardly knew myself.

David Cassidy playing the guitar
David playing guitar on his own

When I died, I knew that I was alone. I needed to stand there for a few minutes, watching over my bedside and the family. It was then that I saw my dad, and he approached me. He knew that I needed him. And he of course, needed me. Not only did he ask if I could forgive him, but he had been waiting for me to cross over. I knew it, I knew that my dad had loved me. And that made me into the soul that I am today.

For awhile, I had been in a coma. I saw things in my view, the day of my birth to the final day of my life. In my guides eyes, they told me that I was a good man, but I had made several mistakes. In fact, one of them led me to the hospital bed that I was lying in. And after I sounded off because I was offended, one told me to relax. "Relax David. I didn't come here to make you mad. I came here to assist you." And I looked at him with wide eyed wonder. He opened up a wallet with pictures of his life, and that was almost the same as my own. Here is this guy and you may figure it all out later, but he suffered the same fate in many ways. Over time he fell apart too. What turned out to be meaningful is that he learned that I was likely to feel his same pain. So, he guided me as I was leaving my life. And he knew about the fans, the future, the pains, the women, all of it. And I knew him in my life too.

You see, we have similar stories to tell. Radio, T. V. and instruments. All in all, I was not a bad guy. I was amazing at making people happy. And in my personal life, I suffered for it. So, if you ever have a chance to see it all come together, then remember me. I was writing the songs in my mind, and forgetting the past. You may know me as David Cassidy, but my friends called me Dave. And I do not feel threatened by emotional turmoil anymore. In fact, I would have loved to have a guide like I am for Anne.

Your body is a vehicle to run. You chase away the pain, and you look at a bright future. No one leaves the earth without suffering. You see, I knew that I had it all at some point, and I wanted my privacy back. But in the middle of my life, I had a few personal problems, and I could not seem to feel the happiness I had before. So, I had taken a turn for the worse. You may remember that I had a good life, but in my opinion it was the best I could have ever lived.

My mother is here in the Spirit now too. She always called me David. And I knew that I would see her soon. When I was young, I could not feel the love that I needed, so I fled to my Dad's home. I knew that I survived his lack of enthusiasm and his feelings of regret. I told him that I loved him, and I knew that I was to wake up for just a few more minutes before leaving my life.

The only thing that I could think of that I knew to say to the family was, "So much wasted time." I did not think of it as a waste of life, or a wasted life. I thought of it AS A GOOD LIFE THAT I WAS ALIVE AND WILLING TO TRY. The wasted time was the time I spent learning to fly (leave). I had to build wings of alcohol and drug addictions. I knew that I would make it better but only after I had seen that I could have kicked the habit of prescription drugs and old beer cans, I could make myself into a better human.

My time was up when I gave up.

That is why this is important. Don't give up. Keep trusting, and trying. You can make it out of any situation just by constant patient trying and not failing to remember that you are human too.

If I had a reason to be here, that would have helped. So, get a support system, or a good licensed therapist. Use your new wings to fly above it. And as I told Anne, there is no time to waste.

My guidance to her is my legacy. I can help her. And she has already helped me. Please keep in mind that she is not asking for you to buy her time, and she is truly being unselfish. Just for the record, I am here for her and not the fan club.


David Cassidy


Anne St. John is a Mom, Psychic Medium and Author. She can be reached at

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