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Unboxing Disney's Alice in Wonderland Tarot...and why it's so Awesome!!

Ok, normally I don't get overexcited about a new deck of cards but THIS is AWESOME!! Disney is celebrating the 70th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, which was not only a favorite childhood novel that I read several times (including Through the Looking Glass) but they have decided to do a tarot deck of teacups, hedgehogs, spears, and flowers in honor of the animated movie.

Personally, I want to tell you a few things about Mediumship and Tarot - why they are connected and why it is important - so stick around for the rest of that in a minute... but first let's take a good look at these tarot cards!

I have to start by saying that I have been waiting for the arrival of this box since at least October of last year. I pre-ordered it and it kept getting delayed. But once I found it in the Barnes and Noble (not Amazon as I was waiting for the first ones to arrive) I was so thrilled - I purchased it immediately, I love the Lewis Carroll books as a child, and I had some idea that it was much deeper than the simple fairy tale like circumstances. The lessons and the perspective that it is written from can really change your thinking if you are quick enough to understand the humor and the influences... but enough of that... I just loved the story.

Alice falls down a rabbit hole after chasing an oddly dressed white rabbit. And lands in a world of nonsensical trouble and adventures. Quite the perfect beginning to any tarot reading.

Lets face it... if you are in a world of questions and need some guidance, then the Tarot, in all its mystery can be very appealing. But as we learn more, and more and more, it is often considered as "falling down a rabbit hole" much like Alice. She faces her fears, and she discovers new ideas. She is kind but cautious. And she is like anyone of us that is seeking guidance. Let's look at some of the Major Arcana.

The Style, the colors and the Characters - Only Disney could make such beauty and be so artistic in the portrayal of the story. As clear as the scenery, you see that the major arcana is represented with beauty and meaning. Looking below at some examples of the minor arcana, you see that the flowers are representing Swords, the spears are in the place of Wands, the teacups are Cups and the hedgehogs are Coins. They are all playing in a role of the Alice story and now that you are in for a reading, they can play out a role for giving you the communication from Spirit that helps you along your own personal journey.

So that leads me to allowing you to see that all these are part of a Spirit Communication... just as in Mediumship, in a way, we are not discerning who it is who is guiding you, but we are allowing spirit to communicate with the way that cards are chosen by Spirit (there are almost infinite numbers of combinations) and if you know me and my work you will understand that Spirit will move mountains to get you to the place that you are to listen ,and prove it with physical cards on a table if they have to! So it is CLOSELY RELATED to Mediumship! Because the guides, loved ones and friends and family that have passed can still play a role in telling you what to look out for and what to expect, and what to find out that you will someday cherish. Simple advice from your guides are the best ways of understanding your life path. Your family in Spirit may also be weighing in on the subject as you wish to know more about yourself and others around you. Look for the Signs, this may be a new beginning for you! Your loved ones are always a moments notice away from you at any part of the day. They look after you and pray for you as well! When I read tarot, I often ask for the family in Spirit to give insight to your life as we move forward reading the cards. They know you and they do not judge you as you would think they do from the past. Just like Alice, you are down a rabbit hole and your whole life on earth is like a Wonderland life! You are always trying to return to the surface, the real world, the Heaven that we are all reunited in eventually.

Now, are you ready for a new journey? Just ask the cards in the reading. Spirit will come through for you too! If you ask for the Alice in Wonderland reading, and use the code Alice 10, then I will make sure that you get an extra 10 minutes added to your reading! That is 40 minutes of advice, life coaching and wonderlandful things that you can begin - just for trusting Spirit!!

Anne St. John is an Author and Psychic Medium, and can be booked by appointment only anywhere in the world at

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