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Turning Your Fear and Depression into Your Spiritual Awakening

Speaking as someone who lost her brother to depression when he was only 19 years old, I can tell you that I have witnessed and at times experienced great bouts of depression in my own life, and others as well. I have watched others fight through the tears and the anxiety to get to the better days that the journey was, in some cases, established for in the first place. Depression is not always a battle that can be won. But it is meant to make you a powerhouse stronger than you were before. Still, many wander a tireless route through the darkest hours of their lives, having no clue of what the light at the end of the tunnel looks like, and therefore cannot find it. But it is there, and even if not found it yet, it does exist.

On the verge of a spiritual awakening

Many of us are looking for answers to the unsatisfactory of our life. Why did he have to leave? Why is my body infertile? Why did my daughter kill herself? Why is life so bittersweet and hard?

It is not in the answers that you will see as you focus into the Light. It is in your patience. It is in your fortitude. And it is in the rallying to start the next forever how many days that it takes to make a difference from one problem to the next. No one will give you the answer key overnight. But, as you focus on your fears, your anxiety, and not shy away, then you shall be able to see it, face it and accept the rawest hurt from your journey. From the internal dark night of the soul, you will see that you can face any fear and start to solve what you need to become, or do next. You may fear that it was all your fault, and you may be called to see that it is time for you to allow God to be the Justice system. His will is that you are helped not hindered. You can learn that hardships are often the catalyst to growing stronger and that you are blessed to have them. You, child of the Universe, you, child of God, have been given a great gift. To suffer. And survive.

And it is a painful way to live, until you see what the Angels, Guides and Those in Divine Spirit are willing to show you, and help. you lead yourself out of the dark times. These times of darkness, where you are so focused on the 'why's', is telling you to examine the next and better chapter. God does not allow you to suffer for no reason. He gives you the chance to hear his calling. I see many parents that lost a son or a daughter, but did you realize the number of people that they have helped by telling their story? Think how meaningful their lives can still be by helping others in the name of that child. And in my sessions how that child's spirit comes through so proud to be connected to their parents in a special way, through a gift of love and giving as they continue to watch over them in Heaven. Remember, as you are in pain, to lift up your prayers to those that you need to hear from and for yourself as well. Prayers are the warm blanket on the coldest darkest hour, and will wrap you in God's love as long as you wear it in your love for Him.

When we have something happen that shatters us to the core, we tend to act in one direction or another, but despair is not a dead end road. It can be a doorway to a new awaking. Spiritually, you may find yourself on your knees, or in an armchair asking for guidance. And it is those times that God is there with you. He sees your pain, and suffering. He understands your truth. He wants to end your misery. But sometimes we just panic and continue to do the same thing, ignoring the signs and continuing to make noise and weep each week over the hardest things. Or we isolate ourselves by throwing our time into to work or alcohol or television, or some other form of avoidance. God is calling you to stop avoiding what happened to you. You are being called to the principal's office, but it's not for the worst of what you did. It is for the ultimate sacrifice that you have given. And it is to make you a hero in your own life.

When you start to heal... you see the Light. The colors of the walls are not as faded. You don't sleep though the day, and the back of your head is not always in the pillow. You can always try again, and sometimes you can't. But in your Spiritual life, God is called the Reconciler of Justice. And He will give you back the happiness, the way you wanted it. In this life, or even after, but you need to see the next step in the process. And that is to help you. You are not the weakest link. You do your best. And you try to be the best you, and find the answer that God is leading you to do. You may find clue in the way people blurt out options. Or perhaps you are sent a better friend than the one that you had before. Or a sign from Heaven. Many options will be present, and you can choose the better path knowing that you were not alone in your pain. God, Spirit, Angels and Guides, have all suffered with you. And they will end your life when God is ready. So, keep up the good work, and see the Light. That is the way out of your dark journey and into the better and happier times. Awaken to your Spirit that is waiting to soar. Write the happy ending your life deserves and ask for the help you need from Heaven.

They are always available to you and forever on your side.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author of Miles Away. She can be reached for Readings by appointment only at

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