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Trusting the Intuition that God Gave You

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Trust. I found myself wondering if becoming a Medium was my destiny early on. Back in the mid 70's, I practically had given my dad my very first reading, by telling him the Howard Johnson's was better place to go than the Holiday Inn.

It was a long day after sightseeing with my dad and brother near Mystic, Connecticut, and it cold out too. I was about 9 years old, Miles was 8. We sat in the car, where it was warmer, and patiently waited for my dad to return from the hotel to get a room. He came back into the car, and said that it looks like we need to check another hotel, that one is full. And so were the next two. I looked over at the bright lights and turquoise and orange sign of Howard Johnson's and thought for a moment. I heard in my mind, 'The Howard Johnson's has a couple rooms.' Then I repeated from the backseat and I told my dad to try the Howard Johnson's. He said, "Nah, They are always so popular I don't think there will be anything left there if the others are booked solid " And I said, "I think they have rooms. You should try them." And then I watched him go over to two more places before trying the HoJo's. From there he returned to the car with a smile and with room keys. "See!", I said delighted. He was actually, half laughing and really not sure why I was so sure. "How did you know?" And I repeated from my mind again, "I just knew that they did... and I was right wasn't I Dad?! Wasn't I right? I was. Dad, dad, was I right, was I right?" I think this surprised him. "Yes, Anne." he said as he moved the car to the right parking lot. I smiled from the backseat. And no one suspected that a little birdie told me - what I would later say was clearly from Spirit. The three of us unpacked the car and slept well under the traditional orange roof of Howard Johnson's that night.

Maybe it was coincidence? Or was it the idea of having breakfast or orange sherbet at Howard Johnson's? Not really. I knew it. Just like you know when you find the car keys in the door or the light on in the kitchen- because you remember it. But different - because your thoughts are telling you conversationally that there are rooms available despite the odds and not knowing from remembrance. Trust yourself to listen internally, because in deep reaches of your mind, you may not be communicating with just yourself.

In the morning we all had pancakes and told ourselves how lucky we are to have found a great place to stay.

"Tuition is what we pay for our higher education. Intuition is what we pay attention to internally for a higher purpose." - Edward St. John, my Grandfather (deceased)

I learned to trust myself at an early age. In fact, it wasn't just myself, it was I have found that if we don't trust ourselves, we tend to pay the price for not listening. Just think if you will of all the times that you tried to get the right answer on a test. It's the same. We trust our first answer. But then, sometimes we read it over and second guess ourselves. What happens when we second guess ourselves? We are usually wrong. Always trust your first instinct. I trained myself to listen internally. And I was lucky that I did.

Once I sat at the traffic light at 10pm-ish on New Years Eve. My (now ex) husband and I, had an argument and I decided to make the 2 hour trip back home leaving him alone in a St. Augustine hotel room. I needed to leave, and I felt it. So, I found my quick escape, and got into my car and started home. Annoyed. Disappointed, And wow, I am leaving so early I might make it back to Melbourne before midnight, and ------ wait. I am at a red light, waiting for the green to turn left onto the I95 ramp to head home and I hear - "wait". Softly spoken to me from within, I hear the words, "wait, that car over there" and I look up to see the car coming from the opposite lane towards me, " it may not stop on the red light." Just then I see my light turn green and I want to turn left on to I-95. I'm ready to leave and start driving the long trip home. But I listened. I waited to make sure. ... And I watched the oncoming car... run the red light. The car had not even slowed down. Had I moved two car lengths, it would have caved in my passenger seat. But I was alive and unharmed. I continued home knowing that someone Upstairs loved me enough to see me through to the New Year. Thank Heavens. Thank God.

When the Universe hands you roses, be happy to know that the thorns are already cut off. Had I not trusted what I felt within, I would have never respected that still small voice from within. I may not even be here today! But I have listened within. I wouldn't trust a gut instinct if you feeling anxiety, pain, or loneliness. I would clear the negativity out of the way and focus myself in peace before making any huge life changing decisions. When it comes to the small things like waiting at a red light or just trying to find an overnight stay, then to be patient and have confidence in what you would normally pass up if you feel personally drawn to it.

Do what you feel is right to do from your inner core of understanding. Intuition begins with trusting from within. And ultimately, that inner knowing comes from God. Intuition is more about having faith, than you may realize. And having faith in what God has in store for you is what life is all about.

P.S. I know that you realize that intuition is about faith in yourself, did you realize it came from God, too?

Author: Anne St. John is a Catholic Psychic Medium that lives in North Florida. She is currently available through her website at

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