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The Void

There is a place between Heaven and Earth. It's called the Void. I know from my own experience, I also know from listening to Joe Dispenza and what he describes and names it - the Void. I found it when I had a Near Death Experience (NDE) and it was in a recent reading that I had where a Soul was taken after a particularly terrifying death. So far, this is what I know.

In my own experience, I was in my early 30's. I was in an abusive relationship. And the man that was with me at that time, became very intoxicated and enraged one night. He was always an abusive person, but I chose to see the light in him, and to try and help him out of his anger and controlling behavior. It was not long after we had met that he was still mad at the way he was treated by women that he took his anger out on me.

He treated me with a lot of disrespect. He continued to blame me. He tried to make me feel as if I was damaged, and that I did not know how be a couple. But I did. I had relationships in the past that felt safe. His was not one of them. Again, I chose to be there. And I did try to help him.

He wanted to control me. He was not getting his way. And the result was that he found a bottle and drank an exorbitant amount of whiskey and told me to do what he wanted. I had to get to bed so that I could work in the morning. I had to commute to New York and the hours that it took to get back and forth left little time for cooking and cleaning. In an instant, he was enraged. I looked at him and knew that I was in danger. But I continued to play the innocent, and I tried to simply take the dogs for a walk. He ended up breaking a window, and shouting at me to see if I was trying to run. But I again, came inside and started to get ready for bed. And then it happened.

He took my life. I was pushed down and knocked to the floor and he landed on top of me. I tried to fight him off, but he was too strong, and I was too tired. He placed his hand over my month and under my nose to block any air flow. I was unable to breathe. And I tried to signal with my eyes or hit the floor with my hand but there was no way to escape. He was in control.

In another instant, I was losing consciousness, and I tried to say the Lord's Prayer in my mind. Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be... and I was no longer in that place anymore. I was not in the room with him or trying to fight back. I was somewhere different and new. And the entire scene was gone. Gone from the experience that I was having and even gone from my memory.

I was standing. That I knew. I was fine. But I could not see anything. I felt the space around me, but could not see how far it was or where it was, because the entire place was just black blank space. Nothingness. No harm, No beauty. No horror. No pain, and no memories of who I was or what I was just doing. I tried to think of it all, and get my bearings, but I could not remember. I was thinking it all, I was aware of my body that was not visible ( I did try to see my hand in front of my face as I commented to myself that I could not even see through the darkness to see it, and tried to as I waved it in front of me.) and I simply wondered where everybody went. Which seemed odd to me, since I had no memory of who or what I was thinking of before I arrived there. Like it had all just become erased. And now I was looking at an infinite chalkboard of nothingness.

I was fine. And I became curious. I wondered where God was and then it all began. I felt the LOVE, the PEACE, the BLISS of God's LOVE wash over me like a wave of unconditional acceptance. It was amazing to feel the sense of love that no one can describe but just feel. It was bliss times 1000! And I knew that came from God. Then the lights came from the top left side. One color after another, they each washed over me. As soon as one was gone, another came and then another. The colors changed, blue, green, magenta, and then another color I was not aware existed, ( I remember thinking the color is like magenta and another but different) And another color washed over me again but now it seemed like they were reversing... I was not sure. Then I felt the stopping of it and a pull to my left side and it was over, I was back in my body.

I felt the heaviness of my body first, then the feeling of being resuscitated, I felt the fear as I began to remember what happened. At first I struggled to get up, but as he started to panic and began to smother me once more, he stopped when I stopped moving and let go. He went out of the room and then passed out. I sat on the couch and I remembered the entire experience. The Void, the bliss and the lights. I remembered I’m coming back into my body and I cried. Not because I was back but because it was such a close call. I had a black eye that must have occurred while I was out. And I did choose to stay with him until I was strong enough to leave.

During my last reading, a Soul came through for the family. She had a similar experience with the Void. She was in an argument and in an instant she was in the calm nothingness of the Void. She said she saw the lights come for her as in my story and instead of being brought back she saw two white flashes of light before entering a garden. A small garden with a bench where she saw the Lord waiting to humbly greet her. He sat down on the bench with her and explained to her that she had been murdered by someone she knew and that her life on Earth was now finished. He was kind and forgiving. And He wanted to break the news of her murder to her personally because He was aware of all her trauma and her best days and even her worst.

My experience has shown me that I was on the brink of this soul’s last day. And from what she told us in the reading, I thanked her for telling me that I was not wrong for choosing to take care of people but also to be cautious of who I choose to take care of. So many of us regret going through hard times that we did not have to endure- had we only made a different choice. So many choices could end up differently had we just known to choose the best for ourselves and be at peace instead of hard living for the sake of others. We could believe in our own voice better if we learn to trust our own feelings and better steadier courses of action. Looking back, if it doesn’t bring you peace each day in your heart, or you are sacrificing yourself, and protecting yourself from violence, then you deserve to be alert for the way out of the relationship, no matter if that person is family or not.

The Void is there to protect us. It is a holding place for the scenes to play out on Earth while our souls to become centered and relaxed after a horrific experience and before we are brought into Peace, or as in my case, retuned to an earthly life. There may be more, but sadly I don’t know all of its purpose. But I do remember it personally. It was a calm place. It was non-judgemental. It was nothing. And it was everything ready to restart. And I am thankful for being within it. I was one of the lucky ones. My attacker knew how to rescue me when he recognized I had died. And when I finally left him, I was strong enough to never look back. I was happy again and I learned from what I had endured.

Because of what had happened, I know what love is, and what is false. I know that God gives us new Life. And He gives us love without conditions attached. I look back on the Void and know that He set a time for me to see that I was still in His care. And had I come Home that day, I would have been at Peace.

Anne St. John is an author and psychic medium that can be reached for appointments at

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