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The High Priestess

Hello, my name is Anne, nice to meet you. I am a Medium. A Psychic Medium. I speak to people that passed on. Every day. Pretty much from the time that I wake up in the morning to the time I fall asleep, unless someone or something physically here has my complete attention. I quietly, and silently think back and forth in conversation to my guides, my friends and sometimes someone completely unknown to me who all are in Spirit. And I trust them. I trust them to tell me the truth. So, if I run on and on about my friends in Spirit, then forgive me, they are just as important to me as you are, my friend.

But I wanted to get somethings about me out there. Since so many people don't understand people like me. Here are some little known facts about me and how I think:

  1. I am very optimistic. I know that it may shock you, since I deal with the dead for a living, but think about it... They taught me to think of life differently. I see things from a different point of view. I don't watch the news and I don't discuss politics. My lens on world affairs is very indifferent, unless someone gets hurt, or you lose a family member. But tragic things happen and it is to make us stronger, or to help others in their lifetime. It is all connected. All of it. Love, death, tragedy, victory, irony, and peace. I think the end result of all this has got to be peace.

  2. Everything has balance. Everything has harmony. So, I expect that if my life - or your life for that matter. If it is not going off as good as you would like, then you are owed a break somewhere. Maybe that break is a new job, home, spouse, child or life. Maybe that break comes this week, or next year. But I believe that you will get that break somewhere, and if you don't find it in this life, then the next one in Heaven will have your back. I have a best friend in Spirit that I know has mine. I figure that love is there for a reason.

  3. I know that some people have taken others that have lost for granted, or harmed them, and I wish that I could help. But there is a way to help, and that is to be asked. I have the ethics of the attorney that my Grandfather was, now passed on, and I don't ambulance chase. I can't run up to you and start a reading unless you really want it. That is just unfair to blindside someone and start an impromptu reading unless they really agree. So, you have to ask, book, schedule, etc. And when I read, I ready... I ask Spirit to do the reading. I try not to offer my two cents unless Spirit tells me to, or the client asks me to. So, each card I pull in a Tarot Reading, is done with the intent that Spirit, is using that card to tell the story. Even if it is a Medium Reading, Spirit is infusing each word that I say to make sure that the right thing is said the right way. I have very little to add, other than it was nice to meet you. By the way, I still cost less than an attorney for an hour of my time.

  4. By Spirit, I mean, those souls that are in the Light, God's Light, His good graces, or whoever you call GOD - that atmosphere has the cover of each soul that I speak to. And Keep IT SIMPLE - I bet you have a few names for people that are too Metaphysical or TOO Not Your Religion. But whatever you feel, know that God is taking care of each of us. No matter how often you pray, or how often you release that your religion is best. Even for a Catholic like me, it feels awkward to go to a church with people that think I am reading from some Dark Side that might devour their children in some evil form of Darth Vader. Trust me, I talk to the dead, they are living too, and they are not spooky. Unless your dead father-in-law was spooky to begin with, other than that, I think we are pretty safe.

  5. I have found that I really like reading Tarot Cards. In fact, I collect them. I like the imagery and the story that unfolds with them. It is also helpful for me to show something to the client that is physical, since they need to wrap their minds around the concepts that Spirit is telling them. Now, I have caught flack for this from people and from some people in Spirit too. My grandmother hated that I used them, and so did my dad. Both now past on. But wait - when I can show that they reason that they are used to help someone is for the right reason, I have them on my side now. Because on their side of the Veil, people care. And they want the family to see it from a good perspective. Tarot is not evil. It is neutral. And it is the way that the cards are read that gives the right meaning to them. Just remember that if I pick the card it is random, but if I have Spirit guide me to pick the card, then it is not.

  6. Closure Heals. Or at least it begins the process. Hearing from a loved one in Heaven is a huge help to getting answers or at least the small things that you needed to hear to get the ball rolling on your healing. I have used a Medium in the past. I have studied it myself to help not only me naturally, but others that are in need. It is not a sin. If you think Mediumship is a sin, then you should not communicate at all. Stop all prayer, all thinking and all wondering. Become in-human. Because being a Medium, it is simply being over in tune to the subconscious and the thoughts that are not your own, coming in to view. Some people are stronger than others in resisting it. I am not one of those people. So, in my opinion, I feel that it helps, when a person is open to it and ready to hear. Eventually, the tears stop, and the love has a place to flood in. That is the power of love and life we have from Heaven.

  7. I am the High Priestess in the 3 card reading pictured above. I have that ability to be in tune with the world that is in Heaven. Heaven connects to me in many ways. And I am seldom aware how much some days. But I know when I am being thought of, and when I am being hurt, or when I am being congratulated. Think of all the ones that you know in this game of life, and then count your blessings that you know about 10 times the amount of people in Heaven - all trying to make you the best you possible. And you see that 2 of Cups? That is me and my friend, David Cassidy, who is still - yes - still helping me! And I see him as the bunny on the right side, giving me the guidance that I was looking for all this time. Two separate bunnies on opposite sides, with each in its own cup waiting to assist each other. That is the way I see it. And the last card, well, that girl has to sleep with a sword. About time she gets rest after a long battle, and she still remembers to be at peace. I can see my life heading in that direction. My closest friends know that my life could change on a dime, and that girl will wake up and take the sword with her. I know that it will come to pass. That is me, too.

In my opinion, tough girls ask for help. I did. I do each day from Heaven and those in the Light. Tough girl, or tough guy - you can still ask for help on your own. I can help you if you need it.

Follow my work. Follow my blog. And keep in touch. I am here if you need me. Spirit is there for you, too.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium who is available to be booked for readings at

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