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The Butterfly Journey

Why is the butterfly linked to people in Heaven? Why does it show up as a symbol or a sign that your loved one is near? Here is the Soul's story of a butterfly's journey.

Look at the symbols that Spirit gives you to see that a Soul is thinking of you, or that your loved one is near. The butterfly is the one that makes us feel safe and is completely full of beauty and light. A butterfly begins in a form of a small inchworm. It looks tiny and is full of energy, enough to climb to a space that it can form a cocoon around itself. Spinning silky yarn around itself to protect it, and then the miracle begins to take shape. It starts to change its form. The tiny change begins within and it works its way out of the cocoon, and pushes against itself and the layers of the capsule that it is under. When it finally breaks free, it is a beautiful form of nature, with wings that fly to the flowers and through the sunshine.

It is the perfect symbol of Spirit.

The Souls are very fond of using a butterfly as a symbol of themselves. Why? Because it is what our Human experience details and concludes with the rebirthing of the soul! You see how we are born into this world. We are encased in our body that grows to adulthood. During the time in this form, we are challenged by the hardships of life. We are strengthened by the emotional and physical battles to learn and stay alive. Each life challenge, great or small, is needed to preserve our integrity, to discover our true nature, to learn to deal with adversity and to make our way into a better beings. If we did not have all the life lessons that we go through, if it was too easy, if it did not challenge us, then we would not become the strongest version of ourselves. And it would not matter. But here, we struggle, we fight through the tears, we make our way, and someday we lose that cocoon of a body. The result is a beautiful creature of light and love, and now has the beautiful Heavenly wings to fly.

Just like a butterfly, if you were to help it and cut it out of its cocoon, it would not survive. It needs the struggle to strengthen itself to evolve into the beauty of the butterfly. As it is with people. They need the adversity and the struggle to learn the way. The problems, the horror stories, the bad relationships and the deaths of our loved ones,.. all the things that you feel are so hard, and so painful, are actually giving you the evolution of your soul.

And one day you will fly too!

Spirit is always sending symbols that they like to show that they are around. Perhaps you have a loved one passed on that struggled so much and needed those wings. Are they sending you butterflies to remind you that they are still here with you too? Notice when you see them, and think of your family and friends that have passed. Who is the butterfly in your family?

It may even someday be you.

Anne St. John is an Author and a Psychic Medium that is available by appointment only at You can reach her all over the world for Medium and special Intuitive Tarot readings through phone, zoom, and Facetime.

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