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The Bat in the Window

A true story. I had woken up today with knowing this was the right time to tell it. And the insight it gave me, throughout my life, is significant. Here is how it happened.

My Aunt Anita, who lived and worked in Manhattan, had just purchased ten acres in the New York State countryside. And a house that would be our retreat with her for years to come. I was nine, and along with my brother Miles, and my cousins, Tina, Bob and Joseph, we climbed into the car in Westfield, New Jersey and readied ourselves for a long three and a half hour drive into the country. It takes us longer than usual, because we had to stop for groceries, before continuing our ride into Ghent and out to Angel Hill Road where her new home was located.

We arrived and helped with the groceries, taking them up the steps to the house in the dark, and then our bags and suitcases for the weekend overnight trip. Aunt Anita told us that in the morning we could go hiking or fishing at the stream, and she had plans for the time away with preparing the house for the fall and winter, and getting some rest in her house. Tina and I were given the first bedroom at the top of the stairs. And Miles and Bob were given the middle bedroom next to us. We were all very tired, and Aunt Anita reminded us that she did not want to be woken up at dawn, and that we should get plenty of rest, since we had all day to play outdoors tomorrow. We were again reminded that this is the country, and that there were plenty of wild animals, deer, bears, snakes, etc, out in the woods. And that we should stick close to the roads, and not trespass on anyone's property.

As Tina and prepared for bed, with the boys next door, Aunt Anita said that we could sleep in, But if we were to be awake early, we could sometimes look out the two windows in this room to see deer in the backyard, and sometimes bats that would be flying back to their homes in the early daylight. That was exciting to maybe see a deer, but we girls did not want to see any bats! So we each took a single bed that was against the two side walls, with only enough room for a night table between us, and we finally went to sleep.

As I began to wake up, I remembered what Aunt Anita said about seeing deer at first light, so I slipped out of bed and looked out the window between Tina, who was fast asleep, and me, to see the dawn breaking and no deer. But I did see a bunch of what first looked like black birds, but then realized that they were bats, flying back into the mountains. And I thought, good! I don't like bats. I never really saw one in person, but I knew that they were scary. And then I turned to the other window to see if there was anything else to see... and it was there. A bat hanging with wings out, right side up and hanging there, on the side window, looking in at me and my cousin who was still sleeping. I stopped frozen in fear for a moment. It was bizarre that he hung there looking at us and I stuttered. Tina - Tina - TTINA! Tina look! And afraid to take my eyes off it, I slowly backed up to her bed and tried to wake her. And still, she slept. Tina! Wake UP! I finally turned to shake her awake. And she did, sleepy and tired, but I told her LOOK! And she looked over my shoulder - "at what??" The bat had disappeared.

She was sure after all the hype that I was making up the whole story, but I swore that I saw it. And she looked for the deer, and there wasn't any either. She said that a bat attaching itself to the window was nonsense, and that I must have had a bad dream. But I know it was real. And no one really believed me. I knew that I was right, but getting anyone else to know it, that was just too far fetched for them to understand without seeing it for themselves. Too good to be true. Too far fetched. Not seeing is not believing. And yet here I am, a woman that can speak to Spirits. It is a lesson in my hour glass of time on this earth, that I know that not everyone will believe it. But as I do know that I experience it, that I can rely on it. I take it seriously, that I can work with families and people that have a love for a friend or a family member, and cannot reach out on their own to find them in Spirit. I can do many things that I don't even understand completely myself, but I know that it is correct. I know that the people that are asking for the reading, are validating the information. I also know that I cannot look up information - why would anyone try if Spirit was going to give it to you anyway - to give out to the people waiting to hear from them. It is not my job to get the information, it is my job to repeat what I am seeing in my mind and hearing in my thoughts. Spirit, as crazy as it may sound, have the ability to ask me to transfer that information physically to the person that is waiting to hear it. And I simply just tell what I see and what I hear.

Just like the bat, hanging on to the bedroom window, you may think it is crazy, too abnormal, or not even likely, but I swear it is true. It is real. I can tell you what I see, but can you believe it even if you cannot see it for yourself? Faith in others, in your friends, and in yourself, is what Heaven it getting at. Why does such a thing to give information that may not be taken seriously by everyone become so important? Because it benefits the people that are willing to give their faith and time, that they believe that I am honestly telling them what I am getting from their loved ones. It is real. I saw it. I heard it. I promise, that just because you did not, does not mean that I haven't. It is the story of the bat in the window, and now it is the story of my life, being a Medium, a Psychic, and being one of those people that is integrity bound to tell you the truth.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, and Author. She can be reached for readings in person near Orlando Florida, and everywhere else by phone Zoom, and Facetime at

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