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RunDisney - What Happens When You DON'T Get What You Want

I started out this day very simply with one goal in mind. And that was to register for the Princess Marathon Race weekend at Walt Disney World taking place in February of next year. The day that Disney opens up registration is the only day to register. Most races sell out within an hour. And it is the first race - to register - that you don't want to lose. And guess what, with a prayer and two browsers open at 9:45 with a 10am start time - I lost. What happens to me is typical but there is a good deal to learn so read on my dear Disney fan.

Here's how it happened. As you enter the corral before 10am to register, the system has you wait until 10 to randomly give you a place in line with all the other racers waiting to move forward. My two browsers gave me original times to wait for my turn from 47 min and the other was over 1 hour. So think how excited I was to see that the times were moving faster than they anticipated! Soon I would have three 10K spots reserved for myself, my daughter who is just 15 now, and my friend who is a huge Disney fan! It would be our first ever race and we are all up for the challenge and the fun! So, as I wait, I see that my turn is ready at 10:32am! And I hurried to place our information in, Name, address, birthdates, shirt sizes - and then after all the personal info and the credit card in place, only 4 min later I hit the pay now button - and Whoa - wait a minute - It says sorry we just sold out. So, disappointed but not ready to give up I see that the 5K is still open! I quickly place our information in and hit the pay now button and it says... Please use a different form of payment... but how can this be since the 5K is cheaper than the 10K.. I check my bank online and Disney had placed a hold of $438 for my original 10K price that I was closed out of. Noooooo! They can't just hold money for something that I did not get! I called Run Disney guest service. And I did that twice (meanwhile the clock is ticking) and then I see that they release the funds... so I quickly hit pay now for the 5K and it says: Sorry we just sold out. The Half Marathon was still open but to be honest, I did not have that much for the three of us in the one account, and I was not really sure that each of us could do 13.1 miles. It would be a lot for first timers. I tried to fix it with tech support and guest services but they just told me in a very long and general email that it happens and sorry but better luck next time. Then I cried.

It happens. We all get very disappointed over what to some people is a small thing. But to us it may be a lot more than just a Disney Race. To me, it was not just fun out with my friend and my daughter, it was really a huge deal for me to have my daughter with me and to be a team together. To her it was a time to get dressed up in a cosplay fun Alice in Wonderland themed team with me, her mom, and to have more fun than ever at Disney. It was a huge deal to each of us but especially to me who never wants to disappoint or miss a chance to be a team with my 15 year old. These are important days in her teenage years and I need to be there in a positive way as much as possible. So, the pressure was on, and when we lost out on both races because of time and money, well, you can imagine my disappointment. It was a lot more to me than just another Disney race.

Realistically, I know that I can try again for the Springtime Challenge or the next Princess Race in 2024. But if I failed this time, will it happen again, and will I have to experience the same hard facts that not everybody gets what they want when they want it again? I can only suppose it is a lesson in try try again.... stop. It cannot be that hard to listen to and to take in. But in my view as a Medium, I get to listen to people in Spirit and they had a few things to say about this, and every disappointing Clark Griswold Christmas Vacation meltdown moment that we have. So here is what was said:

"I would not place too much emphasis on the hardship of this. The issue is not the race. The issue is the time. You wanted to have time with your daughter. And you wanted to have her and you become a team. That is the issue. Always look at the bright side. Maybe the reason is that you need her and she needs you. Always see the good in each deed that the Father has given you. A daughter is a fine reason to want to be a mother, but a mother knows that teaching disappointment is not the best way to go. Teach happiness. Use the way that you know how to make this a simple change of plans. If not this time, then the next, and just wait until it happens." {Paraphrasing now} God does not appoint us to the HIGH PLACE and allow us to be in your life for no reason. He gives us the hard days to show us that the reason that we are alive is to overcome obstacles and see how we trust that He is always in control. Why would you lose a race to the registration? Because there are more things that will fit into your life better than the race at this time. More races to be won, and more determination to be had. "Just wait until next year" shouts the kid at the ending of the Bad News Bears. (That was in there because of my dad who reminded me that we saw that movie and it was the ending that was always going to be the best thing you could see.) Crying through the tough part and laughing through the next, you realize that God always has a reason. Have you thought of us having fun at the next time more than we would have because we realize how special the one that we do go to will be? It is inevitable as long as you don't give up. And as for my daughter, to try to tell her that the next time we will win, and don't let it get you down. Hard times in life are always going to happen. This could teach her not to give up on her dreams in the future.

Looking at this from a Higher Point of view gives us the attitude that it was a great idea, and it would have made a good time for all and a lot of sense, but the future, as long as we stay the course and do not give up, will show Emma that we do not give up. We stand up and try again. And when all hope is lost, we still will become better than before. We take the High Ground. We look at this as the best way to teach a young girl that we can get up, dust off and try again, and next time, it will be better than ever. Eventually, in Heaven you will see that God the Father would help you see that He is in control, to begin over again and not give up on what really is the issue and what really matters is the change that makes you become the best version of yourself.

What happens when you don't get what you want? ....You get better.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author who is available for Mediumship and Intuitive Tarot Readings by virtual appointment only through

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