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Release Your Inner Mermaid đŸ§œâ€â™€ïž ...We Are Unboxing The Oceanic Tarot!

Are you a Soul Siren, drawn to the sea, sunsets and beautiful sandy beaches? Now is your time, your inner mermaid awaits reawakening! Maybe you never lost her, or you have come to realize that she is waiting, begging you to return to the Ocean. She is the wild, the fun and the sensual. She is the Goddess of you. Now is your time, a time to bring her forth. And be seen.

I have a sign that reads: Beach Rules

And I believe in each of them.

If you are a Siren of the Water, I believe you will agree.

***Here are 5 Rules to Release Your Inner Mermaid***

Come Out of Your Shell

Be free to tell your story. Your dreams are to be expressed and revealed to all those that will listen! Thrive in the Summer heat and shimmer on the sandy beaches! You are the ultimate beach girl that needs the water, the tides and the shells to give you direction. Cool evening breezes are yours in the moonlit waters, so come out of your shell and express your pearls of wisdom! And don't forget to sing out in harmony to all the sailors that are caught drifting towards your siren song.

Avoid Pier Pressure

Vulnerable to pressure is not a Mermaid Tale. You swim with your sisterhood, and you take no prisoners. Respecting yourself makes it all worth while as you drift through the ocean with your own sense of style. Someday you will find yourself with the Merman of your dreams, and that soul awaits you as you discover who you truly are as a Soul. Become the person that you fought so hard to be - naturally talented at becoming only YOU! `

Be Shore of Yourself

There is no one like you. Your unique Inner Mermaid shows through in every detail of your life. Be proud of what you accomplished and become what you have learned. Just as the water is soft against your skin, you remember that it can be overwhelming and heavy, and yet you can glide through any storm at sea. You achieve each fathom in your journey to see the brightest sunset, and the iridescence of your world from every mile that you accomplished. In every bountiful love affair, in each day that you have gratitude, you have earned the right to be on your side. Be soulfully aware that you are always enough.

Don't Get Tide Down

Only a love. that will see you as whole and beautiful, Mermaid, is the love that will last for you. Perfect in your imperfections, and not to be judged by the swift movement of your tale, and the longing looks for more passion. You are valued by all you touch. And to be perfectly honest, you are the hero of your story. Your Siren Song will entice your lover's heart forever if he values your independence, and your intuition. His love will forward you into a swim for two, if you feel his passion will outlast the test of time. So breathe in deeply and let the weaker ones go. Feel the depth of love between you and your Merman, and let it always lift you up, rather than weigh you down.

Go Ahead and Make Waves

The ebb and flow in your life is like the tides of the water. Being drawn in, you see the life that you have, and the waiting for the new and beautiful sunrises and sunsets that cascade color throughout the waters. You are a beach girl. A siren of the sea. A true Mermaid. Alive and aware that you are powerful. Your life has meaning. And God is watching over you, beautiful. Many new adventures will come as you take time for you and discover what awaits. New footprints in the sand. New challenges to discover. And yours is the path of soothing waters and the ocean's tides ... always.

- Anne St. John

Discover the Secret Wisdom of the Sea

Unboxing the Oceanic Tarot was a true gift. As I have been looking for a truly beautiful Mermaid Tarot to share with my clients. This particular one caught my interest and I was immediately intrigued by the fascinating colors and the down to earth advice. You may be on a Spiritual Path, a rebirth of the awakening of you... and finding yourself, surrounded by beauty, sisterhood, unity, insight and purpose. It all awaits you. Choosing the path, answering the questions, this Beautiful Oceanic Tarot tells your story as you are in your Spirit. The Mermaids and Mermen are reaching out in their wisdom, and the offerings of the ocean and the creatures of the sea are ready to guide you into your new life. I am excited to see the swords, chalices, coins and wands of the Underwater Kingdom come to life. You will be too, young sea siren! What this tarot brings to you will be guided through the Light and the Life, giving you Soul Advice for your future.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and author of Miles Away, The Channeled Notes of my Brother's Suicide and his Journey into Heaven . Mediumship and Psychic Tarot Readings are available through phone, FaceTime and Zoom. Allow Spirit to guide you to the right reading and Request the Oceanic Tarot to bring your Mermaid Life to fruition!

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