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Question answered about Charging for a Reading

“Why do people charge for this service, when it is a unique gift and it should be free if the person is genuine? I lost my soulmate…”

I just answered a question from my inbox this morning. It was a good question and one that I think many want to say, but don’t. And I want to share the answer with our readers, so I changed the name and not the question. I hope this helps to understand why I can’t give free readings or take extra time for free when booked for a service.

Here was my answer…

Dear ”Reader”,

First, I am so very sorry for your loss. The grief that you have been feeling for someone you love so dearly must be just immeasurable.

I know that this may be difficult to understand now, but from my understanding of this ability to speak to those past on, it is important for me to reach out to others that need this assistance to help them find some closure and a deeper understanding of life everlasting.

I grappled with the same issue of charging money when I started out back in 2011. But I was guided to work as a Medium and psychic because it helps people and it helps me too. My time is spent in prayer and meditation and other things regarding this business that I am not paid to do. When my time is requested for a reading, it is important to me, to Spirit and to my family that I receive some compensation for the time spent in receiving the messages and passing them to the client. My time is not overly expensive. I charge less per hour than most attorneys. …And I have better news most of the time.

Just understand that everyone grieves differently, as some may need a Medium, others may need counseling and some may need to travel to get a fresh perspective. Your family and friends are there for you free of charge to help you through this time by listening and being supportive. Going to others for outside help is sometimes necessary, but for use of their time or resources, no matter what gift they have, out of fairness, should be compensated.

I hope it helps to understand that if even those that are genuinely speaking to Heaven have to be able to pay their bills too, or they would have to ignore the gift and be employed elsewhere. Returning to work at a regular job can be difficult with so many in Heaven wanting to speak with loved ones too, but without full support from clients or loved ones, it happens more often than not.

Please be supportive of Mediums that are trying to do the best they can for clients by giving them the time and money needed to continue with this type of work. We need your prayers and love too.

Anne St. John

A huge thank you to all my clients and their loved ones in Spirit. Each I count as a blessing every day. - Anne

Anne St. John is an author, psychic and medium that can be booked by appointment only at

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