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Protecting Yourself and Others Around You

Thoughts are things. I remember my mom saying this phrase a lot when my brother Miles and I were in high school. It came up again recently while listening to James Van Praagh talking about psychic protection. And I understood this concept as a teenager is this way: Whatever we think of, or pray for, over and over - we will see manifest here on earth.

The idea was simple. A short story went with this concept. Once a man had a very sick daughter. He was so distraught that he would go around telling all his friends and family the story of his daughter's illness and always ended it with "I would give my right arm to see her well again." Years passed and the father kept telling the story the same way. And one day, he met with a tragic accident that took his right arm clean off. And instantly, his daughter was healed. It was a fantastic story, ... perhaps false, or maybe it actually happened, but the point remained, thoughts are things.

What you think about each day manifests into your life. It is not just about having goals. We can have a five year plan and try to achieve it. But if we continue to undermine our goals, or procrastinate while thinking it impossible, or only achievable with serious negative underpinnings, the Heavens will accommodate us with what we want. Including failure. #LawofAttraction

Think of how a race car driver is taught to drive high speeds on a racetrack. Once behind the wheel, the driver has to focus on the exact point of where that car needs to be next so that the steering is perfect. If that driver were to get distracted and focus on the side wall, then they risk heading straight for disaster. The driver's precise focused thought will point the car exactly where it needs to go next. It is a pretty good illustrative argument as to why we need to stay out of a fear-based negative state of mind and into positive and mindful one.

Here is where it can become very tricky. It is not all about just trying to keep a happy thought in your mind. It is about excluding yourself from the groups that you are not a part of, or would want to be a part of - the worst case scenarios. You wouldn't want to say that you can 'see that happening to yourself' - if it was a terribly negative. The point is that you are not in the group. For example, as I was listening meditatively to Spirit in the past week, I began to understand this: I was not given the right to have the flu or any pandemic virus as I have seen others in the world fall victim to it. It is not that I am too good or that I am not human. It is that my soul is not in the group that allows itself to be given this disease. Dis-ease, or discomfort as it is, can be chosen on a soul level for many reasons. It can be to provide information regarding emotional problems needing to be solved, or perhaps a a trigger for life work to be started or even used for awareness to others for the greater good. Choosing on a deeply or a soul level and meditatively, not to choose to risk a rare illness, would allow you to get the help from Spirit that could send you to the coffee shop further away, than the one that is familiar - just to avoid any risk of contact. Sounds pretty wild? Again, it is the Law of Attraction.

Think of something that you keep getting over and over. It may be a good grade on a paper, or a traffic ticket. You arrange this as a soul. You. Your soul. And your guides are listing you as in the group that gets this, or does not. So, you choose. You always choose. Now I won't tell you what to choose. You may find that you choose to become a straight A student, or maybe you choose to get a DUI, be aware you made the choice in your mind far before it happened here in this time, on this earth. And there are reasons why you chose this. Ask yourself the next time you have something happen unexpectedly - Why did this happen you? Did you somehow wisely plan it into your life to get something you needed? Or perhaps did you choose it as a cry for help to those around you?

Ultimately, do not give in to fear. Fear-based decisions and panic help you focus on the wrong outcome. You will end up hitting the side wall. But if you do find yourself in a terrible situation, remember that you may have lost an arm instead of a daughter. You can protect yourself further by focusing on your own efforts to make the world a better place. Remind yourself that the world is a better place with you in it. And regard the seriousness of our lifetimes. We are the children of the earth. We are not alone in the Universe, and we are willing to be the best we can under every circumstance. So, instead of panic, regard this as a time to use to become more acquainted with yourself and forgive others for not learning to be with you and your family mentally when times are tough. Protecting yourself and others is more about the right to choose for yourself, your own path of mindfulness, and less about trying to keep a positive mind. And extend that kindness to know that love and peace is in every heart and leave the glass half full.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Life Coach who lives in St. Augustine Florida. You can find out more about her and read her blog at

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