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Our Paranormal Investigation: The St. Augustine Lighthouse

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Back in 2014, I took the St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Tour, and met with some great people and stories of the past, and some interesting experiences as I was alone in the upstairs of the Light Keepers House. I investigated as part of a large group and then alone. I wished I could have taken my daughter who was too young at the time for the late night outing. But to my surprise, when I took her back there the next morning to tell her what I learned, that was when we discovered paranormal activity while we were together, and it was during the day! It started out with her interest in going to learn about the ghost stories that I was told the night before. She was curious and happy. We decided to go together, and this is what we found...

St Augustine Lighthouse at night
The St. Augustine Lighthouse has long been thought to be haunted.

First, I have to tell you that my young daughter was very interested in stories of ghosts and she was just seven years old. She never had any fear, and neither did I. But this particular day was special, as I found out later that what happened to us, had happened to other visitors as well. The light house is known for shadow figures, sounds of the heavy bucket slamming, voices, the smell of cherry tobacco pipe smoke, And something that I had never heard of before this happened, footprints.

The inside of the St Augustine lighthouse
We decided to climb the stairs to the very top

My daughter, Emma and I decided to climb to the top that day. I was taking pictures of her, in black and white and in color as it was a great bright sunny day. As we climbed the staircase, I told her the stories of the light keepers, and how they would have to carry heavy buckets of oil to the very top to keep the lamp lit at night. This was part of a light keepers job. The buckets were heavy and he would have to move up the stairs many times a day, and night. As I told her the story, we saw a heavy bucket at one of the landings to show visitors what the weight was and the type of bucket that was carried. Emma was excited to see the view, and we climbed all the way up.

St Augustine lighthouse view
Reaching the top of the stairs, we went to the lookout area of the lighthouse.

Emma looked out over the island and the view of the water. She was getting a little scared of the height, so we decided to turn and walk down the narrow stairs at the top. I kept her close to me and towards the wall, as we began to descend the stairs. Then we made it to the first landing from the top. And we saw footprints. But not just any footprints, bare feet.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, paranormal footprints
The Paranormal Footprints began here.

Emma noticed them first. They started like this, as you see in the photo above, pointed outward. The first thing we thought of was that - who would climb in bare feet? No one, as we passed several visitors on the stairs and with the metal steps, it is almost necessary to have shoes on to climb. And I began to take pictures and video of the prints. Then I knelt down to touch them. They were not made of water, they did not smear. They did not fade when rubbed. And they definitely weren't there when we climbed up, - and we had been on the viewing area outside for only five minutes. So, how did they get there?

The footprints continued down two flights of landings. The prints looked like they could have been made of oil or water, but again, none of them smeared. And notice that they did not fade. Had they been made of someone physical, the water or oil would have faded as the steps continued. Some of the prints were closer together, and some when walking across the landing were father apart. Clearly, they were not made by an employee or a visitor.

They also start as standing and then the first step is a huge step forward. I have never seen anything like it. But as a Medium, somehow I just felt it was the lightkeeper that had died on the property. And it was fun to discover, as I feel that he made them for our viewing in particular. And with my daughter so curious and so cute, I think that it was his way to telling us that we were protected by him as we visited his lighthouse.

My daughter signed the Lighthouse visitors book that day.

When we arrived at the bottom floor, the prints had left us. And Emma signed the book, in the small room near the entrance of the Lighthouse.

Clearly, she was not afraid of the phenomenon, as we were in awe of what happened and she was still focused on peace, love and happiness, as you can see from her signature.

Girl at the St Augustine lighthouse
Emma's first paranormal investigation with me was pretty exciting!

We would like to thank the soul of the lighthouse keeper that showed us his footprints. Since that has happened we have spoked with the St. Augustine Lighthouse Ghost Tour leaders, who confirmed that the phenomenon has happened in the past. Emma and I have had other adventures at the lighthouse. When she was about twelve, she is not scared to volunteer to sit in a chair and feel a Spirit's touch on her hair (and she laughed at the grown man that jumped out of the seat next to her when he was touched on the shoulder by a Spirit). The St. Augustine Lighthouse has many secrets and stories. We highly recommend that you take the ghost tour and listen, observe and allow the night to unfold. You may encounter the same Spirits that we have. God bless them.

Anne St. John is an author and a Psychic Medium. She can be reached for appointments in person and virtually at

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