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Once a Fool

What is it about a man that does not get on the right path? Did you ever come across people that you just wanted to do better. Maybe you have met them in your life.

I am a Star Wars fan. I have been since the 70's when I was a kid. And this creative Universe has a lot to do with ours in many ways. If you are following the series, Ahsoka now streaming on Disney+, you will see the reference right away. If you are in the Dark, don't despair, you still have a chance to understand it all.

Anakin Skywalker in Heaven with Ahsoka Tan
Anakin Skywalker in the Afterlife

I was watching the last episode released Tuesday, and Anakin appeared in Force Ghost style. He welcomed Ahsoka Tano, who in the Clone Wars, he originally trained. She was having a near death experience. And he taught her originally to see the Light, but as the story goes, fell victim to the Dark Side, and became Darth Vader. Here at the Afterlife, he had returned to his true form, with everything that he had learned from his lifetime.

What happens next is amazing. Although, Anakin was able to release the Darkness from him right before he dies in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, he is shown here in the Afterlife, and tells Ahsoka that he is here to help her by finishing her training. He starts out by telling her that she can either live or she can die. It is her choice. She refuses to fight him, until she has no choice as he begins to battle her. She has to fight back, if she is to survive.

As they battle each other he brings her back to the days that he trained her when she was a child, and she sees that the good man he was is foreshadowed in evil, and she sees him change to Vader and back to himself. She's tired of fighting. And he tells her that if she doesn't fight, then she will die.

Anakin Skywalker teaches Patawan Ahsoka Tano
Anakin teaches Ahsoka to continue fighting

What have you seen in your life that made you stand up for yourself? What injustices that you have experienced have taught you to become better than you were before? Where are the villains in our lives? They can be the school teacher, the producer, the elementary school fight on the playground, the husband or wife that hated you. There are many people in the world that have been evil to you, and your loved ones. When is the battle over? When you fight them back.

Ahsoka returns to her grown up body as she is fighting Anakin in his evil form. She loves him like family, but fights him as the enemy. And when she finally gets close to winning, she tells him, "I choose to live." And Anakin, backs away, and returns to his Light Side force ghost, smiles and says, "There's hope for you, yet." Before he disappears and Ahsoka is left a bit stunned and returns to her lifetime, to begin again.

We are all made of our choices. Those that are in the Light, are waiting for those in the Dark to come around and be better. The hold on the Light is that there are so many that seem to be lost. We see them in the churches, paying respects, and then cutting off the neighbor as they leave or hitting their spouse when no one is looking, but we see them also becoming good fathers or mothers, being sensible, being moral, and becoming what the Father told us to be, and that is better than we were originally.

Our plan in Heaven is to not judge. We have all been the hero, the fool, the martyr and the baby. We have all become better for knowing each other as we play out our lives. And whether you are in the fight or in the sidelines, you see the right path is not always easy to choose. We try. That is why Anakin is part of the Light. He chose to become better. He was on the Dark Side. And he was restored. And all his knowledge, Dark and Light, was needed to show Ahsoka that she has to continue to fight if she wants to live.

Teaching Ahsoka to fight, was needed for her to survive. And without Anakin showing up as a villain, she would have no one to fight and finally understand the lesson. If you did not have the tough people, the hard headed bad people in your life, you would not learn as much, and you would not see the lesson.

We all have to fight to survive. Once you give up, you are done. Even if there are times that you are you the villain for someone else in your life. God will forgive you. Because, he sees you as an asset. You have the ability to teach others to stand up and fight. And that is valuable. We each play the villain somedays.

Fighting is not the evil. There is a balance of knowledge that is respected in Heaven.

We all deserve to be fought for, and against, and together we are forgiven.

We all came from the Light. And that is where we return. Even those that have Fallen like Anakin, there is still good in him. And they deserve to be forgiven, too.

That is the lesson.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium who is available for readings at by appointment only.

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