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My Top Questions About Mediumship - Answered!

Look at this picture closely. It is basically my point of view as I do many of my in person Medium readings from local coffee shops. I am a Medium, and I speak to people that have past away. I do not see them, I sense them and I get their thoughts, emotions and sometimes a download of information into my mind as I sit across from my client at a table, over the phone or in front of a video screen. And I think it is that simple, but I realize there are many more questions to be answered. Here are some of the ones that have come up recently... from my point of view and from the souls that have spoken with me.

Q: How soon can you contact someone after that person has died?

Anne: Almost immediately. I would give that soul some time to adjust. They body is not theirs anymore, and it may be the hurt that they suffered or all the friends and family members that want to make them feel welcomed, but you may be placed on a back burner for a bit until they are well aware that you need them. Some may be in shock that they died, and others may be very open to communicating. I once had a woman that had come to me right after the funeral of her mother but as I told her, that her mother was willing to be there but did not want to share any information. I do not know the relationship between them but it seems that there was some discourse and not to be rude, but I always am available, but not every soul is willing to communicate. This may be true of other souls that did not know you well personally. And some may be on the outs of the relationship phase and looking towards the Light for guidance. Not every soul is in the reading to be a bother if the people that you wanted to hear from is unavailable, but you may find that listening to the people that do come through first is the respectful way to communicate to the only one that you wanted to hear from. In my opinion, if you really need someone to show up in that reading, pray for that soul and ask them to be there. give them some time. It may be that quick - a week or two - or you may want to make it a bucket list item to do.

Q: Do the Spirits know what has happened since they passed away?

Anne: Mostly yes. They know the highlights mostly. The understand the breakups, the wedding plans, the new baby expectations. They often know that you are in pain emotionally or in a good happy place in your life - especially if you were close in life. Many clients that had moms that have passed hear that their mom has been there for them through thick and thin, so just like in life, that parent is there for that child. They may come in each night and sit at your bedside before you fall asleep. Some souls give the impression that they are their whenever you need them and that can be either all the time or sporadically. I see that many want to be healed by the love they recieve for them from this place on earth and some come in to be helpful to those that need healing here. To be really there for you, they would be there to see that you made the promotion or the move to another state. So, yes, for the most part, yes.

Q: Why do some people seem to have a harder life than others?

Anne: Only through great hardship do we as souls receive great triumph. Remember, we have a job to do here in this world and it is mostly to make the world a better place. We are not here to muck it up. We are here to learn for ourselves, and to be better as humans. Humans are emotional beings.. we are worried, hurt, afraid, joyful and passionate. I saw something on facebook the other day, that Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, and Hate leads to Suffering. They used the changes of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader as an example. If you are a fellow Star Wars fan, you will understand it immediately. Good people can be lured into dark places. But it is up to us to shape our own perspective. We are here to see that not every soul that suffers is evil, And not every soul that has the good life is blessed. Some take it very seriously if they wrong another human or animal. And others don't. So in Spirit, I would say that we are here to choose our lives. We make careful decisions based on our past, and some evolve from the hard - really hard - lives that are led. If you can have the patience of Job, and the ability to believe in what you are doing by trusting God, then you should see an outcome that shows that it was all for a very good reason. In life we do not get all the answers. In Heaven, they are given freely, especially when you are ready to hear them.

Q: Why aren't souls that commit suicide welcomed into the Light immediately?

Anne: Souls that leave by causing their death are often afraid of the consequences. They are invited to review their life with the Angel and other guides that helped them in this life. Some are too angry, some are not healed yet. Some need the patience and the prayers to see themselves as whole and forgiven, before they go into the Light. As a wise man once said, You are only to see the Light if you are a part of it. If you see yourself as part of the problem, then you would feel dis-jointed from that wholeness of being. They know that you need help, so those that are in the Light find ways for you (or the one that fell at their own hand) to become a better soul. They see to it that you are welcomed, and they look for you at the table when you are ready. That is a metaphor for the table - the idea is that you are not to be at the kiddie table anymore, that you belong with them. Whole and human, we have all made mistakes. It is up to you to see it as retirement early, if you cannot complete your whole mission here. *That is not permission to kill yourself. That is what the souls tell me. And you would not want that end, you want to fight for each breath that God allows you to have. Being here is like winning the lottery, so don't chince yourself out of a winning ticket.

Q: Can you tell my (loved one) that I miss them and love them?

Anne: I can but you just did. They can hear you too. In fact they can even hear your thoughts before you say it out loud. Just think in terms of a Spirit. You are watching two people talk, and as you approach, you can hear them better and see them even clearer. Mostly you can hear their thoughts and read their emotions. People that have passed on, can move about the Universe. But what they love to do, is the best for you, and most often, they visit and see if you are doing ok. And they do argue. And they do quarrel. They do go on with their lives and love just as you do. But mostly in the Light for you, they reach out to assist you and love you for who you are, and not what you do.

Do you have more questions that have not been answered here? Send us a message through the chat feature at Your question could be featured in our next blog or Facebook Live!

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and author located in Central Florida. She is available by phone and in person for psychic readings, mediumship and intuitive instruction. Visit for more information.

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