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My Secret to Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards always appeared so mysterious to me. I wondered - are they really helpful or are they just random and unreliable? The Secret of the Tarot is beyond my imagination, and beyond the learning of the meanings of each individual card as it is taught. There is a world of Trust behind what you see in this deck and it is more than you can foresee on your own.

As I opened a new deck of cards that I purchased this week, Beautiful Creatures Tarot, I opened to a whole new world of wonder with these beautiful artistic portraits and detailed reference pages. No one card is alike in different decks, you can read them all the same, but something more speaks to you from the art to the nuances of the keywords, you have someone in Heaven to thank for that.

Spirit Infused Tarot is how I read, and how I teach. I recently told a story to our Facebook group regarding this Hanging One card. I was the first card I pulled after shuffling the pack, and it immediately confirmed the recent pact that I made with my daughter. And this became to me, the most special card in the deck because of it. (To see my post in Facebook just friend me here. or search to friend me at "Psychic Medium Anne St John")

As I was telling a new student, I feel that you can purchase a Tarot Deck that speaks to you, but to read is something special. You need to first bless your cards. I said a prayer over my cards when I opened them. I ask for God and Spirit to bring the Light into every reading, to bring in all the correct answers, to enlighten the listeners, and to allow Spirit to assist me in each reading.

Before my Readings, all of my readings in fact, the Medium Readings and Tarot and Angel Card Readings, I ask in prayer for the best outcome, the highest good and to bless the sitter and those in Spirit assisting in the reading. That I personally feel is the best way to be in the Light as we move forward into the Spirit of Enlightenment. Cards are the way to bring to this world a faith that is sometimes only seen when you have a physical card to show you. If you need someone to show you the art of a good card, then ask for the cards that you resonate with when I do a reading. In my world, I love the artwork and the surprise of a good story. In the Spirit, I love that the art tells me the story as it unfold to tell my client. But be mindful , that Spirit can tell me exactly how to read a card or to chose to place it reversed of upright. My mind turns to those in Spirit to ask for the interpretation and I know that certain cards can be pulled by Spirit on purpose to show purpose and answers that are needed in my client's life. i.e. Spirit does not make it random - Spirit has a control over the cards and their placement for you.

As I was telling my student, there is a lot to learn about how to read Tarot, but first read the basics. Get the general idea from the Major Arcana, and understand the Minor Arcana, and then take the cues from the deck you are reading to see what Spirit is trying to explain. TRUST your instincts. Spirit is there whispering to you, and telling you if the relationship is a real one or if you are just fooling yourself. No one likes bad news but if you are inclined to see that it is not in a specific readers best interest to move forward, you need to show them in the cards that it is not the best choice, However the choice is always to that person, the Guides can give you information, but you have to leave it at the doorstep of that soul in the chair across from you to make the decisions.

Shhhh! My secret is this. Trust Spirit to guide you through each reading. Whether you are reading for yourself, or others, you need to be aware of the patience that you need to quiet your mind, set your personal feelings aside and ask the reader if they understand what Spirit is trying to tell them. You are the messenger, and sometimes the interpreter, but always a Student of Spirit as you listen and pass what is given to you.

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