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Listening to the Inner Voice

Funny how you remember some things. Like sitting in my car, with this blond/ginger haired young man, looking out onto the campus, where no one else could see us. And listening to him tell me about a girl that was trying to get into his room, right after he had been with me the night before. I barely knew him at the time. His blue eyes were so upset, and the way that he mentioned it, he needed me to believe him. She tried to lie her way in, and then after being rejected, she ran around telling everyone that he was with her anyway. And someone through no fault of his own made a big deal of it. It was really hurting him, but he needed me to know, that he would not have been with me, and then ran off so fast to seek someone else's company. He was in pain.

So, I sat next to him in the car, listening. I was wondering if he was just telling me the truth, or if I should even trust this guy. After all, I met him just a few months ago. And I don't really know him - - - - (Then reassuringly) No, you know him. You know he is telling you the truth. You know him.... The thoughts were not about me remembering how we met at the Establishment, a college bar, or anything in between. I knew him. Somehow, I knew him from before. That was how the message that came into my mind felt. It was intended to show me that I am there with someone that has been with me before. Before this time. But how? I trusted that voice that came in like another person's thought. It was significant. And I trusted it because it was understood as solid truth. I just knew.

I realized that the young man that was in the car with me was waiting for me to answer. And I said what I knew - "I know you are not lying. I trust you. And I don't know why anyone who acts like they like you would do that to you. But I won't." Then I told him why I know that he is not lying. "Because, I just heard in my mind, that you are telling me the truth and that I can trust you. In fact, I heard in my head - that I know you. I know that sounds strange but I feel it's true, that I do know you." He sat there looking at me, but he did not answer. He kissed me instead.

Since that moment, he and I pined for each other. We had very different lives. He had to go his way, and I went mine. But the feeling was always the same, that I (sigh) whisper to myself that I still loved him, and I knew that somewhere, he still loved me too. That night in the car, that was in the beginning. I did not know at the time, that one of his parents had a drinking problem, or that he was not with us anymore. I now suspect it was his dad, that had whispered that message to me that evening. And I know that it was not the first time he was there for me, too.

But that is how it happens. Moments that you are unclear. That you feel that logic should be the thing that you trust. And for some reason, you know that it is something else. Some other natural explanation that you have no proof, but you know in your heart to be true. And far from wishful thinking, you feel the truth in it. I have a guide, named Rebeckah. I remember being in my house, and watching television about nine years old. I saw the show in animation about a dark haired girl, and the ravens that she was with in the story. Her name was Rebecca and I know I kept hearing Rebeckah with the 'h' in my mind as I sat on the couch and listened to the story. I saw it as a distant sign that I should listen. And I was told of other people that I was to meet in my life. But I was subconsciously listening and just a few of the words may have leaked into my conscious mind during the story. But, that is how it happens. When you are forgetful. When you are in the car driving somewhere, or in a shower as you wash. You may think of something completely off the wall. Or the solution to your problems. And you may even dream of the man or the woman that should be coming into your life. It happens that your future is semi-planned. You have some things that are to happen. And the results are up to you.

But just to be aware of that whisper from a Guide or a Loved One in Heaven. That is what to tune into. It takes practice and trust. Don't be afraid of trusting. Or believing that you have help from Heaven. You are not special? You are very intensely special. You have to see it from the point of view of Heaven to realize that you are far from the average. And that place that you are between sleep and awake, that auto-pilot time during the day, that is where to seek the remembrance of this guidance. If you are in need of help, of guidance, and answers - that is where to start. Quiet mindful meditation. God placed people in Heaven at your side for a reason. And the answers should become clear. Trust them.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author. You can book phone, FaceTime and Zoom appointments with her at for Psychic and Mediumship Readings. Workshops will become available to you soon.

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