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Listening to Heaven

What is it like to listen to Heaven? To have them in your ear from time to time? I sometimes wonder why I was given this psychic intuitive listening skill. But I can see know other reason than it serves to help me and others around me. What is it like to be me? I wake up with someone in Spirit talking to me. It lasts for a moment and then I start my daily routine. Getting ready for work, taking out my dogs, and challenging myself to do more. But during the morning, I think that I hear my personal guides more often.

Guides are the ones that set the path for you. They often know what you discovered, and what you are willing to take. They need to be vigilant and thoughtful, and considerate... they need to love you as you are and not take your words for granted. Several guides are willing to stay with you for a lifetime! But only a few will. Some are there to see you through the bad times, when you have a calling, or maybe when you are planning for a new baby.

I say this with all due respect, they are not always there to love you. Some argue with you. They sit and wonder what the heck were you thinking and how do we get you into a good place. Especially this type of work. My life was a good and bad mess for a long time. I had it all at one point. I was a wife, and a new mother, but I had my husband's family more than my own. And I had to put up with a lot to keep it happy. I had a lot of undeserving problems in that marriage and it was because I was unwilling to test him. I wanted to be strong but my mind was weak. I had two options. Stay and become more complacent. Or I could choose to leave. I did leave. And I lost a lot in the process. But this is what I learned. No one can tell you what to do. Not a spouse, or a guide or a child. You have to make your own decisions, and that is why we are given free will. You can't blame anyone for what you choose, you just need to power through the tough stuff and keep swimming though that pool of tears you created. Don't blame the guide for writing "Drink Me" on the bottle - if you get my Alice's Adventures in Wonderland reference.

My mind was made up to be a Medium when I lost someone that I was very close to when I was in my early twenties. He was the love of my life in so many ways. I had not seen him in years, but when he passed on, I felt him in the room. And I saw a Medium to confirm that I was not going insane. I knew that he was around and the reading confirmed it. And a few other personal details between us that I always suspected. So, I knew I was right. And then I felt a need to reach out to Heaven more often. Prayer and meditation were the keys to my jail cell, I felt alone and independent of other people and in my grief I found that I could write automatically though Spirit. It was a miracle and I was so thankful! I could reach out and get the information that I needed and also for others too! Something clicked into place that day. And I no longer needed to write it to understand what was being said. It was me, trusting myself and others in Spirit to help me. And since then, I have been through more terrible times than I have a right to imagine. But I have not given up to read for others and get the messages from Heaven through. Like the story of Job, I feel that I am being tested. WIll I give up or will I allow Spirit to guide me into a new and happier life. Will I still love and appreciate God with all my heart and soul and thank Him for everything that I have been through, the good and the bad...

Yes, I will! I will appreciate it all. Because, it does not matter what I am going through at the time... as long as I allow Spirit to be in my home, my life and in my heart. To be honest, I have thought of giving up readings completely. But I see the difference it makes to allow Loved Ones in Heaven communicate through me to their families and friends. I see the difference in each life that I can touch. And I see that the end of the pain for so many is near.

If you or a loved one has a problem, give the Heavens a chance to help you solve it. Don't be foolish thinking it is a easy way out. It may challenge you at the core of your being. Or it may be a perfect solution that you have not found on your own. Either way, your guides are at work trying to reach up and grasp what the God of all is trying to tell you. And we are part of that world as well. Meditation and prayer are ways of communicating with your loved ones and your guides. I feel that I am here to help fill in the gaps.

Those things that you are not understanding, for your own guidance, or for the healing that you need from speaking with a family member or friend that have passed on - that is why I have this gift. That is why I don't give up, and that is why I am here on the planet as well. In all things give credit to God, and thank Him for all of it. Each step makes you stronger, better and more humanly perfect because there is nothing that you can do that would ever make God unhappy with you. Everything is repairable. He seeks to understand you. Your soul is repairable. He loves you that much. That is what I have learned from my journey here on this planet thus far.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author that can be reached at for appointments for Psychic Guidance readings, Life Coaching, Mentorship and Mediumship (talking to your loved ones who have passed into Heaven). She is available throughout the world for readings virtually through soom, and Facetime and by telephone.

*Remember, that Spirit can contact you by thought too, so listen to your own intuitive reasoning. If you are ready, seek Heaven to help you.

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