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It's Never Too Late to Change Your Direction

You started out thinking that this was a good idea. It will solve the problem, or make your life fantastic! And then you find out, that it is not what you expected. Sound familiar?

It happens to everyone, and yet do you know what to do when you are stuck? Do you challenge yourself to stay the course or do you try to reimagine another opportunity? What if you do not see a way out? Here is how to guide your way out of being stuck to unstuck...

First, imagine that it was a great idea at the time and then it starts to fall apart. Sometimes, the answer is easy, and you change course. If you are being abused, if you are not invited to stay the course, if you have no other choice, then you have to accept the situation, and move forward with a different scenario. Sometimes life hands you choices and other times you have to ride out the storm.

Sometimes, you need to find out what is best and how do you know for sure? It's never an easy decision if it affects your life or others.

Start by thinking of why your are stuck. Is it a temporary situation. Can it be as simple as changing your perspective and just letting it go? Think through it. Can you make this work on your own or do you need others to be convinced to change as well? If you can do it on your own, then it can be overcome. If you are willing to work at it. But you cannot do the work for more than yourself. Do not expect to carry the burden of both parties if it involves more than your decision.

Are you thinking of making a change. Was it was a good idea at the time but now you are unhappy? TIme is passing, are you waiting for it to get better on its own? Are there too many ups and downs? Tired of the rollercoaster of emotions that go with this scenario? When you are calm and at peace, that is when you are in the best frame of mind to make an educated decision. It can be anything, making a career change, or taking a leap of faith to find a new home, It can be deciding to move forward with a relationship or end a marriage. But positive or negative, it is stressful. Be kind to yourself and do what is 'selfish'. Self Honor is also conditioned to look like it is selfish to others. Be the one that makes yourself happy, instead of suffering because you don't want to rock the boat or disappoint the family. Place yourself on higher ground. Ask for help. And realize that the people that truly love you will forgive you. Your true friends will see you through the troubled times and they will be with you at the new beginning when the daylight breaks through to your life and things start to look up again.

Understand yourself. Are you doing something because it makes everyone or someone important in your life happy, but leaves you feeling jealous, anxious, or even worse, deeply depressed. Are you ready to address this issue? You are the only one that can change the feelings that you have. And you do not have to stay in the same religious group, or the same set of rules that you placed yourself under if it means that you will forever get the worst of the deal. Recall that God gave you two true commandments. And the first it to LOVE Him with all your heart, and the second was to love thy neighbor as thyself (not more than thyself). That does not mean love thyself and no one else. And it is not meant for you to maintain the status quo, ignore your own true feelings, while loving everyone else's decisions and ignoring your own. Find a way out if you are miserable. That is the way that Christ would want you to be.

Lastly, are you expecting it to get better without addressing the problem. If you don't make a decision, then time may make it for you. Meanwhile, you are losing out on something so much better that the Universe is now setting you up to have. It may not make it easier for you, but you may learn to live your own truth. Taking charge of your life is important. Running it with confidence and authority is the real way to make it better. If you allow it into your life then you are allowing it to happen. The good and the bad. Choose well. And ask for Heaven to intercede on your behalf. Heaven is listening.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, and Author of the book Miles Away. She is available for Medium, Tarot and Life Coaching Readings at

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