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It is All Souls Day

It is a special day that many celebrate. All Souls Day.

This day is steeped in tradition and is intended for the remembrance of loved ones that have now departed. Many pray, ask for intercessions, visit cemeteries, and pay respects to remember family and friends that are in Heaven. But many are also praying for those souls in Purgatory, or somewhere beneath the Light, that are still trying to forever forgive themselves for pardons that they still believe that they need to move forward into Heaven.

It is a special day.

As a Psychic and Medium, I am well aware of all the souls that would like to be in your life. The ones that have past on long ago.

The recent passing of your mom or dad, or child.

Your friend that died years ago.

Your grandparents that helped you become who you are today.

Know that they have not forgotten you either.

Love overcomes all boundaries.

It is eternal and limitless.

It will give you the ability to remove the obstacles that keep you from living your best life, even when you are absent from those that you still need.

Love will prevail.

For each of your loved ones that have passed that you are remembering right now, I will pray with you for them today, too.

And anything can happen.

It is All Souls Day.

In Spirit and in Light,

Anne St. John

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