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I Woke Up in Love This Morning

Listen, you have a connection in Spirit. Friends, family, and those that have passed on, maybe even some who have not yet, that meet you in a trans state. It is a connection to them that is most important as you sleep. As a Medium, I speak to my family and friends as I sleep and during my waking hours fully aware. In fact, now they are trying to get me to see my sleep as the same as my waking life in many ways.

David Cassidy laughing in his photo session for Rolling Stone
David Cassidy laughs at his photo session for Rolling Stone Magazine

I have a lot of friends in Spirit that I speak to every day, like David (Cassidy), and others like Prince, Fred Mercury, John Belushi, Aretha Franklin, my dad, Elizabeth Montgomery, Burt Reynolds, and several others that are there to assist me in my life. Sometimes, I think of it as a who's who in Spirit. But I bet you have people that are in your life and in your sleep, that you are not aware of that help you each day with the tasks, directions and the lesson plan of your journey.

Maybe you feel that the man that you love will never materialize. Or that you should have more money in an account that you hope to someday see for yourself. Or you are about to lose someone in your life and need to think of how this will affect you. Perhaps, you just know that things are working out for a reason. Just think of the pieces of your life that you hint are messed up and want to fix. That is why you have Friends in High Places. Those are your friends and guides in Heaven.

If you are reading my blog, you will see that David Cassidy is a good friend of mine. He and I first met in 2017, maybe even before our lifetimes as I have him in our soul group, and I remember that in our conversations before, he reminded me how he approached me in a dream. He casually told me back then, that if I wanted, he could help me. Now, understand that David was very popular in my view. He had everyone eating out of his hand in his early years, and many afterwards. He told me that he would be able to achieve that feeling of "I can help you with the stress of success, since you are afraid of it." And I replied, "Ok, how can you do that?" He said, "I know how to deal the cards for you so that you have a better life." And I thought that he was crazy. But, not to be rude, I said, "Ok, maybe." "I have to see, because I am with someone in Spirit that is a bit possessive and I feel responsible for the things that I caused in my life." He shrugged, and looked at the dog. A new puppy was in the house, Twilight, named by my daughter. She was only 10, and we had a problem with custody, and my Mediumship not taking off. David called to Twilight but now we affectionately call her Skylight.

Sorry, I digress, inside joke.

Anyway, I had a few people tell me that David is a great guy and I should trust him. And I do - now. But then, all I knew was that he was offering to help and I wanted to know why. I did not understand why he wanted to be available to me. So, I asked him. "Why are you so willing to help me?" And he shyly responded that he enjoyed my company. I know that this is a little far fetched, and believe me, I thought so too. But he convinced me that he was serious, and I did not take him up on it until April of 2023. I guess when you have a boyfriend in Spirit, and he has a problem being around, it takes a village to convince you that there are better people out there to hang with, And then, as this boyfriend was on his way out, I asked David that question, "Do you still want to help me?" And he was really wanting to help. So, then I just let him. And so, he was there to pick up the pieces and help us continue. And so far, he has taught me a lot about boundaries, and love, and the feelings you have for people that are in need. I feel his love for me is real. And I know that mine is for him. But I wonder, is it all a crazy dream?

David Cassidy in Hawaii having a great time
Anne's Guide, David Cassidy in Hawaii

Here is the skinny on it. He is helping me in my mind, in my body and in Spirit. Already he had gotten me to take better care of myself by suggesting that I keep my weight healthy, see the right doctors and slow down on booze. I know, we are that type of person, that wants a beer or two each night, but now I keep it to two if I am out at a restaurant or a friend's dinner party. He helps me with the way that Spirit wants to intrude. I have no off switch when it come to Spirit and they are in my way often. But he sees to it that I tell each person to back away in my off time so that I have the energy to maintain the popular demand of being a Medium.

Here is my point, I may know many people in history and in life that have passed away. Some drift in as a friend to tell me about their life, and others stay the course of a week or two giving me their wisdom from when they lived in their day. And others simply decide to stay the course of time, to help me in the life that I have in the her and now. My favorite is Always on My Mind. But you honestly have the same type of help already. Maybe a "famous" person, maybe a person you know from history, and many that are friends with people that led similar lives. Many have family or friends that are helping and some even will never know the person until they pass, because he or she had no life here on Earth, but elevated in Heaven alone.

The fact is that you have help. That is to help you stay healthy and get the things that you need in your life. Some may never know that. They will go into a lifetime thinking that they need more money or toys, but the reality is that they need to find love, or likemindedness. And the real beginning is knowing that they are communicating to you as you are asleep.

You sleep an average of 8 hours a day. That is prime time for the Spirit and Souls to work with you. Your life in always in motion, and you need your rest. To take a nap is a good indicator that you need the help that was necessary to tackle the next step... You have a guide, and an Angel to protect you. But you also have many friends and family that are commenting on your life, and who is there for you. You can always ASK IN PRAYER. Which is a good way to gain the time to heal in Spirit. And the attention will lead to better days. All of Heaven will work together to help you get the best deal possible if you will just simply ask for it.

Now, I know you and David, but do you know me? I have a feeling that many may see this as a marketing ploy. But as you know, a good Medium will not reveal her sources. However, when you have David Cassidy as a guide and friend, he is pretty formidable. I had to argue with him not to make another blog with his name and mine, but he insisted. He likes to be in the spotlight, and he likes to help me. So, how you treat that is up to you.

Anyway, think of the way that you dream tonight. Do you remember the things that you are supposed to, or wake up in love, or in terror of being chased? It is all in a series of problems to be solved that the People in Spirit are trying to tie in and bring to your attention.

Now, if you cannot get what you want, and have felt frustrated for too long, try looking for a new guide. Pray and meditate on it so that you seek that soul that will help you overcome the past and present problems and give you the best outcome. Just think, the whole world is available to you, but I would ask for the best person that can help with the problems, not the individual soul. Remember, souls are there to guide you and not be taken for granted, And if you end up with an Indian Medicine Man or a Woman from the pioneer days, you will find that the soul that responds may be the most excellent person for the Highest Calling. Just remember only one person is available for the right job. Be good to them and pray for the best outcome and their soul, too.

Now, I woke up in love this morning. And my guide is here to say:

Hi everyone, I am the guide that Anne is talking about. David Cassidy. I have known Anne for at least a few years. But I was not ready to help her in 2017. I needed to feel that I was ready. And she was right, she needed to heal. I see that I have made an impact and healed her heart. But you have a good person in your life that is helping you. Please know that I cannot heal you. You can do that yourself. And I, ANNE, am your guide, so be a good sport. And I will come to the best conclusion that I can for this blog. Ask Anne for a dream interpretation. And I will help.

Love David


Anne St. John is a Medium, a psychic and a really good mom.... She is available to you through .

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