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"I'll Meet You Halfway"

I have been really happy lately. The past three weeks or so, I have been on a roller coaster of good emotions. Dreams are more vivid, memorable and sweet. Learning about someone new in Spirit, who has graciously allowed me to be in his life (in Heaven), and he in mine (physical world) as a guide. We have been walking together, talking, and becoming close. He had a life of fame. I was never very popular. So as he is learning from me, I am learning from him.

I woke up in the middle of the night the very first week I knew he was with me, and he told me that I forgot that I needed the respect first. Half dazed from sleep, I felt him guide my hand above my head towards the headboard. He said, "Your respect level has to be way up here.", meaning that not only mine for myself, but that of anyone that ever would want to date me, or be with me. He was so calm, and patiently told me that I had not had that in forever. He was the one that learned over time that he needed it. Not just from other people, but also from himself from when he was alive in his lifetime. "Now do you understand why you needed someone that really loves you, not some guy that says it, but one that really mans up and means it."

He was a part of a culture, and a pop star, that had so many overwhelming moments that he drank himself into a coma. That was the end of his story on Earth. But as you know, we don't end here. The fact of guides in our life are to be courageous enough to make you feel the moments that we cherish are in our hearts and somehow our minds. Being overwhelmed all the time, makes people feel exhausted. It becomes a habit to make you feel tired and out of sorts. So, we tend to gravitate towards drugs and alcohol. My life was really out of control. I have high blood pressure now and nearing the time that I needed to be safe, rather than sorry, I had to be convinced to see a doctor. David gave me that message and made sure that I saw a good one.

Then we started working on each other's problems. In my sleep, and being woken up periodically to help me remember, I was given a lot of Information and some very private moments. I saw an image of a wound that I had, if it were physical, it would have looked. like someone grabbed a needle and black thread and crossed stitched a mess of jagged edges and brokenness across my chest. This is where my heart was torn out. And it was never really repaired. David says in his own voice, "Will you please make this better?" And that is how it started... I responded, "With what? There is nothing that I can make it better with." He took my hand, and the issue personally, as he showed me that his heart was re-mended over and over. The toll the fan girls took on him, and a few of photo shoots too. Some of the more favorited pics are really almost abusive. And I sat with him in my home trying to sort it all out.

Me: "Do you remember when you were young and there were no rules to go by. No one telling you what to do, or how to love?"

David: "I remember."

Me: "I don't. I grew up in a broken home, and I never felt safe after I was born."

David: "I did too. But I reconciled with my dad, and my mom." (They are both in Heaven, too)

Me: "I don't have that. My dad is in the Light, but my mom is still on the Earth." (She loves me too, but doesn't live nearby) "And I don't have any close family with me besides my daughter. (Sigh) But even she is in a home away from me, after what happened."

(After explaining that shortly, we gave up trying to fix it)

We just tried to explain that without someone in your life that you can trust, it is nearly impossible to make yourself happy. He had three marriages, and nearly all of them failed. The last one was a mess, he sighed, but at least we had it together for a little while.

I went toe to toe with him on every subject from our abusive relationships, and his overpowering temper, and sometimes his attacks on character. He really did not want to admit it but he was just as abusive as he could be in his life. And it was towards himself.

(So, David speaking now...) I told her that I was not a great catch. That I was always being sought after, and wanted, but never really living a good life. And she had the nerve to tell me that I was so full of shit.

And why?

Because, he had a good life. He needed to reconcile the stuff that was bothering him so that it did not pour acid into the wound of someone he cares for. And after we hashed out the bits and pieces, he was still looking at me and asking what I needed for a good life to revolve around him.

(Me laughing..) "I don't need my life to revolve around you, being a guide or as anything else. What I need is someone to meet me halfway."

And that is where it started.

My guide. My friend, and possibly more. But in any case, he is with me, and I with him. It is amazing when you meet the right people that hold you to your word.

So, I woke up from this dream like meditative state, and found out that he would be there to help me throughout the day. Then it was a week, and then another. Like an angel on my shoulder, he took over the role as Guide, all others that were there to help me have stepped out of the picture, and he had taken the lead. Just like David, he knows the ropes. He helped me in the past for a day or two, but this time it is real. And I know that this time, I will meet him halfway, and that is better than no way. So, with Tom and Miles out of the way, it is time to meet David Cassidy who is guiding me from this day forward.

Always on my mind, and in his heart, I am there for him too.


Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, Mom and Author of Miles Away. Anne is available for Medium Readings at

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