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I Can See Everything

"Who in your life is missing, passed away, died too soon? Do you wonder if they see the wedding, or the dinner table with the rosemary potatoes that you made from his recipe, or the children that you had since she passed away?

They see it. They can see everything.

As a Spirit, I see it all. The way the person writes the way the person sits, the way that she wants more time. And I am seeing her in the light. I don't see the way she walks in the dark... I can only see in the LIGHT. I see her pain, I see her alone, and I see her with a man in Spirit. I am Anne's brother, Miles. I am her brother that committed suicide at nineteen.

As a Spirit, I am still in the Light. I see the old ways of man. I see the way that men take advantage. And I see the way that women want more love. But in my opinion, and I was only 19 years old, I see it from a boy's view.

My life was taken away, by myself. But when I was in Spirit twenty four years later, I saw this coming. I saw my sister lose a child. It was a good bet that she did not know since she was not pregnant. But I saw the name that would have been hers, and her life in review. It would have been a problem...; Her life would have been ended sooner than expected. But in God's courtroom, He traded her life for another in Anne's backstory. This little soul was to be a daughter, and she came in on a different date. And he was not allowed to harm her. The ex-husband. And I saw her grow up in Anne's home. But then time shifted. Her name is Emma, and she is my niece. And she was born in a lifetime of horrible tragic loss. But now I see that she is going to be okay. The cheater that took her is not going to be able to keep her. And Anne will be the mom full time as it should have been.

I know you don't know my sister as I do, but she has waited patiently for this moment. A moment where cheaters never win. And it is because we all prayed for this day. I see it all. I see the emotions. I see the backstory. And I see the fall. But I also see the joy. I see the love. And I see the women that are helping my sister become a better version of herself. Not that she ever was a bad mom. Emma was taken with a swoop of a courtroom drama over her breakdown from this man's bad temper, and his threats to harm them both. I knew it would happen. I knew that she would get her back. And this time, she is staying with my sister, her mom...

But just so you know, it is all about to happen. It was not planned in Spirit to make Anne a liar, or a bad mom. It was made to make her strong. And she had become that...

What has happened in your life to make you strong? See the Light, and that is all I have."

-Miles St. John


This message was automatically written by Anne for her brother, Miles as he has told it.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium who automatically writes out messages. Try your hand at it too.

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