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How to Use Your Dreams to Guide Your Life

I remember this dream I once had. I was staying over my grandparents home, and I was planning to go to see a guy that I knew. He was nice, he liked me, and I was wondering if he really wanted me around or was he just being polite. But I was young and interested in him, so I made plans to see him the following night and then planned out my day before I went to sleep.

Closing my eyes, I thought a lot about what I wanted. And intuitively, I felt that there was a block or something that I should know. But whatever it was, I needed to sleep, so I closed eyes, and drifted off to sleep. Then it happened. That dream.

I woke up hours later - shocked and wondering - what just happened to me?? The dream was still very vivid. I was alone. I was being watched by a man that resembled Rutger Hauer from the movie, the Hitcher. In my dream, the scene was disturbing so I tried to run, and in fear I fled to my car, which took me a great distance away. I came upon a house party. Crowded and loud with music and drinking, I searched for someone I knew and found the guy I was supposed to meet up with the next day on that date. And I ran up to him, explaining that there was some crazy man chasing me - and that I needed someone to help me, protect me, and keep me safe. The guy was not interested in my panic. He was interested in the party. He told me that he could not help me. And he told me that there was no one chasing me. And he did not believe me or even take an interest in what I had to say. I left him standing there, and ran through the house, feeling the impending doom of that criminal that wanted to get to me. And just as I left the house, the bad guy was there to grab me - and I woke up! I wondered if I would fall back asleep and be ok. I still remember the fear and the processing the worst of it. The guy that I liked was in the dream, but he would not help me. He was not there for me at all. He just did not care.

Stepping forward into the next evening and the date - I realized that afterwards, the dream resonated with the situation. I was not really wanted on that date. Or I was just another girl that was interesting but not enough to seek out and see all the time. But I would not have known that had I not shared the dream with him, talked about it, and talked through the way that he was not interested in this nightmare or me. So, I was being given a clue from Spirit, that this was not a good relationship and not one worth taking seriously. I left South Florida and went home to New Jersey to see someone else that did really care about me. And he made it clear that he loved me. The dream, and I still remember it, was a clear indiction that if I listen, I can avoid the trouble, and the giving of second chances to someone that only wanted me romantically for a weekend and not forever. It was a "life re-direction".

Working with your dreams is easy when you remember them. But what if you have trouble remembering? My recommendation to many of my clients is to write them down in your dream journal that should be kept at your bedside. You can also speak into your phone to dictate a note. Getting down the key feelings during the dream, is important. Relief, pain, fear, joy... all need to be thought about. There are other things too. You may find strange people, places and things that are center stage in your dream, that you cannot make heads or tails of, and yet you know that they are significant. I guarantee you that they make sense if you allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you are there to learn and be receptive and not dismiss what you learn in your dream based on logic or your personal high hopes.

Some dreams will have people that you know, and if they are passed on, and feel as real to you as the family that you have when you are awake, then that may be a visitation. Something real, that happens in your Soul, and when you wake up you are always happy or the better for it. Spirit, especially your family in Spirit, like to assist you. And once in awhile, you may find yourself with them talking in a dreamlike state. They are the ones that can also send you the dreams. Like little movies that you may use to remember the conversations that you are having with them as you sleep. You see, dreams are like that, guided short movies that help you overcome obstacles, direction, solve problems or to give you a warning. Maybe you had a nightmare, and you cannot shake the feeling that you are always lost. That may be the signal that you were given to go find the right people in your life. And the ones that are in there for a moment, do not need to see you fight or feel sorry for yourself. And when you are ready, your dreams will be there to take you to the next step. Even if it means that you are going into a new chapter of your life without the loved ones that are there with you in the here and now.

As you prepare to sleep, find a blank journal or a notebook. I recommend hanging a dream catcher in the room to take all the negativity away and filter the good to you. But bad or good, write them down, Remember them. Tell yourself as you fall asleep that it is okay to remember them and become more patient with yourself. And as you take one step at a time towards your future, take a minute to recognize that there is a place that seems so familiar and that is the way that you may take it. As your dreams sometimes tell you the future, the past and all about your friends that are long gone. That sense of deja vu may be there because you were told that you would make it this far. And your guides are there to help you the rest of the way. So, listen as they speak to you each night as you sleep and use those dreams to catch all the intel you can on how to make your life a little better each day.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium and author. You can book readings for mediumship, tarot and ask your angels and guides advice at #PsychicMediumStJohn

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