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How to use a Crystal Pendulum in a Reading

When you need solid answers from your Friends, Family and guides in Spirit, a Crystal Pendulum is a great way to go. By using the pendulum, Spirit can answer your yes or no questions and get you to the answers that have eluded you.

My personal way of using a pendulum in a reading is here - and please don't mind if I do it differently than you, or your friend. My way is guided by Spirit, and we have a Intuitive way of communicating that has made this an easy go to in times of need.

First, I use a crystal quartz pendulum. It is my personal choice, and there are many out there that are made of other #Crystals and #Chakra Colors, but this is my personal favorite. Maybe it is the light that it catches or the clarity in it, but it seems to be my best choice. Choose one for yourself that resonates with you. Your color choice, your design choose. It matters in respect to being your authentic self. Whichever one draws you to it, that is the best choice for you.

Next, I want you to hold the pendulum correctly, and from the top of the chain, between your fingers so that it falls straight down and is loose in your hand, Relax your hand and fingers enough to feel comfortable without dropping it and give the area around you some space. Your should be confident that you are not moving your arm, wrist, or hand on purpose. Settle the intention in your mind not to move the pendulum consciously with your body and allow it to rest below your hand in a neutral position.

Now, I want you to fully focus on the question. Choose a yes or no question that will give Spirit the way of making the pendulum move and ask Spirit to make it swing back and forth as a no (as if you are shaking your head) and as a yes answer, ask for the pendulum to swing in a circular motion. It is important to set your intention in your mind to Spirit so that you and those in the Hereafter can agree on how to use the tool to answer your question.

Focus on the question and allow your hand to remain steady while holding out your arm in front of you. As your hand is simply holding the top of the chain, Spirit would then come in to help you with the answer by moving your body ever so slightly to make the pendulum react in a yes or no pattern. As a psychic and medium, my body has been used to move in ways that Spirit has instructed on almost an autopilot way to show reason or cause in a reading. (automatically reaching for my neck or my heart as they need me to) This is similar as the slightest movement of your arm or hand will effect the pendulum and Spirit is very good at directing those that are willing assist them to get the answers across. All you need to do is to be open to Spirit directing the movement and your body will intuitively react in the way that is needed. And then your pendulum will swing accordingly. And your question will be answered.

Lastly, thank Spirit for their direction and guidance. Someone in the Heavens is helping you with the answers and you are now in the know. Spend some time in prayer and meditation afterwards to communicate to those that have helped you. And be the best purveyor of information to others by only finding the answers to the necessary, and the positive. Please visit for more information and for intuitive insight as Pendulum Readings can be added to any reading listed when purchased. Pricing currently starts at $25 for a Reading and a current special is "3 Free Answers" to have an added pendulum bonus to your reading.

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