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How to Create a Peaceful Meditation Space

From cozy corners to entire she-sheds, creating the right space for yourself can be simple and easy when you add in the right elements. I work as a Medium, so I need a space in my home that speaks to me and is calming so that Spirit can speak to me as well. Here are my pro-tips on making a space in your life that communicates peace to you.

1. Find a place away from the noise.

If you can't even have peace in your own bathroom, then you are going to want to create it in your home. It can be a corner of a room, the back porch, man cave, or a brand new she shed, but getting away from the traffic noises, the television, designated kids space, is essential. Get a spot that you can redecorate as your own. And make it far enough away from the regular chaotic reminders that allow your mind to relax and tune into the memories and inner voice.

2. Try an area that has natural light.

Look for a space that has a window or open area that gives you some view of the outdoors. Having sunlight, or moonlight is essential to the patterns of the day and evening. It helps you rejuvenate your sleep, and your relaxation, to feel a sense of colors of the day.

3. Find comfortable seating.

Depending on how you want to use the space, you will need comfortable seating. You may like to sit on the floor, or perhaps you need a small table and chairs. You can put in a porch swing, or soft fabric chairs that you can sink into. Choose your furnishings with purpose, use pillows and color schemes that give you a sense of relaxation. Peaceful surroundings are found from within, so if you are unsure of your style, walk through different types of stores or antique shops to get a feel for the types of things that are resonating with you. Find the style that makes you feel more like your natural and happiest self.

4. Add the extras that you find enhances your personal style.

Do you have a gothic, or Wiccan style? Maybe it is not that at all, but more traditional farmhouse, boho, or angelic look. Take the time to find what makes you feel the love from Spirit. Remember, no two people are alike, and therefore trying to please others will not feel right to your soul. You may have some books, or crystals or statues, that need to be incorporated. Keeping it clean and simple will help you.

5. Place a diffuser or wax warmer in your space and use scented wax or essential oils to elevate the mood of the room. Using aromatherapy, you can change moods, relax more and help yourself to better sleep. A good fragrance system can be amazing in your home and in the meditation area. Try our Charmed Shop which is my personal favorite, and see what kind of favorite smells will invigorate you or create the soothing feelings of peace.

6. Choose music that can be played softly in the background.

There are many good meditation music choices. Playing a few from Youtube may help you choose the best for you. Instrumentals, and drum circles, and flute serenades, are just a few that you can try. The perfect one will present itself. And then you can focus and drift away on the notes as you slip into the perfect meditative state.

Now that you have a designated space that reflects your personality, you can retreat to this space when you need to focus on you. Feeling the space physically, the lighting just right, the scents room and the right music as the backdrop to the day all comes together to assist you. Calming and clean, with your favorites surrounding you in a beautiful and balanced way, it is easy to make time for prayer and meditation. Connect to Spirit, and to your Higher Self. Breathe. Relax. And slow down. There are more benefits to doing "nothing" than we can understand. It allows Spirit to show us the possibles and for each of us to make better choices emotionally, spiritually, and of course, physically.

Anne St. John is a psychic medium and author that can be booked at for tarot and Mediumship from anywhere in the world.

Visit her Charmed Shop, powered by Scentsy, and choose the best light and home fragrance system for you. www.Charmed.Scentsy.US

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