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How Spirit Intervenes to Help You

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I don't care who you are or what your backstory is, but when Spirit wants to find the solution for you, then you will find it! Prayers are answered, life paths are followed and family and friends are found when you need them.

Friends are always there for you when you need them the most.

I want to tell you the about my own, "there is no way this is a coincidence" story. This past Tuesday, I had to be in St. Augustine, and it was a very hard day. I was happy, but I had a long drive back to Kissimmee, and I was not looking forward to the drive, or that I was all alone again. Alone in the car with my thoughts, I needed to be on time for a quick mini reading, so I pulled over in Palm Coast, and found a place to call my client. I did not notice that the turn I took off of I-95 was so bare, and I was thinking that I should have gone one more exit. But my client did not answer, and I decided to go to the next Palm Coast exit, to get gas before I continued to Central Florida.

And I thought of my friend, Lucinda, who l once worked with and lives in Palm Coast. I had been to her home and her mom's home in the past for a reading. Kind and friendly, her family is always so welcoming and warm. But it was getting late and I had not thought to make plans with her, so I pulled into the Shell station and decided to pump gas instead of calling her.

There was a woman on the other side of the pump who was also filling her car and talking on the phone. I tossed out some papers into the trash and happened to look over. The woman was a pretty lady with dark skin and straight hair and I thought she had a voice that sounded... "Anne! Is that you???" I took another look... It was my dear friend, Lucinda!

When God closes a door, He also opens a window.

I could barely believe it! She was right there. And we hugged and talked of the time that has gone by since we had last met. She was on her way to her mother's for dinner and yes, I would be happy to follow her there to see her family. My very rough and trying day was over, and here is the reward. Friends. Friends that show up in the least expected places. And I considered this as I drove up to her mother's house, that we were meeting tonight because it was planned by Spirit.

The timing was perfect. I had to have a reading and leave the highway for a few moments in the wrong exit, and then go on to the next one to get gas at the nearest station. Lucinda was not planning on getting fuel at all, but decided at the last moment to stop at the Shell station. She even told herself that the gas here was too expensive but she was going to be needing it anyway. This was not a coincidence. The plans in Heaven to bring two friends together on either side of the same gas pump was done with perfect timing and we would have been within a few minutes of missing each other entirely, this was just amazing.

I spent a couple hours with her and her mom, daughter and brother. We had some of her mom's delicious homemade soup for dinner and a glass of wine. And we spoke for awhile about catching up with all that has happened in the past few years. She is so much like me in so many ways. A sister like presence about her that cannot be mistaken. And I was so happy to see her. I needed to be around her and family on that day.

It made me think as I left her mom's home, that Spirit does this all the time to us. Places us in the best (and worst) situations so that we may overcome obstacles, learn from our experiences and get the support we need from our friends. When you wonder how the heck can you just pray for rain and wait... and wish that the man would enter your life, or the child would be born to you, or whatever you had in mind would just happen... know that God hears your prayers. And Spirit can deliver.

Spirit has so much influence over our lives, that it is impossible to see the Beyond without the Guides and Life Coaching that they give as a perfect presentation of God's will. You may think that you are alone, but They are with you, and They have the ability to guide you to a friend that you need, or a sweet baby girl that needs you, or a long lost family member that you needed for years too. Don't give up on your dreams. God is waiting to fulfill them all. And They that are in Heaven have the power to assist you in so many ways. And, I promise, it is never a coincidence!

Always with Gratitude,

Anne St. John, Psychic Medium

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