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How Soon Can You Connect with a Soul in Heaven?

Updated: May 31

I was walking down a street in St. Augustine, and I saw the phone call come in. It was a good friend of mine, and I was happy that she was calling to talk. Only this time, when I answered, her voice was panicked, and she was distressed. "Anne, my daughter, my daughter, she died last night. I don't know what to do." And it began. The loss of a loved one. So much pain and emotion in her words, and I could only stop and listen to her as she explained how she barely knew what happened, and that she was afraid that she did not know what her daughter's final wishes would be. I could only guess, unless I began to tap into Spirit.

A woman is sending her energy out to Heaven
How soon are we able to connect to Spirit?

She asked me, "Is it too soon? Can you get anything on her or how she died? We are not even sure what happened." As I walked to my car, slowly, I calmed myself down, and tuned out the rest of the space around me. My friend, started to calm down and listen. We both felt ready. As I began to read, we found that the soul of her daughter had died in her sleep, and she was hardly aware that it happened, until she found out herself. She was not getting enough air to breathe, and she began to choke a little. Then the light came in and began to flow around her. The sister that she had was in bed asleep, and she worried about her mom, her son, and her husband. She was already told that her mother would join her when she was ready to cross over. But still she was a bit scared to leave. She just did not want to see her mom suffer her loss.

The messages from her daughter, her mom and dad, and others in Spirit all came in very easy and quickly. They talked about the way she died, and how she would like to be remembered. Nothing was left uncovered. When we ended the conversation, we had been talking for at least 45 minutes. And my good friend was able to start her grief process, and become one of the many that have lost a child.

Her reading begins the process of accepting the position of staying here on the planet, while she navigates the terrain that it takes to be here, and losing someone that she loved so much. Accepting that a son or daughter, or a spouse, or parent is now going to a better place, is not easy when it means that we no longer get to hear their voice, or see their face, and feel the hug that we needed before they left.

Just around the same time that year, I had a client that booked a last minute appointment. She had a specific time, and date in mind. She was adamant that she have it at my location. She was very controlled and direct. As I met her, she was actually almost hostile. And she had a way of feeling stiff and unshaken. She was also dressed in black, which was something of a normal way for some clients to behave. But in her mind, I should have caught the clues. (Actually, I don't need clues - I talk to Spirit and then the souls tell me what to say.) She had just come from the funeral. She wanted to know about money and the will. She had a good friend with her that was more gentile and not as defensive. As I began the reading I could tell that a female had passed, but there was also a male in the room. I was told that the female was not ready to speak, and was willing to wait for the right moment. So it continued with the male soul talking to the friend more than the client.

After several minutes of not getting the person that the client wanted, she threw a tantrum. She said that it was her mother that had died and she was sure that I was not a real Medium. I told her again that the woman that was waiting was not willing to talk yet, and the client demanded to know why. Well, simply put, the client was too angry, and was calling out to her mother in her mind for being a coward and for not leaving her the house in the will. She was angry and hostile towards her mom, which, who knows, may have been part of her grief process, but her attitude was shitty and getting her nowhere. Her mom's spirit had even told me something that I was unaware of at that time. If the client was mean to the Medium, then souls are not inclined to be nice to the client. So the client did not get the reading that she wanted, and her mom was just not ready to glibly give her the answers back to her "stupid questions".

The answer to the question of "How soon can you connect to a soul in Heaven?" is almost immediately. However, you have to be one of the person's close relatives, you have to have a connection emotionally to the soul, and your mind has to be in a good receptive place. If you are ready to hear the story, the fears or the hardships that your loved one has been through, then the person that you are trying to reach is most likely waiting to be there for you as well.

I always try to encourage my clients to pray for the ones that they want to come through on their readings first. Allow them to know that you are coming in for their benefit as well as your own. And be kind to them. They are not in the world anymore, but you are. And the learning that they have is still a process. They don't just show up over there with tons of understanding over an ounce of living. Show kindness. And understand that if you do not get all your questions answered, that may be because they don't know it all yet. It could be years later that they have a lot more to say, because of all they have learned and witnessed, and even found out on the journey as it continued in there in Heaven.

Heaven is a real place with real people. Your loved ones are not in suspended animation or in another time that is not connected to your own. They still have emotions, opinions, and watch from a place that makes them see more than we do, so they have greater understanding on some levels, as well. But you can benefit from talking to them from the moment they passed away to the years that follow, just because of the changes in your life and even in theirs as well. The entire trick is, to come in with no agenda, and bring your curiosity. That opens the lines of communication greatly. When are they ready? It is when you are ready to hear them with an open mind and heart. ♥️

Anne St. John is the author of Miles Away, the channeled notes of her brother's suicide and his journey into Heaven, a mom, and a Psychic Medium. You can read her blog at


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