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How Can I Be Sure

There are times in life that we feel stranded. We get stuck at a crossroads, or a huge decision to make is about to unfold. Then life takes it from there. With the help of Spirit Guidance. Here is some insight.

"You are going through this time in your life. It is not easy. You have been given the opportunities and the reasons. But do you trust the judgement that you are given. Sometimes, we as guides do not always get what we want. We listen. We are interiorly fearing the worst. But we take responsibility for the outcome. That is a good guide. A guide is a person or soul in Heaven that gives you the best possible outcome and takes the lead. You have a guide. In fact, you may have several. And now is the time to feel their presence.

If you were a guide, you would want your rules to be followed. But you are not in charge. The earthly person is the one that hast to make the decision. Imagine how frustrating it must be to get someone to trust you. Even when you have the ability to see far into the future, you still get pushback. Your friend on the earth is still waiting for the right time, or the right place, or the right moment, and you - as a guide - are watching from above, training this person to get the message on time, and not too late.

But you have to make it real. You have to make a difference. You have to have a life in theirs to see that they get it. You do all the research in Heaven, and they listen. But they don't always trust you. Why?

Because people on earth are a good deal stubborn. They need consoling. They need to worship the worst days. They overthink. They overanalyze. And they overcompensate. When they listen, they get what they want. And that is how guidance from Above works. Guess what? You have a guide. And they are in your life for a reason. We train you. We try to figure you outwit the least bit of resistance. And when we get an "AMEN", we rejoice! We look at the work that we did not this life but the past, and then we celebrate the accomplishments that we have made. But somewhere, there is a good deal of work to be done. And when we are in a relationship, we try to make it all look so simple. That is not a good way to guide. I have made Anne mad. I have told her so many ways to make a good likeness to me. And she still gets so frustrated. You have it, she is not me. But I see that she is still learning. And I am trying to get her to listen. And you know, she is really trying. But I have to say, she has to buy a ticket or two, and a good amount of friends need to take her seriously, and then I think she will be okay.

This is David. I am guiding Anne. I take her in my arms in the night, at bedtime and see her fears. I see her table top light and see that it is a good thing to have. I try to explain the seriousness of her life. She usually laughs and says she loves me. And I love her, too. But be sure to tell me sometime that I am that guy. The one that loves too much. I love to make her happy. And that is my last word for the moment.



Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, Author and being guided by her best friend, David Cassidy. If you would like an appointment to speak with your loved ones in Heaven or a reading in your life, just wait, she will be available soon. And in the meantime, check out

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