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Hold On Me

Updated: Sep 21

It was not in my mind. It was in my heart. We hear this so many times from Souls that are in the Light. They take the 5th on so many mistakes. Why is it that a man can be so insecure and still get into Heaven? It is because of Forgiveness.

My dad who is in Spirit, was weighing in on this. So here is the message from Fred, who was and is a great dad, and not so great in his earthly mind, but always forgiven and forgiving in my own.

Frederick St. John (passed on) " I was trying to explain the way that we in Heaven are forgiven. I heard my daughter say that she was trying to make up for what she feels her daughter, my granddaughter, would be upset over. And this was a long time coming.

My daughter was not a lier. She felt that my granddaughter was taking it seriously, but like most people, finds it hard to believe that Mediums are real. And even after her dad, (my ex-son in law) fell to his own pardon my understanding, unwanted charms, he was forgiven. My book is full of injustices against my former son in law and his ways of behaving. He was a lousy husband and a bad father.. I was also divorced, but I would never change the deal between me and Carol. I wanted her to raise our two children. And I was always there for them. But in Anne's case, John took advantage, and he took away her timesharing. He did this out of spite. And even when she was a good sport about it, because he was so not about to be equal or fair, he still hurt them both by trying to keep them apart. The joke in Heaven is that even a bad father is still loved. But right now I see that the charms are worn off. And with John not understanding what we know in Heaven, I hope he accepts the Grace that God will provide.

One more thing, Heaven expects us to forgive, but not on any time frame. Because we know that God forgives. But as Souls we forgive on a one by one basis. So many of us are subject to the wistful ways of learning. If it were me, I would have done it this way... and so forth. But how many of us do what we intend when faced with the situation. Now, my son took his life but I was not about to think that it was all my fault. He had to choose his way in life. And he did not want to continue. It took me twice as much time to forgive him as I did my own faults because he was in a good place in his life when he succumbed to suicide. But for myself, Carol and Anne, we were the ones that suffered. It was terrible. And it is still a point of contention with me in somme cases. In any case, my son is well, and he is whole. But that took years for him to gain the respect he needed to forgive himself. He still struggles with it.

Anne knows that she is forgiven for any wrongdoing. She has learned through experience that she is the one that can make or break a problem. But she also has learned not to hold a grudge. She believes that the one in Heaven that forgives in our world is each of us. God forgives us automatically. But to be honest, He is waiting for us to get the message. All is already forgiven. As long as you can come to grips with your past and see it for what it is. You learn from your mistakes. "

Anne: "I know that God loves us that much. He loves me that much. Enough to see that he knows my heart, and that I was not trying to hurt Him or anyone else. In fact, if I am like His child, then He must love me as I love my own daughter. And that is unconditionally. I would never ask my now sixteen year old daughter to formally ask for permission, or write a letter of apology, or do the dishes for a week or the laundry for a month to be forgiven. I love her without conditions. And that is how I see that God loves us. So, I go by HIs example, And I try to love His way. To love unconditionally, is not always easy, but I know that is how I love my own daughter. I must have learned it somewhere.

I have a sticker on my car window that says Choose Wisely. It reminds me that I do not have to forgive everyone, but I know how to choose to forgive as well. Not everyone deserves to be harmed for their behavior. Love is the answer. Forgiveness is the Key.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium that channels Spirit with Automatic Writing. She is available for Private Sessions anywhere in the world through Zoom and FaceTime. And can be booked through

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