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Healing Your Heart with a Message of Love

We all miss someone during the Holidays. The past year may have taken someone from you, or maybe you have been remembering someone so close to you, so special, that it just isn't the same here without them. The best times are the times when your loved ones are with you. And so much can change so fast. Overnight, we can lose family, friends, and those that are a part of us. When you feel like crying, and sobbing through the tough times, while everyone else seems to feel joyous and loved during the holidays, take a moment to know that you are not alone. That each of us suffers in some way for not hearing the voice, or the touch of someone in their life that is so special. And each day we live is a prayer to those in Heaven, that we honor them by keeping their love, traditions and the memories of what we hold so dear to us.

It has been a tough year for many of us. And you wouldn't be here reading if you haven't lost someone significant to you. Many of us need to feel closer to Spirit during the Holidays and New Year. And it is so important to feel the Spirit of your loved ones near you. What can you do to make that connection to them stronger than ever, now that they passed on? Sit quietly and just feel the love for them, and think back to the happiest memories with them.

So many of us grieve by not mentioning their names. We try not to think of the happy times together, and the memories that we shared as families or as a friend. And we think that if we don't think of them, if we fill our days with busy work, or try to separate ourselves from the Holidays, then we won't feel the pain of their loss. Nothing is further from the truth. As you try to not think of them, you end up embedding the pain even deeper into your heart. It will hurt for you to think of the spouse that is gone, or the child you lost, or even the dog that you had to put to rest this year, but feel it. Feel the love for them and feel the pain of the loss. Cry yourself to sleep if you have to, but keep them in your heart and your mind. They are really alive and living in a far off land, you know. Just like losing someone to an overseas job post, you have them, but just not with you right now. And God would never keep them separated from you forever. Someday you will travel to that land, when you are fully ready. Until then, God has a job for you.

Think of all the special people that are in your lives right now. And then, think of what it would be to lose them suddenly. Now is the time to prioritize the many people in your lives that need you and love you. Now is the time to embrace them, the living and breathing ones left behind, and in need of you. Those friends that want you at the dinner table, do not disappoint them. And the ones that you need to call, be sure to find the time, when you have a minute to give them your full attention. Try to write a letter to someone that needs to be cheered up. The many souls that are still here in this world that love and need to be loved. They will be missed when their time comes, so be patient and give them your time now.

As you engage with the family and friends that are still here this Christmas, and New Years, remember that Spirit can still hear each prayer. It is their wish for you to focus on the kindness of the Season. And for you to see the Souls in your dreams when you can. So, do not forget the loved ones that have passed. Give them the gift of prayer, and the sweetest gift of love by embracing the family, friends and strangers that need you now. And you will find that the HereAfter will help you more as you need it, because of your selflessness and love that made you who you are today.

Heal from your losses by blessing the souls in Heaven simply by giving of yourself. And if you still need help during the Holidays or anytime, reach out to someone that can give you Hope. No one should ever suffer needlessly, when there are so many wonderful people in the world to help you too. Reach out to them and be the lifeline to others that need you so much, too.

Be blessed this Christmas season and always.

Anne St. John

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author of "Miles Away". She can be reached for personal appointments at

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