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Has a Spirit Reached Out to You?

Halloween, October 31st.

It is the night that the Veil is known to be the thinnest, allowing Spirits to contact the Living. And you are no exception.

You may feel that you have no intuitiveness, or that your Mom, Dad, Friend that passed on has forgotten you. But my dear friend, you are still remembered. And you are in their thoughts, prayers and sight. Yes, in their sight.

They still can see you in your home, in your life, and all the achievements as well as the downfalls that you have been going through since their passing.

They still reach out to you.

In ways that you may find hard to understand, they show up.

The letter that you found in the drawer. The picture that was lost and now found again.

The innocent numbers that seem to reoccur each time you wake up, or happen to look at a clock. Or the fancy dessert that was made for you as a child, that you suddenly feel inspired to make for your own child now.

It is all coming into your mind for a reason.

And you may find that if that loved one passed on, is still "haunting" your thoughts, it is to be in communication with you.

I am a psychic and a medium.

I speak to people past on in my thoughts and feel their feelings.

And I have learned to communicate to give them the voice that they once had in their life.

Guided by the Light, and hoping to give you some of that as well.

Has a Spirit been reaching out to you?

You can reach out to them as well.

I will help you.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium and Author of Miles Away, the Channeled Notes of My Brother's Suicide and His Journey Into Heaven. She is located in Central Florida, and can be reached for bookings via Zoom, Facetime, and Phone. Visit for more information, Medium appointments, Tarot and Angel Card Readings and Intuitive Workshops.

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