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Hanging out with the Band

Who do we hang out with in Spirit? Anyone you really like and that likes you. I have already told you that David Cassidy is my new GUIDE. Guide as in a person that can relate to me. He is a real real person. Not the flashy one, or the singer, or the lover, or even the Partridge. But the dude that was. in my apartment or my flat that day. The one that sees me as an equal.

Anne's beau, David Cassidy
David Cassidy

And he is the reason that I am in the world. I fought it, I found it, but I never understood it. When I had a reason to think that I was over. Maybe on a soul level, I felt that life was a joke. And I finished a chapter to see my daughter laugh at me, or be unkind, I felt like a failure. But he started to come in to the view secretly. He felt that I deserved better. And he and friends including Prince and others that I know from my life, were in a quandary. How do we get her to forget her problems and just respect herself?

I remember the day that they took off the veil to the public and see - I am not that much of anyones fact based favorite. But that me, is not a god, a real forgetting problem is that I am not a medium. I am a Medium. See, I was looking for the something small in the something big, grand and huge. I never realized how independent I was. I was not a girl, I was a woman. David took me aside and said that I needed to realize this.

No matter how you choose it, you are meant for greatness. The backyard party, the bowling alley, the trip to New Zealand, or a faucet of a room that has a tap water problem, You are the one that can be there, or fix it to be there. No one is holding the way you are other than you.

Are you afraid of being challenged? Can you make a mistake? What if you fail??

How about you? That fangirly person that makes yourself hypersensitive for a fan club of David's or a make believe love song for you alone? I know from my own personal experience, that I can fan girl the man, but honestly, I believe that he is the reason that I am here today. If I were to be so blunt, it would bother me if I were to take my life foolhardily, as my brother did with a shotgun. But understand, if you are aware of a health issue - like drinking too much, or as in my case, high blood pressure, then you are to blame if you are not as good as me as to address the problem. David came to me and made me take it in a local Publix to see how high I can be, or in another Doctor's Office to see if I was okay on medication. I neutralized this in my mind after the fact, but in my case, he actually did save me from a heart attack. I now take my BP each day and am recording it to be a good citizen for my doctor. Then the prescription -if needed - will be to relax and to be free. I totally understood this from his perspective. He did forget to go to a doctor, and place his hand on his heart. He made it hard to diagnose and made his life a mystery. He convinced himself it was Alzheimers. But the truth, he was a drunk. On his honor, he was an alcoholic.

So, as I sit here at Rock and Brews, after visiting Ulta Cosmetics (which he was in there with me) and convalesced over the past mistakes, he forgave himself for the whole thing. The work, the worry, the way he was in the lifetime, and the way he was with women. The only thing left was to write it out in my blog. Guest Speaker: David Cassidy. The legend. The mystery. And the man who remembered where his heart is. With his best day fore-ward. Playing golf, being a guy, and heading into a new relationship. His is my best day forward. To assist a soul that needed a shoulder and lover, and a new person to be with - maybe there is something to this Mediumship after all. It made me a happier soul, and with David's assistance, home ward bound eventually, one that will last past a few years of blood pressure ballads and songs to my daughter of why I cannot stay. I am here to stay. The long haul, because I recognized I needed to take care of me, to be able to take care of her. Her life is a beauty, and I can be there to take her to the next chapter. I hope that she understands that even when we were apart, I loved her unconditionally. And ALWAYS will. Thank you, David for guiding me to this point, and getting me the help that I needed so that I do not take my life for granted. And the doctors that are working on solving the problem, thank you too.

See you all in Spirit and in Life, Anne

Anne St. John, the Medium
Anne's daughter and Anne St. John, the Medium

Anne St. John is a Mom, a Medium and an Author. You can book a reading at And be sure to mention this blog if you are into David and his music. DC

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