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Going Away for a Lifetime of Memories

When I was 12 years old, my dad was given a job assignment in Australia. And it was the opportunity of a lifetime. When he told us, Miles, my 10 year old younger brother was ecstatic! He wanted to go, too. And I was optimistic, but not ready to commit. I was convinced to visit. But we were not sure what would happen, and saying goodbye to my dad was hard.

Before my dad left, I cried my eyes out. I wouldn't admit it to him, but I was afraid to let him go. My brother wanted to go with him right when he left, but was told to wait. So, after a lot of hurt feelings, he was finally given a plane ticket and an opportunity to learn in an Australian school. But he started having trouble in their classroom. He did like what he was going through to get to the good stuff and so his trip was cut short. And he was sent home early. My dad had to continue on alone. Realize, that in our actual lifetimes, in the physical, my dad was giving an opportunity for Miles to be with him. In actuality, this whole scenario played out in life, as my dad was sent to earth first, waited for Miles, and when Miles was 19, he died, heartbreakingly from suicide, allowing him to be sent home (Heaven) early.

Then came my turn, which was over the summer here in the U.S. I was there for my 13th birthday, and I was allowed to stay until the end of August. Nervous, I was given American and Pam Am plane tickets and a flight path from New York to Sydney. And at the end of the journey, I was greeting my dad at the airport. We ended up going everywhere together, new friends, people that I still know and fell in love with as family, were there to help me. Fortunately, I was in my lifetime as the first born, and although I did not go to Australia before Miles, I did complete my journey on time, and returned to New Jersey as I intended and on time. My dad returned to the States and was alive until his 83rd birthday and then decided to leave (pass on). Here in Australia, he spent the greater part of a year working and living away from home and finally returned with so much to tell everyone.

Just like inner lifetimes (coming to earth from the Heavens), we start off in one Heavenly Home, and each of us take a turn to move away and live somewhere else. We find our families and friends that we knew waiting to care for us as we navigate a new world of surroundings and learn about things that we may only read about from other's first hand knowledge.

Whether a lifetime was a few short hours, or a long 100 years before passing, a soul will live enough time of fulfilling the destiny needed for that soul to achieve what was necessary. Planning the journey and remaining in the lifetime for whatever purpose was originally intended. No one really knows what that purpose is, unless you are willing to find the common themes in the experiences that you used to get you to where you are now. In fact, go thorough your life now, and find the rough parts of the road that got you where you are today. Those common themes will lead you to the learning that was planned for you. Once you find them, you will see the obstacles that are in front of you and overcome them with ease. Even when you question why you lose a child or a spouse, you will see that it is all a part of the great partnership of you with Spirit, to make your life amazing. It is never about the loss. It is all about what you gain in the love.

Anne St. John is a Psychic Medium, Author and mother. She is available for readings by appointment only at

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