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Getting Rid of the Toxicity in Your Life

Life is not meant to be an endless series of challenges with the same person, or the same situation. God gives us challenges to face and some of them are for you to see as caring for yourself first, and keeping yourself safe emotionally - and sometimes even physically - -from others. If you see that you are unhappy, or just plain meh or ok with a situation, relationship, or career, ask yourself... why. Why is your go to for answers that will help you achieve the wonderful. Scan your present life to see where your happiness falls apart, and take a serious look at how you can change those patterns.

If you are not happy, it most likely has to do with the influences in your life and what is surrounding you. By giving your soul permission to find what you really want to improve in your life and then surrounding yourself with the best opportunities, the best friends, and family members that truly support you in your endeavors, then you will find that happiness and joy that you seek. And if there are people in your life that are not in love with your best version of yourself, then it is time to make a change. And do it now.

Part of our learning experience on the Earth is to recognize when the situation is too toxic and bad for ourselves to continue. Like drinking poison, allowing toxic people and situations to continue to run the course in your life is the same as killing yourself a little each day. God never intended you to remain in any relationship, marriage, or with parents or best friends that are putting you down, criticizing you, or keeping a scorecard on your right and wrong moves. And to judge you, and fool you into thinking that they are just trying to help you, is more about their own toxic issues, manipulation tricks and persecution of you, than protecting you.

Once you recognize that you need to make a change, in your relationship, in your career, or other areas in your life, you need to pursue it as if your life depended on it. Don't stay where you are being told you are loved one minute and put down the next again and again with no change in sight. Unhappy is not your destination. Complacent is not a good place to stay. And getting yourself the help you need to move out, move forward, and see the new beautiful future that God has planned for you is the next step in this sequence of events, that is meant to teach you self-reliance.

If you decide to stay the course, the toxicity that these people give you will eventually spread to your own mind, corrupt your soul and fill you with self-doubt and negativity. Only you can prevent the past from corrupting your future. You have the power to walk away. You are the one person that can make the conscious minded change to move forward with a better view of yourself.

And when you have decided to make that change, walk out the door, fulfill your future that awaits you by letting go of the toxic past, the places, the memories and people putting you down. Only then you will see the open door that God places in your new life. Walk through it and find that there are new people, new places, new friends and family that await you. And new and better memories to make. No one should ever tell you that you are not good enough. If they do that, it is your cue to leave, and find the joy that God waits to place in your life.

As a Psychic Medium, I know that your Angels, Guides and Family Members in Heaven often have a lot to say about each individual in readings. But overall, treating yourself with the respect that you always deserved will attract the right people, places and things into your life. Placing yourself in the Light, is the most powerful thing you can do. Treating yourself with the respect that your Family in Heaven has for you is the one goal that you should keep in your heart. If you haven't found your happiest life, it is time now to make a change.


Anne St. John

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